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Readers Respond: Do You Celebrate Christmas?

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Focus on Love and Hope

Just as we celebrate our children's birthdays and our grand children's birthdays, and now our great grand chilren's birthday's, we are blessed to also celebrate the birth of our Lord. It is a great time to focus on love and hope.
—Guest myrna

Study the Bible Correctly

I don't celebrate Christmas, because if you study the Bible correctly, Jesus was not born on December 25, or anywhere near it. No where in the Bible does it tell us His date of birth. Secondly, it would not have been in the middle of winter, since the shepherds were out in the field tending to their sheep. There was a census at the time, and Joseph and Mary couldn't find a place at any inn, so she had to deliver our Savior in the manger. If God wanted us to celebrate His birth, He would have told us. Christmas is actually rooted in paganism and God says not to follow the doctrines/tradition of man. We should only stick to the 10 commandments.
—Guest maggie

Yes! Very Much So!

Do I celebrate Christmas...? Yes! Very much so! I do not believe in what Christmas has turned into, as far as the whole "material, opportunity to make a buck off of a holiday that has nothing to do with our personal Lord and Savior!"

The Beginning of Redemption

Yes, I do celebrate the birth of Christ every year because, for me, it marks the beginning of God's redemption plan for sinful man. It's also a period of reminding the world that a Savior was born, and as pastor, I must remember and celebrate, and tell this good news of great joy which is for everyone!
—Guest Enoch

Blended with Paganism

First, let me say that I'm a believer. I'm well aware of the reason Christ came. Christianity, unfortunately, has blended this "most important" occasion with paganism. What is more unfortunate is that this blending has been accepted almost universally. You either serve the Lord or you don't. You can't serve Him at a Christmas party where debauchery is the order of the day. You serve Him by spreading His Word all year round. Christmas has nothing to do with it. Also, we do not know the actual time of Christ's birth. If He thought it important enough, I'm sure He would have let us know. There's a slogan: "Let's Keep Christ in Christmas". The fact of the matter is, Christ never was part of Christmas. Celebrating Jesus' birthday at such a time is a mockery, relegating Him to a Nero status. However, if you suggest that because of the debauchery {I've already alluded to} it makes it a good time to spread the good news, then I agree. This makes it part of the year round effort I spoke of.
—Guest DM

Rejoicing in the Good News

I understand people's reverence for Scripture and share it. However, there is the letter of the law and then there is the Spirit of the law. I wish Christmas had not been placed where is is on the calendar, but I can't change that so I will focus on whatever is good and noble about this time of celebration. As Scripture attests, what some meant/mean/consider as/for evil, God is able to transform for His good purpose of having the Good News, the glad tidings of great joy, God's peace and good will towards men made flesh in the person of Jesus, the Promised Savior, proclaimed to all the world. We need to use every opportunity to meet people where they are in order to share this Good News with them. God loves them so much that He humbled Himself and came down to them as a lowly baby in the Person of Jesus so He could redeem us with his pure blood and transformed a pagan tool of execution (the cross) into a symbol of hope through His death and resurrection ... now we can be saved. Peace.
—Guest almondroca

What Next?

There are a number of reasons I do not believe we should celebrate Christmas. 1) It's roots are pagan; 2) The emphasis is on the creature rather than the Creator; 3) Most of our worship has become entertainment, closely patterned after the world, and this is especially evident at Christmas; 4) It is a time of great stress and therefore problematic in society; 5) It is mostly a money making, debt creating, business generating, social pressuring, greed generating (in children) time... a worldly motivated celebration... not a time of worship. It's true that it can be a time of generosity and giving, but I feel strongly that we should be loving and generous all year long. I give when I want to bless and encourage someone or find something I believe 'you' would like, not merely at birthdays and Christmas. How would it be if we get to know Jesus the Creator, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit (God Almighty) and worship in spirit and in truth as instructed? Let's get back to the Gospel! PT
—Guest Leroy

Jesus is Love

Christmas, to me, is a reminder that Jesus is love and that we are joyous, and especially for children, one should try to give gifts.
—Guest alex6500

We Know He Was Born

Absolutely. Although we may not know the exact date of Jesus' birth, we know He was born. There would be no Christmas without His birth.
—Guest Janet

Christmas - A Time to Speak of Jesus

Christmas is the only time when Jesus is spoken of more than any other. I know Jesus was not born on Christmas Day and that there are lots of things about the time that are not to our liking but it is the prime time when carols are sung and Jesus is spoken of. It is because of this that I take the opportunity to send true Christmas cards and remind all those I have contact with that Jesus is Lord and He came to save His people from their sins, as we are told. I feel it is a great shame that some very lovely Christians adopt such a negative attitude towards the season of the year and do not share their faith with others. It makes me wonder how much Jesus really means to them, or is it the way the devil has of making them adopt a negative stance in their lives to undo the wonder of Jesus.
—Guest Val Eaves

He Has Always Existed

Jesus did not tell us to remember His birth. He told us to remember His death. Jesus is God, so He didn't have a beginning. He has always existed. He came down in the womb of the virgin Mary and became a human to reconcile us back to Himself.
—Guest Ronald Rickard

We Feel Christ in Christmas

Yes, we celebrate Christmas because it's the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, who died for our sins. He is sinless and takes the sins of the world upon his head. We love him so much. We remind everyone of his story by celebrating his birthday. We feel Christ in Christmas by reading Scriptures, listening to Christmas hymns, decorating our homes, our churches, and by helping others--the poor and the needy people--by praying with sincerity, by showing love to family and others. What a wonderful month! I love December because it is the month of love and happiness. I wish all of you a very happy Christmas!

What Better Reason?

Man needs a celebration at this time of the year, as the days get shorter and the weather worse. What better reason than to celebrate the birth of our Lord?
—Guest Thomas

Remember Him

It's very important to celebrate this day ... to remember him. He is a great man and he did a lot to keep people happy. Whatever is the right thing, he did a lot of good work to make this world happier.
—Guest Ahmed

The Greatest Gift to Us

The birth of Christ was the greatest gift to us. I believe that Christmas is too commercialized, but still should be recognized and celebrated. We have holidays remembering former presidents, and they did not do anything close to what Christ has done for us.

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