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Bible Explorer 4 - "Bible Software That Shames All Others"

Reader Reviews: Bible Software

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By Rob Gracom

Bible Software

Software Name & Version (e.g., Logos Bible Software 4): 

Bible Explorer 4

Website URL of Software: 


What is the best feature of the software? 

The best feature about this software is that it has as much as, if not more, than all of the other software packages you have listed here, except it's FREE. After downloading the software, I also downloaded more than 200 books in the software's library. Others are charging over 400.00! This is free!

How could the software be improved? 

I can't see any needed improvements as of yet. I started my sermon preps today for the next month and with all the available tools, I finished in about two hours. Excellent software!

Was the software a good value for the price you paid? 

Better than any of these other software packages. All this came with the beta version. I checked all of the software packages you have listed here and they're the same, except this was FREE!

What software features do you use most? 

The word processor is powerful and easy to use. The library contains no less than 15 book categories for different areas of reference and study, plus reading plans, bookmarks, audio, highlighting, devotionals, etc. There really is too much to list here.

What is your primary use for the software? 

To prepare for discipleship training overseas in the far east. It is an excellent tool for any and all areas of theological study and research, whether it be for personal or professional use.

How long have you used the software? 

Less than 1 year.

My Review 

If you would like a Bible software package that includes all of the features of the $400 and up software for free then take the time to see what Bible Explorer 4 is all about. With this software, you have document capabilities, split screen options, a powerful word processor, a library where the website offers more than 200 books to quickly download on subjects that range from concordances, different Bibles, books on the historical and social aspects of biblical history, maps and atlases, picture gallery, movie section, study help, study guide, dictionaries and encyclopedias, devotionals ... literally everything you could possibly want to know about all aspects of the Bible and biblical times.

I was very impressed with the ease in which I was able to immediately start using all of the available tools. I don't like software where I need a manual that looks like a phone book. This had easy-to-view videos. All this came on the beta version and as soon as I can save enough for the full version, I'll upgrade. You know what really sold me on this software was the fact that the company was obviously more concerned that my biblical studies get up and running first with an excellent beta starter package. Those are the types of companies I back, and Bible Explorer did just that. In just a couple of hours I had my software installed and was reading and studying from the greatest theologians in history. Not bad for free!

Would you recommend this to a friend? 


Mary Fairchild, About.com Christianity, says:

I appreciate your enthusiasm for this software, Rob! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. One clarification, though, the first two programs in my list are free as well. You also said it's "better than any of these other software packages." Have you used them all to know for certain?

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