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The Bible and Suicide

Bethany's Better Life

Share Your Story: Before and After Stories of Christian Salvation

By bethany

Bethany's Better Life

Before I Got Help

Bethany's Better Life

After I Found a Better Life

What My Life Was Like Before I Received Christ

I grew up in a Christian family. Since I was a baby, I was taught about God each and every day. I went to church, read the Bible, and had open discussions about our Lord. However when I grew up and drifted away, I got caught up in drugs, alcohol, and the overall party scene.

How I Came to Faith in Jesus

My life kept going downhill. I lost almost every single one of my friends, my parents trust, and my innocence. Although I swore I was happy, looking back, I realize how miserable I was! I couldn't take what the drugs were doing to me. Being high started to be scary, my friends were getting more and more into it, and I just did not want to go that far. Thankfully, with my family and the few friends I had left, I got lots and lots of help and finally decided to make a change. I started getting back into church, youth group, ministry, etc. I started making good friends. I got a job and got my life together.

How My Faith Has Made a Difference

I finally know what being happy means. I am nowhere near perfect. Sure, there are more things I am still working on. I will never be 100%, but neither will anyone else. I've accepted my past and have moved on.

I do not let it eat me alive or make me feel bad about myself because I know that God has forgiven me and I have finally forgiven myself. I have learned so much and it is easy for me to understand what others go through now. No matter how hard your life is, or how stressed you get, or how fun it looks, I PROMISE you...I cannot scream it loud enough....it is NOT worth it.

The hardest thing I have EVER had to go through was quitting what I started and getting back on track. I am still affected today from those things. Those days are imprinted in my brain and it makes me sick to this day thinking of the harm I used to do to my body.

I can promise you that there is such a better life out there for you. I learned the hard way, but I can guarantee you, you don't have to go through all of those things to know that. Learn from others' mistakes so your testimony can be that you said no and God blessed you.

Sure, it can be hard to turn down something that makes people look fun and "cool," but I promise you, from experience, it is FAKE. There is not one ounce of happiness that comes out of that lifestyle. It truly is pure misery. I felt so trapped in that lifestyle and almost thought I was not able to ever get out. Obviously, that is not true, but the thought is so disturbing and scary when you don't know any better.

God has such a bright future for you. It is never too late if you have started to just quit and completely start fresh. I can finally smile for real, my eyes have their glow back, and I'm not living a lie. Good luck to all you out there.

Lessons Learned

  • Nothing is worth sacrificing your relationship with God.
  • There is truly nothing that will make you more happy than His plan, and the lifestyle I was in was most definitely not His plan.
  • God will ALWAYS take you back, as if you never went away.
  • No matter how hard something is, DO NOT GIVE UP. That is when something amazing is going to happen.
  • I never thought I'd get out of that life. I mean it. I have said the words, "It's too late. I'm trapped." No matter how much you believe that, deny it till you're blue in the face....or sober :)
  • Even if you have no one, you have someone---God will never leave you.

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