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Readers Respond: Do You Celebrate Christmas?

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Christmas is a Valuable Time

Satan has from time immemorial counterfeited God's patterns and saving plans for his children. Many of the the pagan rituals and patterns are misunderstandings of the God's truth. Christ the Son of God is the light of our lives. Of course, Satan would say that the SUN in the sky is God. Is it a problem to use the old pagan patterns to memorialize God? I think not. All things are given to us to glorify God. When the focus is on the Savior and faith is being strengthened, as is the case in a Christian home, The Savior is joyous.
—Guest Rebepa

Has the World Gone Mad?

Going to the shops at Christmas time is like a horror film. Santa everywhere, little kids screaming at their mothers when they don't get something that they want for Christmas. I mean come on people, advertisements in a store should not distract us form the true meaning of Christmas. It's Christ's birth, therefore Christ's mass. It's the same thing, as our family and friends celebrated our own birth, why not celebrate Jesus', seeing as he is basically the only reason we are living, if you get what I mean.
—Guest Meg

Keeping Christ in Christmas

I celebrate Christmas because it keeps the birth of Christ fresh in my mind. I agree that the world has pretty much taken Christ out of Christmas. All the commercialism has taken the focus from where it needs to be. I think it is important to teach our children the "REAL" meaning of Christmas. Jesus should be celebrated. We need to keep the true meaning alive.
—Guest Percy

Christmas Forever!

I went to the mall on "Black Friday" and found myself sadly astonished with the greed and outright hatefulness that I witnessed. My fear is that the real meaning of Christmas is being lost to so many people. Our family, three generations, will be celebrating Christmas together on December 25th, Christ's birthday. The scripture will be read with sincere reverence and prayers of thanks will be said. Dust off your Bibles and read the Scriptures in Matthew and Luke! Get back to the basics people!
—Guest Mountain Girl

It's Not Recorded When Jesus Was Born

I believe Jesus was born for our sins -- that's why we should praise him for who he is. He gave us life now and hereafter. There is another life.
—Guest Darnella Kingsberry

It's a Matter of Belief

When the Savior came here on earth, He came with one mission, that is to save us from from death and to give us everlasting life (John 3:16)...It is very sad that many people misunderstood it for according to them as long as you are somewhat religious or somewhat a good man or celebrate His birth then they where saved!..Read Ephesians 2:8-9 and Titus 3:5. People must know that salvation is not by good works but a free gift of God. That whoever believes and accepts Him in His life and allows Him to change their lives. He must prove in with his/her own actions. Not only in December, but they should do it daily...To say that I'm a Christian while in fact you are living in a life with vices, wickedness, idolatry, immorality, evil, in short, is sin. God will surely say you are not a Christian...In celebrating Christmas, we should know its true essence.
—Guest Ahl G

Yes to Christmas!

When David fought Goliath did he get specific instructions to? No! He did because it was the right thing to do. DITTO Christmas. Celebrating the birth of The One I call savior is the least I can do to show my appreciation after all He has done for me. It's true that it's been miss celebrated by many but many more remember that JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON and are drawn closer to Him. It's amazing.
—Guest stella

Yes to Christmas

It is argued that since Scripture does not clearly rule out the celebration of Christmas, its celebration falls under the category of debatable or doubtful things covered by the principles of Romans 14 and 1 Corinthians 8 and 9. ‎1 Cor 8:1-3 - "With regard to food sacrificed to idols, we know that we all have knowledge. Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up. If someone thinks he knows something, he does not yet know to the degree that he needs to know. But if someone loves God, he is known by God." Finally, Titus 1:15 warns against those who see evil in almost anything and condemn it. "To the pure, all things are pure; but to those who are defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure, but both their mind and their conscience are defiled." Titus 1:15 (NASB).
—Guest Rob

Yes, I love Christmas

Christmas is a good time... it makes people come together. So many people are trying to get rid of Christmas.... that it makes you wonder why. These days good things have become bad, and bad things have become good, which is sad. Yes, Christmas is wonderful . When I decorate I do it for Jesus to show my love for him. Colors make you happy. When I put up a tree that is his candle. To me it is to celebrate the love and the fact that he came for us. You start with the birth to show about him, where he came from, how things began. And I pray over every gift I give. I pray that the person who receives it will know and love Jesus and give their life to him. Jesus gave more than we could ever dream to give. It is a way to share the love he gave us.

Was He Not Born?

The fact that Christ was born, even though we are not told about the date, what we as his followers know is that it was on a certain day hence, we chose to mark and remember this day on the 25th. If we mark our children's births, what more that of the Creater of the Universe.
—Guest David Memezi

Jesus Shall Suffice

Do people really think they can walk into a museum, bust out a pencil and start sketching on some masterpiece painting? Then why do they think they can just embellish upon God's greatest gift to mankind? Jesus shall suffice, thanks. Let's just admit that we want to wax nostalgic and give one another gifts.
—Guest Benjamin

The Sign Between Me & My Savior

Why do I celebrate Christmas? Because I believe the Bible, which tells me about Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, who came to this world, was born as a human being to save me from sin. So, Christmas celebrations for me are the sign between me and my Savior. It does not matter if December 25 is the real day of Christ's birthday or not.
—Guest Vanthorn Nhem

Why I Celebrate Christ

I celebrate Christ because he is our Savior, the King of the kings.
—Guest yemi

Celebrating Christmas

I am now in my senior years and find a lot of aspects of Christmas to be troubling. Many of the objections have already been stated by previous comments. But the thing that troubles me most is how incorrect traditions have become known as truth. The Catholic Church began to celebrate their Christ mass to counter pagan worship. Satan has continued to use this time to divert attention from Christ's birth and towards greed. Therefore, it takes away from the good news of Christ's coming to give us grace. Does Christmas help people throughout the world remember the reason for the celebration? If so, how many are saved because of the celebration? Those are the questions I have not found any answers for.
—Guest MSgt Mackel

Yes! I Celebrate CHRISTmas

I celebrate CHRISTmas because I want to thank the LORD for the gift of life he has given me; for dying for my sins that I may have eternal life. As Christians, we should not only celebrate CHRISTmas on December 25, but every day of our lives. This is to remind us how good the LORD is to all of us. HIS goodness endures forever.
—Guest Conchita

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