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Advice for Christian Women

This page offers practical advice for Christian women through quality Christian Web sites. Find devotionals, online support and prayer groups, women's ministry tools, health and beauty tips, and advice for every aspect of daily living as a Christian woman in today's world.

10 Words of Wisdom for Women
These 10 words of wisdom for women form a beautiful collection of quotes, Bible verses and words of wisdom specially chosen for Christian women. They are inspired by Karen Wolff's new ebook, A Change of Heart, with tips to help women learn how to channel their God-given gifts toward positive and lasting life changes.

Daily Devotionals for Women
These daily devotionals are for women who want to renew their spirit and connect with God on a daily basis by bringing him into every aspect of their life. The devotionals are chosen to bring encouragement, daily wisdom and insight for women in today's world.

5 Traits of True Christian Friends
True Christian friends are rare treasures. These friendships take time and effort to nurture, but in the process, they help us grow more Christlike. Get to know three types of Christian friendships and five traits of true Christian friends.

Overcoming Jealousy - Causes and Cures for Jealousy
Is there a cure for overcoming jealousy? When you look closely at the word jealousy there's something vital that stands out. The feeling of jealousy makes you feel lousy! Karen Wolff of Christian-Books-for-Women.com considers the causes of jealousy and then describes simple, practical steps for overcoming jealousy.

An Open Letter to Christian Women
If you are a wise Christian woman you will carefully consider how to minister to the needs of your man. You can learn how to meet his needs and experience the fullness of his devotion and love. In turn your greatest needs as a Christian woman will be mutually fulfilled. Read this open letter to Christian women, offering valuable insight into the...

How to Hear from God
Does God really talk to us? Can we really hear God's voice? We often doubt if we are hearing from God until we learn to recognize the ways God speaks to us. In "How to Hear from God," Karen Wolff of Christian-Books-For-Women.com takes a humorous and practical look at how to listen for, and hear God's voice. You'll discover that listening to and...

Bible Verses for Women
A collection of Bible verses for women.

New Books for Women
Whether it's a Mother's Day gift you're looking for, a birthday gift for Mom, or just a book to read for yourself, try one of these great new Christian books for women.

Top 8 Christian Books About Marriage
This list compiles a wealth of marriage resources from the leading Christian books on the subject of marriage.

Best Christian Recipe Fellowships
These Christian recipe fellowships offer creative resources, support, and a sense of community for busy Christian homemakers, professional Christian cooks and chefs, or just anyone who simply enjoys cooking as a hobby and wants to share recipes and culinary tips with other believers in Christ.

Work-Life Balance Tips
Are you a Christian woman who feels burned out, stressed out, and ready to pull your hair out? Are you juggling a job, family, ministry and friends, and it seems there's not a minute left for peace and quiet. Christian life coach Karen Wolff shares a few tips to help you start to bring focus, balance, and peace to your out of control life.

Christian Woman Today
This online magazine is one of the most complete and relevant resources for finding help and advice for every aspect of the Christian woman's life.

Women's Ministry Network
Resources for women, about women and by women leaders in Christian ministry.

Women of Faith
Women of Faith encourages women of all ages and stages in life to grow in faith and spiritual maturity through a relationship with Jesus Christ and an understanding of God’s love and grace. They offer yearly conferences, books, resources, and publications.

Christian Books for Women
Find great Christian books on a wide variety of topics including book reviews, and testimonials. Also, a great place to find information, tips, and help with lots of issues Christian women face.

Tammy Bennett is founder of MakeOver Ministies, which encourages young women to look good from the inside out and be super (role) models for Christ. As a makeover consultant, author, and international speaker, Tammy teaches women of all ages hwo to make the most of what they've been given, both body and soul.

Christian Women's Resources
Christian Women's Resources is dedicated to encouraging spiritual growth in women to help strengthen the home and family by providing inspiration and quality resources for women as Christians, wives, mothers, homemakers and work at home moms.

Sweet Monday
Sweet Monday is a Christian outreach ministry dedicated to spreading Christ's message to women around around the world. Sweet Monday is sharing an idea that will help you in a natural, appealing way to reach out to women of all ages and stages through fun social gatherings.

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