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What Does the Bible Say About Angels? (Page 4 )

Names and Descriptions of Angels


So what do angels look like and what names are they given? The following passages of Scripture give us the best biblical look at angels.

Most angels have the appearance and form of a man. Most of them have wings, but not all. Some are larger than life. Others have multiple faces that appear like a man from one angle, and a lion, ox, or eagle from another angle. Some angels are bright, shining, and fiery while others look like ordinary humans. Some angels are invisible, yet their presence is felt and their voice is heard.

  • Some angels are called cherubim.

    If you read this description in Ezekiel 1:1-28, you will discover that these angels look nothing at all like cute, chubby babies with wings. In Ezekiel 10:20, we are told these angels are cherubim.
  • Some angels are called seraphim.

    In Isaiah 6:1-8 we see a description of seraphim. These are tall angels, each with 6 wings, and they can fly.
  • Angels are "ministers" in God's spiritual service.
  • Angels are "messengers."
  • Angels are "watchers" or supervisors for God.
  • Angels are military "hosts."
  • Angels are "sons of the mighty."
  • Angels are "sons of God."
  • Angels are "chariots."
  • Some angels have names in the Bible:

    Daniel 8:16
    Luke 1:19
    Luke 1:26

    Michael the Archangel
    Michael is the only angel to be called an archangel in the Bible. He is described as "one of the chief princes," so it is possible that there are other archangels, but we cannot be sure. The word "archangel" comes from the Greek word "archangelos" meaning "a chief angel." It refers to an angel ranked highest or in charge of other angels.
    Daniel 10:13
    Daniel 12:1
    Jude 9
    Revelation 12:7

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