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Reader Submissions: Tell Us About Your Favorite Free Christian Smartphone Apps


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After receiving profound inspiration from my gadget loving friends and family, I recently purchased an iPhone. (Alright, okay! Maybe there was a bit of envy and covetousness involved, too.) I'm quickly falling in love with the many free Christian smartphone apps. If you're an iPhone or Android user, I'm sure you've discovered a few highly treasured applications. This space is devoted to sharing our favorite free Christian smartphone apps.

Heaven's Dew Fall

A collection of beautiful prayers and litanies.Soul refreshing Catholic prayers for every soul.Let's work for heaven, time passes by like a shadow.A true prayer delights the heart and gladdens the so…More

Ask Jesus, He Answers

This application allows the user to ask a question and receive an answer as a quote from the Bible. I use it often when I am sad, just to get an inspirational quote and to remember that God loves eve…More

Christian Memory Free

It has very nice graphics, three different themes and difficulty levels. Also, I love the Bible verses when you finish the game. It can be very nice to play for relaxation, or with a friend if for a …More

Not Just Words

Not Just Words is a Bible search app that uses a built in thesaurus to find related words for those annoying times when you can't quite remember a verse. So, searching for "Jesus," for example, will …More

Modern Bible

The Modern English translation is presented in the popular version of World English Bible in extended revised edition of "Larisa En Kinderen" (Catholic and Apocrypha/Deuterocanonical Books included).…More


I really enjoy the clean, easy to use interface that allows me to manage my prayers. The quiet time feature gives a distraction free way to help me pray in my quiet time. A lot of effort has clearly …More

Prayer Journal

You can write down your prayers and keep a journal of when you prayed them and keep a note of any answers to prayer. I find this a useful way of connecting with God. It is also encouraging to look ba…More

Morning Prayers Daily Devotional

God blessed me to write the book which Christians and non-Christians seemed to really like. Books are not always available, so I created an iPhone App.Features: • 365 Morning Prayers devotional…More

Arise Victorious

Arise Victorious gently wakes you to motivational Bible readings set to a delightful medley of birdsong, wind chimes, and beautiful, uplifting music.The developer claims Arise Victorious can "In…More

Bible Lock Screens

Well, I made it. I love it (and so far many others do, too). It helps keep Scripture on your mind throughout the day. If you have the Word of God on your mind, you are much more likely to do what it …More

Bible Verse Journal

Bible Verse Journal provides me with a brief Bible reading each day and then gives me the ability to journal it ... to jot down my thoughts. The amount of reading varies each day. Some days it's only…More

The Life Of Jesus

This thing has everything! It is a totally new twist on the Bible and the life of Jesus. It's a multi-media, dynamic and entertaining version of the Bible like never before. It includes an original 1…More

Prayer Warriors

This is a biblically based app for people who want to connect and pray to God in their busy lives. It isn't just reading prayers, but it steps you through making your requests to God. It's great for …More

Olive Tree BibleReader

I was able to transfer all my Bible purchases and study tools from when I used BibleReader on Windows Mobile. I have compared it to some of the other free mobile Bible apps, and it's the best one out…More

K-LOVE - Positive, Encouraging Christian Radio

With K-LOVE I can listen to positive, uplifting, commercial-free music that glorifies Jesus Christ, anytime, anywhere. Their latest free iPhone app features background listening (so I can listen whil…More

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