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Thanksgiving Fun for Christian Families

Add Some Thanksgiving Fun to Your Holiday This Year!


Enjoy some laughter, music, movies and other Thanksgiving fun activities with your family this holiday.

1. Fun Holiday Movies for Christians

The Muppet Christmas Carol
Image Courtesy of Pricegrabber
These movie reviews of holiday films are written from a Christian perspective. Read the reviews and choose from a long list of holiday films to view with your family on Thanksgiving Day. Also, check out my list of top Christmas movies for Christian families.

2. Top 10 Christian Thanksgiving Songs

"I Love To Praise" - Natalie Grant
Christian Music Guide Kim Jones put together this list of top Thanksgiving songs. There's simply no better way to give thanks than through music, and these are 10 of the best songs for reminding us of God's many blessings. With each tune you'll find plenty of reasons to be thankful and praise our Savior.

3. Thanksgiving Fun Crafts and Activities

Thanksgiving Crafts
Photo: Getty Images
About.com's Guide to Family Crafts Sherri Osborn lends a helping hand with loads of free Thanksgiving crafts and activities for kids and families.

4. Active Family Thanksgiving Fun

Active Family
Photo: altrendo images / Getty Images
About.com's Guide to Family Fitness Catherine Holecko helps keep the whole family in shape with these active games and outdoor activities designed to burn off those extra Thanksgiving calories.

5. Better Homes and Gardens Family Thanksgiving Fun

Fall Decorating
Photo: Connie Coleman / Getty Images
Here are several family Thanksgiving ideas from Better Homes and Gardens sure to add fun to your holiday celebration.

6. FamilyFun.com Best-Ever Thanksgiving Fun

Thanksgiving Fun
Photo: Jan Tyler / Getty Images
Find recipes, games, crafts, and loads of family Thanksgiving fun from Family Fun Magazine.

7. Thanksgiving Fun Family Weekend Getaways

Thanksgiving Parade
Photo: Getty Images
Teresa Plowright, About.com's Guide to Family Vacations, shares several fun family weekend getaways for the Thanksgiving holiday.

8. TheBackPew.com Thanksgiving Fun Cartoons

The Back Pew Thanksgiving Cartoons
Image: © Jeff Larson
Enjoy some great Christian cartoons and Thanksgiving humor by Jeff Larson.

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