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Walls Down, Roof Off by Verneilia A. Wanza

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By herrikat@co.fort-bend.tx.us

Walls Down, Roof Off by Verneilia A. Wanza

This is HOT! (H)onest, (O)pen, and (T)ransparent.

Christian Book Review

ISBN Number: 


Book Title and Author 

Walls Down, Roof Off: Finding Purpose When Life Begins to Crumble by Verneilia A. Wanza

Genre / Category 

Christian Life; Spiritual Growth.

Quick Facts 

Release Date: March 30, 2010; Tate Publishing & Enterprises; Paperback; 119 Pages.

What I Liked Most & Least About this Book / Author 

Walls Down, Roof Off is HOT! It is an (H)onest, (O)pen, and (T)ransparent account of what Jesus Christ has done in and through the life of the author. A highlight includes when the author honestly describes the resurrecting and transforming power of the Holy Spirit in her previously dead marriage.

My Review 

Have you ever wondered why bad things happen? After suffering the loss of a miscarriage, Houston author Verneilia Wanza asked God that question. Her new book, Walls Down, Roof Off shares how she discovered her true calling as an ambassador of Jesus Christ as she coped with her loss through songwriting.

Wanza recounts how, when she was forced to put her faith to the test, she made some unfavorable decisions in her struggle to follow God’s prompting, but what she discovered changed her view of the Christian walk. The book illuminates the author’s journey to these hard-earned truths as she developed a new perspective on her relationship with God.

I would certainly recommend this book to anyone, for Wanza does an amazing job unveiling her own personal experiences in hope that through her own struggles would inspire others to draw closer in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

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