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theWord Bible Software - "Fast, Free and Flexible"

Reader Reviews: Bible Software

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By Paul Chapman

theWord Bible Software - "Fast, Free and Flexible"

theWord Bible Software - Fast, Free and Flexible

Bible Software

Software Name & Version (e.g., Logos Bible Software 4): 

theWord Bible Software, Version 3.2.1.

Website URL of Software: 


What is the best feature of the software? 

1. The design and flexibility of the interface. 5-Stars.

2. Speed. Very fast searches on individual Bibles or Multiple Bibles (Bible Sets) at one time. You can search on words, phrases, including Morphological Tags for original language resources (Greek & Hebrew), using full Boolean or RegEx syntax.

How could the software be improved? 

There is nothing I do not like about this software.

Bible Reading Plan module (due in next release).

Apocrypha support is via the Book View rather than the Bible View. Some may find this inconvenient, but the author's philosophy is to restrict the Bible View to the Protestant Canon only.

Was the software a good value for the price you paid? 

theWord offers excellent value as it is FREE with a lot of FREE Bibles, Dictionaries, Commentaries, and other resources. Imports non-password-protected e-Sword modules as well.

What software features do you use most? 

1. Search of Bibles (& Bible Sets) - English as well as original languages, e.g., Greek OT (LXX) and NT (TR or WHNU), Hebrew OT & Morphological searches.

2. Compare (Parallel View) of as many Bibles as you can fit in your screen.

3. Personal Topics & Notes - Creating, Searching and Printing.

What is your primary use for the software? 

As a Pastor I enjoy using one of the multiple saved layouts with features turned off for simple reading of the Bible or a resource. Or, I can activate more features for full blown Bible research across multiple Bible versions or original language resources Bibles, Commentaries, Dictionaries, and Books.

How long have you used the software? 

1-3 years.

My Review 

theWord 3.2.1 is FREE Bible software developed by one author, Costas Stergiou. It runs in multiple languages on Windows platform. It can be configured to run on Linux or Mac using Wine or similar, though not officially supported on these platforms. However, unofficial help for Linux or Mac users can be obtained via the online forum for theWord.

There are two types of views: Bible View and Book View. Book View displays any resource you have installed that is not a Bible. You can have multiple windows of both types of views open at any one time. As a consequence there are two types of Search Views: Bible Search and Book Search respectively. There can be multiple search views open at once and searches can be performed across multiple resources at one time.

theWord also provides the ability to create your own resources that can all be searched or printed out. This allows you to maintain all of your study material and notes in one place, ready to read, search on, or print out at as needed.

The Compare (Parallel) Bible resource feature enables you to choose multiple Bibles to view in parallel mode.


1. Free. This is a well-executed piece of software that rivals many commercial packages for its flexibility and power.

2. Fast Searching - full Boolean or using Regular Expressions across multiple Bibles at once. Other resources (Commentaries, Topics & Books etc) are searched via a separate search view.

3. Support. Official support is via the Online Forum. The author is very helpful and very quick to respond generally within 24 hrs or less.

4. Flexibility. From a simple single Bible view layout for personal reading, or full blown multiple view Bibles, Commentaries, Dictionaries and Books. Multiple default layouts to choose from depending on your needs (simple to complex) or you can create and save as many user layouts as you wish.

5. Resources. There are the usual free Bibles in various languages, free original language texts (Greek or Hebrew), free original language dictionaries and lexicons, as well as many free Commentaries, Books and Maps.

The paid resource modules available will cover the needs of most who are used to using resources from some of the better known commercial packages available.


1. None that standout. The only cons amount to feature requests that tend to come from power users.

2. No Bible Reading Plan feature but due in next release.

Would you recommend this to a friend? 


Mary Fairchild, About.com Christianity, says:

It's great to read a pastor's perspective on this software. Thanks, Paul!

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