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Reader Submissions: Tell Us About Your Favorite Free Christian Smartphone Apps


After receiving profound inspiration from my gadget loving friends and family, I recently purchased an iPhone. (Alright, okay! Maybe there was a bit of envy and covetousness involved, too.) I'm quickly falling in love with the many free Christian smartphone apps. If you're an iPhone or Android user, I'm sure you've discovered a few highly treasured applications. This space is devoted to sharing our favorite free Christian smartphone apps.

Share Your Favorite App

Heaven's Dew Fall

A collection of beautiful prayers and litanies.Soul refreshing Catholic prayers for every soul.Let's work for heaven, time passes by like a shadow.A true prayer delights the heart and gladdens the so…More

Ask Jesus, He Answers

This application allows the user to ask a question and receive an answer as a quote from the Bible. I use it often when I am sad, just to get an inspirational quote and to remember that God loves eve…More

Devotions and Prayers

It contains sermons, prayers, the Holy Bible, and Audio messages. It also has chat rooms for interactive discussions and provides a prayer life for counselingLuke 10 vs 19: Behold, I give unto you po…More

Bible Books Flash Game

This app is simple & easy for my kids to play. It isn't the best for learning the books of the Bible, since it doesn't actually teach them, but it helps the older kids review the books that they've l…More

Good News Text

Its such a easy and quick scripture app with comments by the developers on every day living.It's hard to read or study from a Phone but this is just a few words that give you a boost during the day.A…More

TWR 360

I am able to listen to Christian preaching and teaching from some of the top Christian speakers in the world. I really like that I can also share with other people in their language. That is really c…More

Global Christian News

Several quality Christian mobile sites bundled together.Updated 24/7. CBN, Christian Post, Christian Today, Bible Study Tools,Worthy News, GCN Feed.News from all over the Christian world. Persecution…More

Daily Bible Quotes +

Because it has different topics on different life situations. From death of a loved one to happiness! It goes back to the basic with Bible verses that talk about a specific topics and then branches o…More

Drew's Dancing Drum Children's Book App

I love how you can interact with everything and touch all the characters and you learn strong moral teaching on how to listen to your parents. It also teaches how to overcome your fears and not let b…More


TWR360 connects me to some of the world's greatest Christian speakers of biblical teaching and inspirational messages that equip and encourage me anytime, anywhere. I love the fact that the content o…More

Dad's Prayers

It is so important to pray for our children! This app guides my prayers and makes it easy to pray. It has 13 topics with over 100 sample prayers and 150 Scripture references to guide me. It also has …More

Honoring Him / Loving Her

Because it reminds me on a daily basis to cherish my wife. The app gives me an idea to use to cherish my wife. Then, it also has a Bible verse to go along with the idea which strengthens my walk with…More


Since I started working for the charity that makes it and have seen how diversely useful it is! This is for when a band is unavailable or impractical; the app functions brilliantly to provide music, …More

Superbook Kid's Bible

This kids Bible app has great extras - videos, games, pictures, Bible trivia, word searches and info on the people and places in the Bible. Having the extras in the children's Bible itself and the au…More

Church Caster

Church Caster fills a need that I've been trying to find on my Android device. I like many different preachers that I listen to on the radio, and will download their podcast on my iPod, but I don't a…More

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