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Christianity: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Christian Baby Boy Names: From Aaron to Zechariah
This collection of Christian baby boy names brings together Bible names or names derived from biblical words, including the language, origin and meaning.
Christian Baby Girl Names: From Abigail to Zina
This collection of Christian baby girl names brings together Bible names or names derived from biblical words, including the language, origin and meaning.
Meet the 12 Apostles of Jesus
The 12 apostles were ordinary men that God used in extraordinary ways to carry the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.
Know Someone Who's Sick? Say This Healing Prayer
Jesus said many healing prayers, curing the sick when he walked this earth. Today he continues to pour out his healing balm for the sick.
17 Inspirational Bible Verses to Uplift Your...
This collection of inspirational Bible verses will encourage and uplift your spirit with messages and quotes from Scripture.
Important Dates of the 2015 Lent and Easter...
This Easter 2015 calendar includes the dates for Easter in Western Christianity and for Orthodox Easter, Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday.
26 Meaningful Verses About Love
God's Word overflows with passages that speak of divine love, brotherly love, and romantic love. This collection showcases Bible verses about love.
What Does the Bible Say About Homosexuality?
When the Bible speaks of homosexuality, it emphasizes the behavior, not the condition. Study what the Scriptures say about same sex sins with this extensive collection of Bible verses.
24 Meaningful Bible Verses for Your Christian...
This selection of wedding Bible verses will help you narrow down the search for the perfect Scriptures to include in your Christian marriage ceremony.
Is a Loved One Sick? Turn to This Bible Verse...
Is your heart heavy with prayer for a sick friend or family member? You can stand in the gap with this Bible verse and prayer for healing.
Your Guide to Planning a Traditional Christian...
This traditional wedding guide contains a complete outline to help you plan your Christian wedding ceremony and to understand each aspect of the service.
Explore the Symbolism of Numbers in the Bible
Bible numerology is a fascinating field for some and a dangerous temptation for others. Students and scholars agree, however, that certain numbers in the Bible have literal and symbolic meaning.
What Does the Bible Say About the Rapture?
What is the Rapture? Study biblical theories about an end times rapture of the church.
Should Christians Really Have Tattoos?
Tattoos and Christians: Should Christians have tattoos? What does the Bible say about tattoos? Is it a sin? Learn for yourself if getting a tattoo is right or wrong.
16 Bible Verses About Healing
These healing Bible verses will remind you that God hears your every prayer. In times of need, we can always cry out to our loving heavenly Father for help.
18 Inspiring Bible Verses About Courage
If you need encouragement from God's Word to overcome your fears, take strength from these fear-busting Bible verses about courage.
1 Corinthians 13:4-7: 'Love Is Patient, Love Is...
'Love is patient, love is kind' (1 Corinthians 13:4–8a) is a favorite Bible verse about love. Compare this famous love Bible verse in several Bible translations.
In the Beginning: The Bible's Story of Creation
Take a look at the creation story from the book of Genesis. Learn the simple yet profound truth of the seven day creation account.
What the Bible Says About Suicide
Over the years, I've received many questions about the Bible and suicide: Does God forgive suicide? What happens to a Christian who commits suicide?
25 Comforting Bible Verses for Hard Times
These comforting Bible verses contain some of the most inspiring words in Scripture. We worship a personal God who knows our troubles and cares deeply about us.
13 Bible Verses for a New Baby
These new baby verses from the Bible are specially chosen for Christian parents awaiting the blessing of their baby's birth. They can be used in Christian Baby Dedication ceremonies, christenings, or included in your birth announcements. You may also wish to write one of these Scriptures in your baby shower or new baby greeting cards.
Who Is the Antichrist?
What does the Bible say about the antichrist? Although the Bible does not specifically name who the antichrist will be, it does give us some clues as to what he will be like.
28 Comforting Bible Verses for Funerals and...
With these funeral Bible verses allow God's powerful Word to offer solace and strength to your loved ones in their time of grief.
A Collection of Bible Verses About True...
This collection of friendship Bible verses celebrates the blessings of God in the gift of true Christian friendship.
10 Biblical Reasons Not to Have Sex Outside of...
We have examples all around us of couples engaging in sex outside of marriage, but as Christians, we don't want to simply follow everyone else.
Do All Dogs (and Other Pets) Really Go to Heaven?
Many Christians wonder, 'Do animals have souls and will I see my pets in heaven?' Take a look at what the Bible says about animals in the afterlife.
Learn What the Bible Tells Us About Prayer
Have you struggled with prayer? Learn the basics to prayer, what prayer is (and is not) and what the Bible has to say about prayer.
What the Story of David and Goliath Teaches Us...
The Bible story of David and Goliath teaches us a lesson about facing giant problems or impossible situations by seeing them from God's point of view.
Learn the Lessons in the Story of Noah's Ark...
Noah's Ark and the Flood is a brief summary of the Bible story which teaches us about setting an example with our lives.
What the Story of Jonah Can Teach Us About...
The account of Jonah and the Whale records one of the strangest events in the Bible. Learn the lessons Jonah learned as you consider what it means to obey God.
Have a Need? Find the Perfect Prayer for Any...
These prayers for all occasions and specific needs will help you pray in times of need, if you're facing a problem, or simply assist you in developing your prayer life.
What Is Agape Love?
Agape is a Greek term for one of the four types of love in the Bible. Jesus showed agape love and commands his followers to do likewise.
What Does the Bible Say About Forgiveness?
Forgiveness in the Bible is a megatheme. Learn what Scripture says about forgiveness and answer your frequently asked questions on the topic.
How Does the Bible Define Marriage?
What is the biblical definition of marriage? The Bible is very clear that marriage is a holy and divinely established covenant.
How Well Do You Know King David?
King David was one of the central figures of the Old Testament, a passionate man of extreme highs and lows. Learn why King David was called a man after God's own heart.
Why Do We Call Him Jesus If His Name Is Yeshua?
The name of Jesus often raises a question: Why call him Jesus if his name is Yeshua? Some say we worship the wrong Savior if we don't him Yeshua.
44 Messianic Prophecies Jesus Fulfilled
Take a look at 44 messianic prophecies Jesus fulfilled in his life, along with supporting references from the Old and New Testament.
Learn the Lyrics to 'Amazing Grace'
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How Do Christians Define Righteousness?
Righteousness is required by God for entering heaven, but the bad news is that human beings cannot become righteous on their own. Learn how Christ's death opens the way to heaven for you.
What Does the Bible Say About Spiritual Gifts?
Spiritual gifts are the source of much controversy and confusion among believers. This resource seeks to avoid the controversies and simply explore what the Bible says about spiritual gifts.
What Does 'Speaking in Tongues' Mean?
The term 'Speaking in Tongues' refers to one of the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit first witnessed on the the Day of Pentecost.
37 New Testament Miracles of Jesus Christ
The miracles of Jesus touched and transformed countless lives. These divine acts of God's love and power led people to the Savior and opened hearts to the message of salvation.
Meet Elijah: Boldest of God's Prophets
Prophet Elijah performed stupendous miracles through the power of God, but he was human just like us. Follow Elijah in his epic battle against false gods and their worshipers.
Why Marriage Matters in the Christian Life
Christian Marriage is an important issue in the life of a believer. Learn what the Bible says about marriage and how to develop a stronger one.
10 Bible Verses for Wishing a Happy Birthday
A birthday is a time for celebration, especially for Christians who are born again. You can rejoice in God's love with these birthday Bible verses.
What Jehovah's Witnesses Believe and Practice
Learn about Jehovah Witness beliefs and practices. Compare how some Jehovah Witness beliefs differ from mainline Christianity.
Learn How to Pray with These Tips from the Bible
When we wonder how to pray, we seldom look to the Bible for guidance. The truth, however, is that the Bible is packed with praying people, and we can learn much from their examples.
Biblical Answers to FAQ's About Divorce and...
What does the Bible say about divorce and remarriage? From a biblical perspective, consider some of the most frequently asked questions.
Get to Know the Biblical Story of Samson and...
Samson and Delilah - read a brief summary of the Bible story about Samson and Delilah, with Scripture references, interesting points or lessons to be learned from the story, and a question for reflection.
Where Do You Find Dinosaurs in the Bible?
We know for a fact that dinosaurs existed on the earth. But are dinosaurs in the Bible? Many Bible scholars believe they are.
Cremation vs. Burial: What Does God's Word Say?
Cremation versus burial: With the cost of funeral expenses today, many people are choosing cremation over burial, but what does the Bible say?
7 Answers to Your Questions About Sin
What is sin? For such a small word, a lot is packed into the meaning. Besides defining sin, this article attempts to answer your frequently asked questions about sin.
5 Ways You Can Hear God's Voice
Does God really talk to us? Can we really hear God's voice? Discover how listening to and hearing God's voice is a learned skill.
8 Bible Verses to Help You Say Thank You
Are you looking for words to say thank you to a Christian friend or family member? Here are a few simple Scriptures to help you express appreciation.
What Is the True Meaning of Blasphemy Against...
Many Christians have asked me, 'What is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit? Is it the unforgivable sin?' Consider this very simple explanation.
9 Comforting Bible Verses for Tough Times
We can trust our Savior and turn to him in hard times. God cares for us and he is sovereign. His Word is true. Ease your worries by meditating on these Bible verses for hard times.
Feeling Stressed? Try This Calming Prayer
The cares and problems of life can burden you with stress and anxiety, robbing you of peace. Take comfort from these verses and pray a prayer for dealing with stress and anxiety.
What Does the Bible Say About Sexual Sin?
One of the reasons God created sex was for our pleasure. But he also set limits for the enjoyment of sex, for our protection. When we go beyond the boundaries that God established for sexual intimacy, we enter into sin. With this extensive collection of Scriptures, you will be able to study what the Bible says about sexual sin.
What the Bible Really Says About Life After Death
Most Christians spend time thinking about the afterlife. This study takes a close look at what the Bible says about death, eternal life and heaven.
8 Step Method for Studying the Bible
We'll look at how to study the Bible in this step-by-step and discover one of the many methods of Bible study. This particular method of study is great for beginner Bible studies; however, it can be geared toward any level of study. As you become more comfortable with Bible study, you will begin to develop your own techniques and discover favorite resources that will make your Bible study very personal and meaningful.
Why God Destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah
Sodom and Gomorrah, two ancient cities, were filled with all types of wickedness. See why God's holiness demanded that Sodom and Gomorrah had to perish.
Get to Know the Apostle Paul
The Apostle Paul influenced Christianity second only to Jesus Christ. A tireless missionary, Paul spread the gospel throughout the Roman Empire and wrote 13 books of the New Testament.
10 Encouraging Words for Discouraged Believers
These 10 encouraging words for the discouraged are meant to inspire hope and courage in those who have grown weary in their faith.
Meet Enoch: A Hero Who Did Not Die
Enoch was one of only two people in the Bible who did not die. The Bible says Enoch walked with God. Find out why God loved Enoch so much that he simply took him away.
20 Encouraging Bible Verses About Work
Bible verses about work show that God rewards honest labor. Nothing we accomplish, however minor it may seem, escapes his attention.
5 Steps to Avoiding Temptation
Learning how to avoid temptation is key to living a victorious Christian live. Here are 5 practical things you can do to grow stronger and smarter in our struggle against sin.
3 Easy Bedtime Prayers to Teach Your Child
Try teaching these bedtime prayers for children to your kids. They will enjoy the rhyme and rhythm while learning and praying these simple prayers.
Bibles Verses and Prayers for Comfort in Times...
Find comfort in loss with these sure words from Scripture and pray this prayer, asking the Father to give you new hope and strength to go on.
18 Bible Verses to Give You Strength
These Bible verses about strength will remind you where your strength comes from. The Lord is the source of our power, and his might is unlimited.
Explore 4 Types of Love in the Bible
We should expect to find love in the Bible because God is love. Explore the different types of love found in Scripture and passages that spotlight love.
What Does Communion Mean to Christians?
What is communion? Read a biblical explanation of the meaning, significance and purpose of Communion in the life of a Christian.
Meet Mary: Mother of Jesus Christ
Mary the Mother of Jesus was chosen by God to give birth to the Savior of the World. The virgin Mary willingly submitted to God's plan with complete trust and obedience.
What Is Romans Road?
Romans Road lays out the plan of salvation through a series of Bible verses from the book of Romans. They form an easy, systematic way of explaining the message of salvation.
What Does the Bible Say About Adultery?
Adultery is any act of sexual intercourse that violates the marriage union. Fornication is a more general term. Learn what the Bible says with this extensive collection of Bible verses about adultery and fornication.
Meet King Solomon: The Wisest Man Who Ever Lived
King Solomon used his wisdom to lead Israel, but his accomplishments became meaningless when he turned from God. Learn the message his life holds for you today.
What Does the Bible Say About Going to Church?
What does the Bible say about church attendance? I often hear from Christians who have become disillusioned with the concept of going to church.
3 Special Wedding Prayers for Your Christian...
The wedding prayer was one of the most memorable moments of our wedding ceremony, as my husband and I knelt before family and friends and dedicated ourselves to God and to each other—forever. Here are a few sample Christian wedding prayers. You may want to consider including one of these in your marriage ceremony.
4 Biblical Reasons Not to Worry
We spend an awful lot of time worrying. And the time we've wasted on worry can never be reclaimed. If you've decided to spend your time more wisely, here are four biblical reasons not to worry.
Worthy Christian Wedding Vows for Your Big Day
These sample Christian vows may be used as they are or modified for your Christian wedding ceremony.
Spiritual Fasting: What It Is and What It's Not
While early Christians were not required to fast, there is nothing in the Bible that forbids it. In fact, many New Testament believers observed prayer and fasting regularly.
Top 10 Bibles to Read Today
If you're not sure which is the best Bible for you, here are several suggestions to consider from today's top Bibles.
7 Bible Facts About Angels
What are angels? Why were they created, and what do angels do? Let's take a look at what the Bible says about angels.
Who Is the Holy Spirit?
Who is the Holy Spirit? This begins the first study in a series of topical Bible studies on the Holy Spirit.
Full Lyrics to 'Jesus Loves Me' Hymn
'Jesus Loves Me' simply states the profound truth of God's love. Enjoy teaching your children this timeless and favorite hymn.
The Rapture vs. the Second Coming of Christ
Is there a difference between the Rapture and the Second Coming of Christ? Learn why these two events appear to be similar but are separate.
How Daniel Survived in the Lion's Den, and You...
Daniel in the den of lions is a story familiar to many, and amazingly relevant to our everyday lives. It teaches us how to get through times of crisis.
What Does the Mennonite Church Believe and...
Mennonite beliefs closely reflect those of other Christian denominations, with some exceptions. Get the true story on Mennonite beliefs and practices.
How Saul Became Paul and Converted to...
The conversion of Paul on the Damascus Road was one of the most dramatic moments in the Bible. Learn how Paul brought the Christian faith to Gentiles like you and me.
What Is the Purpose of Baptism?
What is believer's baptism? Read a biblical explanation of the meaning, significance and purpose of baptism in the life of a Christian.
6 Steps for Writing Your Christian Testimony
Learn how to write a Christian testimony with these easy steps, for both long and short, written and spoken testimonies.
What the Tower of Babel Story Teaches Us for...
The Tower of Babel is a brief summary of the Bible story that teaches us a lesson about pride. This summary includes interesting points, and a question for reflection.
What Is the Meaning of Grace?
Grace: Definition of the biblical meaning of grace and an acronym to help you remember.
Introduction to the Book of Esther
The book of Esther tells the beautiful story of a courageous young woman who risked her life to serve God and her people. Discover, also, the roots of the Feast of Lots, or Purim.
How the Parable of the Prodigal Son Shows God's...
The Prodigal Son is a parable also known as the Lost Son. This well-known Bible story demonstrates the loving heart of God the Father and his willingness to welcome home every sinner who repents and turns to him.
Meet Peter the Apostle, One of Jesus' Closest...
Peter the Apostle was one of Jesus Christ's most devoted followers, yet he denied three times that he knew the Savior. Led by his emotions, Simon Peter constantly made rash statements and got into trouble. Learn how the story of Peter the Apostle shows God will use anyone he chooses in his work.
Can You Name the Beatitudes?
The beatitudes come from the opening verses of the famous Sermon on the Mount. These proverb-like sayings are packed with meaning and worthy of study.
How to Know When God Is Calling You
Is God calling you? This question can cause great anxiety in the Christian life. In this study, we'll take on the many questions we typically face as we attempt to discover God's calling.
What Does the Bible Say About Gambling?
I've been asked many times by Christians, 'Is Gambling a sin?' Explore what the Bible can teach us about gambling.
What Do Methodists Believe and Practice?
This overview of the Methodist Church includes the distinguishing beliefs and practices of the church as a Christian denomination.
Meet Jesus of Nazareth: Savior of the World
Jesus Christ is the central figure of Christianity. Learn who Jesus is, what he accomplished, and the lessons we can learn from his life.
Compare Beliefs of Catholicism and Protestantism
Compare Calvinism and Arminianism side by side and learn why these doctrines form one of the most divisive debates in the history of the church.
24 Bible Verses About the Importance of Family
God designed us to live in families, therefore, family relationships are important to the Lord. These Bible verses about family show the various relational aspects of a godly family unit.
Why Do Christians Worship on Sundays?
Why do Christians worship on Sunday? We'll take a look at why a Saturday Sabbath is no longer observed by most Christian churches.
What You Need to Know About Infant Baby...
What is Baby Dedication? Explore the practice of Baby Dedication, what it means, the responsibilities involved, and Scriptures about Baby Dedication.
Why Jacob Was Such an Important Patriarch of...
Jacob in the Bible was a key character of the Old Testament, although not always an honorable one. He resorted to lying, cheating, and manipulating.
10 Christian Podcasts That Will Expand Your...
This list of top Christian podcasts contains my own personal favorite Christian podcasts. I've included resources to help you find your own favorite Christian podcasts.
30 Inspirational Bible Verses to Build Your Faith
These faith building Bible verses form a collection of inspirational and topical Bible verses chosen to fortify your faith and inspire spiritual growth.
Christianity 101: Basic Doctrines and Beliefs
Christianity as a religion includes many branches with varying doctrinal positions. Here are the basic Christian beliefs central to most Christian faiths.
16 Bible Verses About Patience
This collection of Patience Bible verses is designed to help you slow down and focus on what God's Word says about waiting on the Lord.
Meet Ishmael: Abraham's Forgotten Son
Ishmael was the first son of Abraham, born to Hagar. He was to be heir until Isaac was born, creating the conflict that continues in their descendents.
What Does the Bible Say About Obeying God?
Obedience to God both in the Old and New Testament relates to hearing or hearkening to a higher authority. It also conveys the concept of submission and trust.
102 Biblical Names of God
Studying the names of God is one of the most uplifting Bible adventures a Christian can explore. This list presents the biblical names of God and Jesus and where they are located in Scripture. With 102 names of God represented, the list, though not exhaustive, is quite extensive.
What Is God's Plan of Salvation?
What is biblical Salvation? Simply put, God's plan of salvation is the divine romance recorded in the Bible, God's way of delivering us from sin and death.
666: The Mark of the Beast and What It Really...
The mark of the beast is mentioned in the book of Revelation. Many theories abound over what the mark is and what the number 666 signifies.
How God Confirmed His Covenant Through Jacob's...
Jacob's ladder was a vision of angels going up and down a stairway between heaven and earth. Learn the real meaning of this well-known Bible story.
What Does the Bible Say About Hell?
Study four different terms for hell in the Bible and how they are translated. These passages help us understand what the Bible says about hell.
What Does the Bible Say About Drinking Alcohol?
Drinking alcohol is an issue that still divides Christians today. The Bible clearly states that drunkenness is a sin that offends God. Explore Christian viewpoints on drinking alcohol.
What the Bible Says About Giving to the Church
Church giving and tithing have shown to be decreasing in recent years. Why? And what does the Bible say about giving and tithing?
What Is the Tribulation?
What is the Tribulation? Recent world events, especially in the Middle East have many Christians studying the Bible for an understanding of end times events. This look at
How Jesus Shocked the Woman at the Well with...
The Bible account of the Woman at the Well tells a story of God's love and acceptance. In this brief summary, you'll learn what Jesus said to change her life forever.
Meet the Courageous Shadrach, Meshach and...
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were three young men determined to worship the One true God only. Their story speaks a strong word of encouragement.
What's Unique About the New International...
The New International Version is a popular Bible translation among Christians today. Read a brief explanation of the history and purpose of the New International Version of the Bible.
5 Top Christian Homeschool Curricula to Consider
Are you looking for the best Christian homeschooling curriculum for your family? Here are short reviews of the top five along with pricing information.
10 Inspirational Words of Wisdom for Christian...
These 10 words of wisdom for women form a beautiful collection of quotes, Bible verses and words of wisdom specially chosen for Christian women.
Should Christians Care About the Illuminati...
The Illuminati conspiracy theory, while far-fetched, has many Christians worried that a sinister secret society is manipulating world events for its own evil purposes. The Bible holds the key to the truth about these rumors. Discover how the Illuminati conspiracy will be defeated by the power of God.
Verses and Prayers Parents Can Say for Their...
The Bible tells us that children are a gift from God. This parent's prayer for a child will assist you in reflecting on God's Word and remembering his promises as you dedicate your precious child back to God in prayer.
Meet the Apostle John: Author of 5 Books of the...
John the Apostle was among the first chosen by Jesus to be his closest followers. Learn how John wove a message of love into all his gospel writings.
What Does the Southern Baptist Church Believe...
This overview of the Southern Baptist Church as a Christian denomination includes the distinguishing beliefs of the denomination.
Little Known Reasons for Christian Wedding...
Many Christian couples don't fully understand their wedding ceremony as a holy act of worship, nor do they realize the solemnness of their oath or the expressions of reverence that are represented by Christian wedding customs and traditions. For a deeper appreciation of your Christian wedding ceremony and to make your special day more meaningful, learn the biblical significance of today's Christian wedding customs and traditions. Page 2.
3 Simple Prayers for Mealtime Blessings
These meal blessings are traditional Christian dinner prayers for saying grace and blessing the food at mealtimes. The prayers are short and simple, great for holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, or any dinner gathering.
3 Memorable Opening Prayers for a Christian...
Choose from one of these three samples of the Opening Prayer for your Christian wedding ceremony.
Meet Abraham, Father of the Jewish Nation
Abraham, father of the Jewish nation, is the great patriarch of Israel. Learn about the character of this man believers today call 'The Father of Us All.'
Find the Perfect Bible Verse for Every Occasion
These Bible verses by topic are for all occasions and holidays, and are organized to help you quickly and easily locate the Bible verses you need.
What Does the Bible Teach Us About Being an...
An apostle was a specially chosen follower of Jesus Christ. Learn what it meant to be an apostle, and the important assignment he gave them.
42 Bible Verses About Wisdom
This collection of wisdom words is taken from the Bible and compiled here to quickly help you gain wisdom and understanding by studying what God's Word says regarding wisdom.
What the Bible Says About Relationships
Relationships are important to God. He is the one who instituted marriage and designed for us to live within families. The Bible has much to say about our earthly relationships.
4 Vital Ways to Nurture Spiritual Growth
Are you a brand new follower of Christ, wondering where to get started on your journey? Here are 4 essential steps to spiritual growth.
Essential Stats and Facts About Christianity...
Christianity is the largest religion in the world today. These facts and statistics provide a global look at Christianity as a world religion today.
A Checklist to Consider When Looking for a New...
Having trouble in your search to find a church? Here are some practical steps to remember and questions to ask as you look for a new church home.
Meet Judas: Betrayer of Jesus
Judas Iscariot, one of Jesus Christ's 12 disciples, betrayed his Master to the chief priests and elders for 30 pieces of silver. Was he the traitor history has painted him or only a necessary pawn?
How Matthew Went from Crooked Tax Collector to...
Matthew responded to Jesus' invitation to follow him, left his tax collector's job, and his wealth and security behind. Like all of us, he longed to be accepted and loved. Find out why, 2,000 years later, Matthew's eyewitness Gospel still sounds an irresistible call.
7 Last Words Jesus Said on the Cross
Jesus Christ spoke seven last words during his final hours on the cross. They offer a glimpse into the depth of his suffering to accomplish redemption.
Devotional: Finding and Knowing Your Life's...
If finding your life's purpose seems like an elusive undertaking, don't panic! Karen Wolff gives practical support for finding the purpose of your life.
What Kind of Love Is Eros?
Eros is a Greek term for a type of love. While this word does not appear in Scripture, eros is one of the four types of love in the Bible.
5 Simple Prayers to Teach Your Children
Prayers for Children: Christian children love to say prayers, especially prayers with rhyme and rhythm. These are simple prayers you can teach your child.
Introduction to the Book of Isaiah
This introduction to the book of Isaiah will help you better understand God's purpose in the book and gain a more unified perspective on the Bible.
What We Can Learn from Noah in the Bible
Noah was a righteous man in a world taken over by evil, violence and corruption. However, Noah wasn't just a righteous man, he was the only follower of God left on the earth.
What Do Lutherans Believe and Practice?
This overview of the Lutheran Church beliefs and practices includes the distinguishing beliefs of the church as a Christian denomination.
Learn the Lessons in the Story of Jesus Raising...
Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead in this miraculous Bible story that teaches us a lesson about persevering through difficult trials.
What the Amish Really Believe and Practice
Amish beliefs play a major role in their desire to live separate from society. Learn how they affect everything from their faith to the way they dress.
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