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Bible Analyzer 4 - "All the Features I Need"

Reader Reviews: Bible Software

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By tsmorton60

Bible Analyzer 4 - "All the Features I Need"

Bible Analyzer 4

Bible Software

Software Name & Version (e.g., Logos Bible Software 4): 

Bible Analyzer 4

Website URL of Software: 


What is the best feature of the software? 

It has a Reference Index feature that finds every instance in each resource that has the current verse within it. There is also a popup of the verse in the context of each resource.

How could the software be improved? 

Better Hebrew language support. Although it displays Greek characters quite well and Greek can be used as a search term.

Was the software a good value for the price you paid? 

Yes, it is free!

What software features do you use most? 

The Reference Index which makes finding references easy, Advanced Searching which is very fast and has a convenient display of results, Text-To Speech is great if one has a good voice loaded, the Audio player works well, plus the Bible statistics are interesting.

What is your primary use for the software? 

To prepare lessons and general Bible study

How long have you used the software? 

More than 3 years.

My Review 

Bible Analyzer is a cross platform Bible study application that runs on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux systems. It has several features (such as reference indexing, text comparison, proximity searches, detailed statistics, etc.) usually not found in other free or even commercial programs.

At its default setting, Bible Analyzer appears similar to other Bible programs, but with just a click and drag or a windows title bar reveals it has a very flexible window management system that allows the floating and docking of windows. Furthermore, multiple layouts can be saved and loaded at any time.

Features include:

A Library Reference Index which will show Library title that contains the current verse. Also with a quick preview by Popup Window.

Ability to view comments by chapter context as well as by verse, with auto scrolling to verse.

View a three verse preview when the cursor is placed over Bible Tab when Ctrl key is pressed.

View a Preview in Dictionary and Commentary Tabs when the cursor is over them with Ctrl pressed.

A New Session Manager, which allows up to five different configurations of resources which can be loaded at any time.

Virtual Multi-Row Tabs in Bible Dictionary and Commentary Panels.

Audio Bible files (.mp3, .wav) can be played in sync with the current chapter with verse highlighting and auto scrolling.

AV-Strongs Indexing Utility with New Strong's Dictionary with Complete AV Usage w/Links.

Harmony/Parallel Text Generator.

Export Study Data to new MultiWindow with History. Can now view an entire study session in one place!

Dedicated Bible Cross-Reference Panel which shows the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge for the current verse (similar to a printed Bible).

Generate a word list of Search Results that can be exported for a Related Search.

Strong’s numbers can be searched in combination with words.

Search contiguous and non-contiguous ranges.

Interlinear capability to view Greek/English Hebrew/English texts.

A User Notes & Commentary Editor which allows the user to enter their own commentary linked to a specific reference.

I recommend Bible Analyzer because it is fast, has all the features I need, has many free modules available, plus several premium modules for a very reasonable price, and it is free. Give it a try. You may like it as well.

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Mary Fairchild, About.com Christianity, says:

Note: This review was submitted by the developer of Bible Analyzer 4.

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