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Readers Respond: Tell Us How You Obtained a Free Bible

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From the article: Top 10 Bibles
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If you can't afford to buy a new Bible, there are many easy ways to obtain a free, no-strings-attached copy of the Scriptures. While I've suggested several solutions for getting a free Bible here, I suspect that you too have encountered a few useful websites or other creative means of acquiring a free Bible.

**Note: Please DO NOT use this form to request a free Bible. It is for suggestions only.**

Charity Thrift Shop

My neighbor told me she couldn't afford to get a new Bible, so I went to a local charity thrift store and asked if they had one I could give to her. They were happy to provide one and it was in very good shape.

Up to 3 Free Bibles

Go to http://www.spirit1.us/dir_06/. This website has a form to fill out to request up to 3 brand new free bibles. They even ship them free.
—Guest Anonymous

Free Online Audio Bible

Go to http://www.biblebible.com/ and look under their Bible resources section. They offer several free audio Bible versions to hear, read and download.
—Guest Rick Dennis

Another Free Bible Site

Go to http://www.lesea.com/needabible.cfm. I've used this site before. The Bible took over two months to arrive, but it got here eventually. They have Spanish and English Bibles.
—Guest Tobi

Free Bible App for Cellphone

A downloaded a free Bible software app on my cellphone, King James Version.
—Guest Deon

Evening Time Ministries

Register with the site and request a Bible if you need one: http://etministries.webs.com/needabible.htm
—Guest Al

Street Corner

I was on a walk and a man was giving away little orange Bibles. He gave them to everybody who walked by. It was when the children's school was being dismissed. He gave one to me and it is very nice.
—Guest Iheartjesus


You can use this online Bible for free. Also, you can view encyclopedia word definitions, answers to thousands of Bible questions, Bible reading plans (one or three years), daily devotionals, summary of the Bible (multimedia, multilingual), Bible quizzes and games, Bible translations, including many languages, Greek & Hebrew tools, audio Bibles, videos & DVDs, movies on-line and more: http://www.christiananswers.net/bible/home.html.
—Guest Meg

The Word Bible Software

You can download this free software with no catches, no ads, no nags, no registration, not even your e-mail to download, nothing! It's little similar to e-Sword: http://theword.net/.
—Guest Meg

Online Parallel Bible

You can search Bible verses in many versions and languages. Also, you can search a concordance, dictionary and encyclopedia online: http://bible.cc/.
—Guest Meg

Bible ABC.Net

You can read an online Bible in different Bible versions and languages: http://bibleabc.net/.
—Guest Meg

A Free Numeric New Tesament In E-Book

Also, I found a free E-Book of the Numeric New Testament Ivan Panin Bible that was written by Ivan Panin and later this ministry has copyrighted his work. It is in English and Greek: http://www.unleavenedbreadministries.org/?page=nent
—Guest Meg

Free ASV Audio New Testament Bible

I found a website where you can download a free MP3 ASV Bible for free: http://www.freeasv.org/.
—Guest Meg

Free ASV Audio New Testament Bible

You can get a free audio MP3 format or download it for free: http://www.freeasv.org/.
—Guest Meg

YouVersion - Free Online & Mobile Bible

Youversion.com offers the BEST option for Bible reading online in MANY translations. They also offer a free mobile app for reading on your other devices.
—Guest Justin Dela Cruz

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