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Reader Stories: Before and After Stories of Christian Salvation


These before and after stories of Christian salvation are real examples of how a relationship with Jesus Christ can make a difference in someone's life. Each one tells a meaningful story from a member or visitor to the site about a life transformed through faith. Many reveal incredible accounts of dramatic change. Here you can not only tell your story, but show (with pictures) how your faith in Jesus has changed you!

Be inspired as you see and read remarkable before and after stories of Christian salvation. And, if you have photos that document your transformation, please show and tell us about yours!

Show & Tell Your Story

Elizabeth's Turn to God

I raised them for 8 years without going to church. I had friends, money, drugs. What did I need God for. But then I lost everything. At one point even my children. I realized there was only one thing…More

Madison's Changed Heart

Today, I can look back at that time and see the beauty of that moment, and how Jesus' love has changed my heart and my attitude. My relationship with my step-mother is completely different. When Jesu…More

Answering God's Call

My faith in God brought me through the fires and storms so many times.Today I am more committed to God. In the beginning, I ran off his grace. He is sufficient for me. I thank him for not letting me …More

Missy's Melted Heart of Ice

God has made me a totally new person, literally. I sympathize with people so much more. I even cry with them. Jesus has melted my ice heart. Thank you!I am happy, kind and caring, and have even broug…More

A Work in Progress

I prayed every day that God would take my will and my life. I asked the Father not to let me get high. My life started to change. On November 14, 2013, I celebrate 20 years of no drugs, alcohol, and …More

Leonard's Faith Healing

I am now completely healed of my dizziness. I live a life of such wonderful physical comfort. I never knew that life could be this light, joyful, and easy. I thank God every day for having healed me…More

No Problem Is Impossible for God

I bore on because God has given me the strength to continue. He has helped me to gain faith, to bind the lies of the enemy, to praise and love him for who he is rather than what I can get from him, t…More

Bethany's Better Life

I finally know what being happy means. I am nowhere near perfect. Sure, there are more things I am still working on. I will never be 100%, but neither will anyone else. I've accepted my past and hav…More

Born for a Purpose

My new life was great knowing that I had eternal life, but the people at my school couldn't except the new me. I became depressed, crying myself to sleep at night most of the time. I even wanted to k…More

I Needed Help!

I have changed because now I believe that if I am faced with a challenge, the Lord believes I can handle it! The difference in my life is that if I pray to Jesus, if I need help with something, I kno…More

My Life Was Miserable

My faith in God has made such a big difference in my life. The Lord has gotten me through some really rough times. He has saved my life so many times I have lost count. My only wish is that through m…More

A Whole New Way to Live

Today I choose Jesus as my Lord and Savior, safety, and peacemaker. I love him, and because I stand strong through his love, I'm no longer a slave to sin, but a woman of God. With him I am learning p…More

In His Hands

Since then I have come to know Christ on a personal level. He freed me from addiction, sparing me the symptoms of withdrawal I had experienced when I tried to get clean before. Now Christ is freeing …More

Basketball No Longer Defines Me

Now I understand that God's gift to me is basketball and what I do with that gift is my return gift to him. Basketball no longer defines who I am--it's just a gift God blessed me with, to be a blessi…More

Never Looking Back

I was introduced to God as my Savior when I was in the rehab hospital. I decided I wanted to thank him for what he had done in me. I had to be taught once again how to eat, think, and talk. During th…More

I Can Count on Him

The difference in my life now is that I am a whole lot happier and more confident about myself. When people ask me, "Where will you go when you die?", I can now say heaven. I've got more peace that e…More

Waking From My "Coma"

Soon I moved in with a Christian family and started a Christian rock band. Things were great for a little over a year. But then I fell in love with a male band member and our pastor made a sexual app…More

Delivered from Darkness

The change in me is like night and day. It has been my faith in "Who" Jesus is that has changed my life. I have found the greatest Friend in Jesus. He has taken my broken, rebellious life and given m…More

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