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Readers Respond: Do You Celebrate Christmas?

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I understand that there is division on this topic. I also understand that I do not have the answers. However, I have two things to say. First for all who say, "We celebrate Easter to celebrate Christ's death," Black Friday was the death of Christ. Easter was the resurrection of Christ. Second, our division on such matters not only goes against the unity of Christianity, it also belittles Christ's sacrifice. We are asked to take up a cross with Christ, not draw a sword upon each other. People wonder why we can't defend ourselves theologically against athiesm. The answer is we are so focused on the pebbles, we cannot see the mountain.
—Guest Someone

Yes I do celebrate Christmas

I'm Christian, and this time is for turn our blessings to others. Each Christian festivity has a purpose and this one is for joy and share what we have with others.
—Guest Mayrita01

Christ is not in Christmas

It's really sad to see ppl following traditions of man just because the world is doing it. Do research & find out the TRUE meaning & history behind Christmas & these other holidays. It doesn't matter what you think it's about to you...it's plain & simple. Don't worship other gods!! He tells you not to add to his specified holy days (which ppl have done away with). Everytime you bow down to pick up gifts, you're worshipping a tree (god). Everytime you're mentioning Santa, your creating a god like figure in your child's life. We teach our children not to lie, but yet we lie to them. Everybody knows dec 25th is not his birthday, but ppl go to extremes of trying to justify that HE is the reason for the season. Putting up trees has nothing to do with a birthday. And all the other foolishness associated with this day. Do research ppl. I would say ask your pastor, but most of them have no idea of what the bible actually says either
—Guest NoWay

Biblical Response

If the angels in heaven and the sheperds in the field celebrated the birth of Jesus, why shouldn't I? Christmas is the celebration of God sending us our savior!
—Guest Megan

Birth of Christ

I do not celebrate Christmas as the birth of Christ. his date was set by man. The main thing is - We are to remember his death, burial, and resurrection by taking the Lord's Supper on the first day of theweek(Sunday). god is great and without him, we are nothing.
—Guest Garnard Martin


If you read the bible, you won't find any verse that says He was born in winter/December. One great basis is that they used Hebrew calendar before. Read the bible, absorb what you've read, and apply it. Follow what God says. Did he mention anything about Christmas? No, right? :) Christmas should be celebrated everyday spiritually. You don't have to buys gifts, foods, and whatstuff but thank God for He has given us our savior, Lord Jesus. Do what God says through the bible and get closer to Him. :)
—Guest Cmg

Merry Christmas

Yes , perhaps we should be singing Happy Birthday . To me I do not care what date he was born as long as we pick a day to celebrate and remember Christ ! Celebrations seem to be returning to pagan ideas . We are going back wards. It is each . It is each individual to celebrate how we fell , but think about what we are celebrating . We should not try to force any ideal on any one . Even God gives us a choice about how we live our lives that is up to you . Merry Christmas !!
—Guest irenelopez


Because it reminds me of the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ
—Guest Rachael kenneth

As Long as I Live

Yes, I do and for as long as I live I will celebrate Christmas! Because is no controversy! Though the actual date might not be recorded, there is a cause to remember his presence and the significance of his appearance here on the planet earth.
—Guest omoniyi jeje

No Christmas

Jesus Christ is not in Christmas. Christmas was going on before Jesus Christ ever came to earth to die on a cross for our sins. If the early church didn't do it why do we? Bible never gives us a command to this.
—Guest joe kinder


As I understand it Joseph ben David the husband of a woman named Mary had to Report to his birthplace, Nazareth in time for the Roman census that was carried out at the start of the year, the month being March. St Francis invented the "birth of Christ" story to Offset the pagan festival dies natalis solis invicti (birth of the invincible sun god).
—Guest Thomas

Celebrate but Remember the Origin

I'm Pagan so I do first and formost celebrate this holiday as such. I have a Christian family that does celebrate this as Christmas and we do share a family celebration together around this time because we decide to set aside personal religions and simple enjoy the love that we have for each other and the blessing of the simple pleasures that the winter season brings. I don't mind Christians celebrating on December 25-- so long as they are peaceful in mind about their traditions as starting out Pagan and at least tolerant of other Pagans who celebrate this holiday with its original intent. If knowing the Pagan origins of this holiday does bring unrest to your mind as you celebrate it with overlapping Christian intent- consider differently. Best winter wishes to you all however you choose to celebrate or not:)
—Guest Michelle

Yes, Because of Love

Because it remind of someone coming to die for me because of love christ came as a lamb about to be slain for our redemption
—Guest Debby

I Celebrate

I have read all the above. Last year I did some research of my own. And from the word of God his bible, I got the answer which is on my church webpage under teachings. Look for yourselves www.risenchurch.co.uk but if you still don't agree then God bless if you do agree God bless. Remember that Christmas is our day to celebrate the most important person in human history. While I agree about Easter as being in the bible just think if Christ was never born there would be no Easter.
—Guest James

Celebrate Christmas


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