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The Bible and Suicide

Delivered from Darkness

Share Your Story: Before and After Stories of Christian Salvation

By myjesusmylord

Delivered from Darkness

Before surrendering to the Lord, Jesus.

Delivered from Darkness

After my surrender and deliverance from darkness.

What My Life Was Like Before I Received Christ

I lived in Hamtramck, a city inside of Detroit, with my lesbian lover. Through means of witchcraft, she convinced me that we could be rich and famous, so we moved to Hollywood seeking a life that would fulfill our dreams. My life was filled with violence, nude dancing, drugs, sex and booze.

How I Came to Faith in Jesus

My sister attended Calvary Chapel Bible College in California, and after confronting me with my lifestyle, got her whole school to start praying for me. About a year later, the Holy Spirit answered my cry for help. He gave me a choice to make: Him or my lesbian lover. I chose Jesus with all of my heart. After choosing to follow Jesus, I barely made it out of Hollywood alive. I went home to my parents' house in SC. I spent years reading the Word of God and allowing God to change me and heal me from all of the pain I had inside. His Word and His Spirit have totally transformed me into another person!

How My Faith Has Made a Difference

The change in me is like night and day. It has been my faith in "Who" Jesus is that has changed my life. I have found the greatest Friend in Jesus. He has taken my broken, rebellious life and given me a new one with Him as the Center of my heart. Once I understood the cross of Jesus Christ, my life was transformed. I understood that Jesus became my sin! That He exchanged His Life for mine. So when He died, the old Brooke died. When He rose from the dead, the new Brooke came alive too. I am not a lesbian anymore. In fact, it doesn't tempt me in the least. The reason for this is because Jesus filled my heart with Himself. The thirst that was in my soul (that I was trying to quench with a woman) has been quenched with Jesus.

One of the greatest changes in me has been the power to forgive. I had experienced sexual abuse as a child, but the pain and bitterness that was in my soul has been removed. Now that I am forgiven, Jesus has shown me how to give forgiveness to all who have hurt me. I feel incredible freedom now from releasing those who have hurt me.

Knowing Jesus as my Friend helps me to be able to go to Him with every care and sorrow of my heart. I cry to Him. Sometimes I have words that I say and sometimes I don't. There is a deep knowing in my heart that He loves me when I come to Him and allow Him to be my Friend and Savior. He understands everything about me and I can be so real with Jesus. He already knows what I'm thinking so I may as well tell Him!

I was also baptized in the Holy Spirit. This has made a tremendous difference in experiencing the Lord. I can sense Him with me by the Spirit. I can hear Him prompt me by the Spirit. When I don't know how to pray, He prays through me. It's incredible!

The Lord has opened the door for me to work as a volunteer chaplain in the women's prison. I never could have dreamed that He would take me where I am now. I get the opportunity to meet with seven different inmates on a weekly basis. I am able to share with them about knowing Jesus personally and have seen women turn from lesbianism to the living God. When I was living for myself, I thought that being rich and famous would fulfill my dreams, but now that I have allowed God to have my life and my future, I am amazed at how He has truly given me my heart's desire. I love helping women see Jesus, and I didn't know that this was my real heart's dream. I thank You Jesus, for You!

Lessons Learned

  • I have learned that pride really will causes me to fall.
  • I have learned that humility is not always easy but if I get out of God's way and let Him work in and through me, He will do amazing things.
  • I have learned that people everywhere are looking to be accepted and loved, and that if I will honor everyone with that, then they will experience Jesus through me. Jesus accepts us all right where we are, and then His love changes us as we learn "Who" He is.
  • I have learned that doing things from the deepest part of my heart is always better than acting or faking it. God is interested in my heart and its condition.

Mary Fairchild, About.com Christianity, says:

• The 700 Club featured Brooke's story in this powerful video, Brooke Donnelly: The Choice That Changed It All.

• A longer written version of Brooke's testimony with more pictures is available here.

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