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Readers Respond: What's the Best Bible Study Method?

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From the article: How to Study the Bible
One of my favorite things to do is study the Scriptures, but this wasn't always so. At first, studying the Bible seemed too complicated. I was easily distracted. I had to learn how to uncover the nuggets of truth found in the Bible and apply them to my life through an effective Bible study method. Now that I've learned a couple of different techniques that work well for me, I love to study God's Word.

I'm certain that many of you have discovered some excellent Bible study methods, too. Take this opportunity to share with other believers what you consider to be the best Bible study methods.

Servants of God

If we learn what God's Will is, we can do his will and be as servants of God. As it says in Isaiah chapter fifty five verse eleven, " so shall My word be, whatever proceeds from My mouth. It shall not return until it accomplishes whatever I willed, and I shall prosper your ways and My commandments." So whatever we perceive from the Word, it's considered to be our thoughts proceeding from the Word. Now, it says that we won't return to the Word until we accomplish whatever God Willed. So I analyze verse by verse to link the reason why the next verse is connected to the previous. And by doing this, it creates a path that indicates you've been given a direction which comes from the Word. And your path will improve and new commandments will come up if you've successfully connected the logic.
—Guest Luke Andrew Garner

Holy Spirit

Holy spirit is the key to the Bible. You ask Holy Spirit to give you direction and in depth knowledge about the Bible.
—Guest Taiwo ajayi


I prefer the comprehensive Bible study method, which included intensive examination.
—Guest mahaveer Prasad

Study to Live

You don't study the scripture to preach,you study 2 live.The word of God's not just for preaching,but for eating so that men'l not feed from your dryness.You read-dig-search-study-meditate on the scripture josh.1:8 "And you shall meditate in it day nd nite.When u meditate you run ur mind with the Holy spirit.To get foundation as a new believer start with Studin a chaptr from Paul's Epistels and letter like:(Col,Eph,Tim,Corinth,Phil,thes,Heb),1 chaptr from psalms and proverb to laungh you into the day with wisdom.

The Life of Jesus

An excellent method of Bible study which will help you get a solid foundation is to read a chapter a day out of the 4 gospels. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John contain a total of 89 chapters, meaning with a chapter a day you'll go through the gospels in 3 months. Do this once each quarter and at the end of the year you will have gone through the life of Christ 4 times during the year getting the perspective of all 4 gospel writers. A way to deepen your experience whiile making it more personal would be to read a chapter in the morning, then in the evening review the chapter and write the meaning you got from it in your own words one quarter. The next quarter you can focus on the different aspects of His life as they relate to His birth, childhood, baptism, public ministry, death, burial, and resurrection.

Context is Crucial

I. SPECIFIC CONTEXT 1. Cultural: Jewish, Greek, Roman 2. Historical 3. Geographical 4. Grammatical (Syntax) 5. Linguistic (Word Meaning) II. GENERAL CONTEXT 1. Immediate Context: (within the passage) 2. Extended Context: (within the individual book) 3. Canonical Context: (cross referencing -- "analogia scriptura")
—Guest Nom De Plume

Read to Comprehend

The best method of study that I've ever learned was from Pastor-Teacher John MacArthur, in his book, "How to Study the Bible": read one book of the N.T. at a time, and read it repetitously (between 30-90 times); this method will radically change your life and highly improve your understanding of the Bible. This method is invaluable and essential. After 2.5 years, you will have read the entire N.T. 30 times and have a cross referrencing system estabished in your mind; furthermore, you will have mastered the general contents of each book and thereby have a firm grasp on the N.T. as a whole.
—Guest Nom De Plume

How to Read The Bible and Understand

We must always pray and ask for guidance from the living Lord and Jesus Christ before starting the reading the Bible.
—Guest Pawan Topno

My Bible Study Plan

Its not been quite i renewed my strenght and love in God and i became reborn. But since then i started studying and started frm the old testament. I wanna study down from there until the new testament. And i think the old testament gives us more insight about God's personality. Until now i am still in the book of Joshua. And i must say that studying His word has helped my spiritual life alot and gives me courage. I just love Him and i desire so much more to love him.

6 Step Study Method

pray, read the scripture, read commentary(if any) meditate for deeper understanding, consider how you can apply to your life. finally pray for ability to remember and put it in practice.
—Guest simon kombat

Creative God - Different Learning Styles

We honor, serve and love a very creative God who made all of us different including our learning styles :) There seems to be as many different ways to study the Bible as there are personalities...I am one who needs a plan, an accountability structure where I can "tic" off my daily reading. However so many plans start in Genesis and end in Revelation and so many Christians fall away around Leviticus and give up, which I did often. I encourage people to try reading 1 chapter in History, poetry, prophets, gospels, acts, epistles and Revelation each day; this has brought me a sense of biblical unity and kept me from discouragement if one section is dry to me. That's for "reading", but for "studying" I like to take 1 book, like James and use the "observation, interpretation and application" techniques beginning with an outline--this process can and should take hours as it is slow but provides me a deeper love for God and His promises and a new respect for His holiness.

Who is He?

The Bible is about God. One practical and simple approach is to read the text and create a list of everything it says God to be. Start somewhere easy, like the Psalms- At the top of the paper write God is... and list all the attributes you find- God is... loving, faithfulness, my strong tower, my refuge, my rock, so on and so forth. Meditate on the list and praise God for who he is after your reading. Ask him to show himself as these things to you. Wrestle through the scripture, if you don't understand something or a word, research it and see if it takes you into a deeper understanding of WHO HE is. After awhile, when you encounter life it will be in light of who you know God to be and will expose His promises in clear ways. Who is My God? He is consistent. He is truth. He is light. He is good. May you walk with him in the light and continue studying His word.
—Guest M M

Paul's Example

The Apostle Paul is said to be the Apostle to the Gentiles.(Romans 11:13)He teaches revelation that was not available before God gave it to him.Ephesians 3:1-6) Paul will teach you how to rightly divide the word of truth.(2Timothy 2:15) That is divide truth from truth.Start with reading Romans-Philemon and listen to your Apostle,that was handpicked by Jesus from Heaven, for the job. You can't go wrong.Get a KJV
—Guest Jerry Musgrove

Exploring the Bible Using Key Verses

There are several lists of key verses but I settled on "Key Memory Verses of the Bible" which can be found on the internet. I interface this list with the website, topverses.com. I use the top 10 verses from each book. Where do I start? Assign a number to each each Book ( Genesis #1 thru Revelation #66, i.e. Acts is 44). Use a mechanism to select a # from a blind drawing. I use a program called "Random Bot" where you insert the range (1-66) and request a random sample of 5 or 10 numbers to start. The program supplies the numbers in a scrambled sequence. Another method is to buy a game of Bingo, take out the callout beads or chips, 1-66, and put them in a bottle, and take out one at a time. Now to get serious, armed with your list of key verses, enter into your first Book. Find your verse, supplement it with other close verses. Read, study, meditate, pray and then journalize. You will find this method of exploring keeps up the interest of absorbing the Bible.
—Guest Neil Coppens

Holy Bible Study

First, write down the Scripture, then understand and obey it.

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