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Readers Respond: Do You Celebrate Christmas?

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Christmas is Corrupted

No, i do not; and since it was not prescribed to be such a holiday; then i think the spiritual necessity is not a matter. Like days for so-called saints and even church holidays; they are ultimately not going to bring anyone to more of a relation with God. The day is corrupted by commercial subterfuge and reverence. Christmas is a secular observance to most; although disguised other-wise.
—Guest S. Wesley Mcgranor

Yes, I Celebrate Christmas

I believe that the Lord Yeshua should be celebrated and remembered for the Love He has for human - kind. The God of Creation cared enough for all of man to give us His Son, so that we may not perish but have everlasting life, in order to have a true relationship with Him. To be able to walk with Him, like Jesus Himself does. Imagine when time is over we will all celebrate with Him. Christmas is just a little glimpse of Heaven.
—Guest Sandy

Billions Of People Feel Better

Only the family members, friends or those who are some way related or connected celebrate the birthday or important events of one’s life. Every celebration makes the relationship in the family or/and the group closer and intimate while everyone experiences joy though it varies from person to person. Celebrations make human life individually and collectively lively and enjoyable. It is an occasion to express our love and make others happy. In most of the situations we do not celebrate our own important events of life, but those who love us organize it and celebrate it for our honor. Jesus is loved by many and they celebrate His birthday worldwide. Since it is the celebration of Jesus, the Son of God, it is an occasion of joy and divine grace. Jesus is important in my life. So I celebrate Christmas personally and collectively expressing my love for Jesus. It makes me feel better and I hope Christmas makes billions of people feel better.
—Guest Frank

I am Celebrating

I am celebrating Christmas because it's a way of appreciate the work of salvation that Christ came to do for human kind, though the date may not be in the Bible, but its well accepted by me.

Depends on How We Celebrate

The issue of the celebration of the christmas does not matter even though its origin is pagan. I believe what matters is what one does in the name of christmas-Christ' mass. If one celebrate with the view of marking the birth of christ and its relevanc or significance and as a result keeps the day holy devoid of sin- boozing, fornication, lying e.t.c or anything contrary to the word of God, I see no wrong in its celebration. On the contrary, if one celebrate it as a period of enjoyment of all forms which are tantamount to sin then is better it's not celebrated. Thus if it must be celebrated, then it must be celebrated to mark its essence- the birth of Jesus Christ. Eben.

Why I Celebrate Christmas

With out JESUS birth there would be no other way to heaven! Thank u JESUS
—Guest Mike williams

25th of December

for 1700 or more the 25th of Dec was pagans day. the Jews celebrate their new year Sept 15th. this is much more likely to be the birth of Jesus. not the 25th of Dec
—Guest Tim Weiss

God's Laws

I don't celebrate Xmas bcs of the inherent paganism assoc. w/it clouds the issue when I want to remain as close to the One True G~d of Abraham, Issac and Jacob; anything that G~d sees as a sin just gets in the way of following the path he sets out for me. He specifically commanded us not to worship him in any other way than HIS way.....

Yes, I Celebrate Christmas

Yes I celebrate Christmas. Not only me, the angels were the first to celebrate Christmas. Who announced that Christ was born? How was it announced? With celebration, heavenly funfare and angelic songs. If angels celebrate Christmas how holy are you? Read the synoptic account of the birth of Christ and come back to say you don't celebrate Christmas. He may not have been born in winter but he was born and the angels in Luke's account said he was born for you i.e. you humans not angels. Forget binge drinking, revelling and killing. Christmas or no Christmas human beings will drink and kill one another. Review the number of deaths during the year and tell me they died because of Christmas. The fact is human beings are doomed. They are on the parth of self anihilation. They don't need any holiday before they drink acid and commit leudness. Yes I celebrate Christmass and in fact I celebrate Christmas everyday of my life. Glory be to God.
—Guest Ade

I Love Him

i do because he is my saviour, the one who purchased me through his precious blood, his birthday is very significant to me because it is the day i do show how much i loved him.
—Guest malachy

No Ungodly Holidays for Me

I was born and raised in the baptist church where Christmas was and is highly regarded. As a result, I grew up celebrating it up until the age of 40. When I began to seek God's truth, and purpose for my life, I began to heed the voice of the Holy Spirit. It wasn't long before Christmas was no longer a part of my life. God allowed me to see the fruit of the spirit behind this day. Professing believers and non believers partake of this holiday. There are parties where many partake of excessive alcohol, ungodly music, excessive spending on futile gifts that feed the flesh and this materialistic world, not to mention the lies being fed to the children. The suicide rate because of depression increased in the past (haven't checked the numbers as of late), and Jesus in many homes is replaced by Satan Clause. Putting the name of Christ on something doesn't make it holy if the spirit of it does not align with the righteous Spirit of God. I respect a person's right to choose as God has given the
—Guest TruthLover

No Christmas

Ever since committing my life to Christ and being born from above, I will not celebrate this pagan festival. There is not one thing biblical about it, and I celebrate his birth and death every day. p.s. I do not celebrate birthdays either.
—Guest Doofiss

Why I Do Not Celebrate Christmas

I do not celebrate christmas Because The Precious Holy Spirit has revealed it to me over quite a long period of time , starting with the Cristmas tree, which is an Idol. The early Christians never Celebrated Christmas and right there that should tell us the truth..Christmas came from the falsehood of The Catholic Church...That is where the "Mass" of Christmas comes from. god commands us all throughout the Old Testament not to participate in the customs of the Pagans..He hates it an we are to hate what He hates. if God had wanted us to "celebrate " Christmas He would have Commanded us in His Word. He tells us that which is esteemed Of men is an abomination to God. Luke 16:15 KJV A simple careful examination of this unholy idolatrous day will open anyone's eyes to all the deceptions behind it from the father of lies,satan. That is His M.O. Once Our Lord has revealed this to you it is so easy to see through. Most people never examine where they received their beliefs from.
—Guest E.S.

What Did Jesus Say?

All Jewish feast days, including Passover, are but shadows of Christ Himself. He told his disciples as often as you do this, do in remembrance of me. He was speaking of the passover feast. He was, in reality, telling them, THIS bread and drink, is MY body and blood, by which you are delivered from the bondage of sin. Thats what Passover represented. If one feels he must observe these holidays, then let him. But, do not judge him who does not. For Christ is our passover, He is our rest. Therefore, we are NOT to let any man judge us about special days, months or years, for they are ALL but shadows of the substance. If you do not celebrate Christmas because you think it is pagan, why do you build houses of worship and denominational barriers between yourselves? Never once did Jesus ever command us to go into the world and errect sancturarys in His name or label our selves denominal christians. If we cannot RIGHTLY celebrate His birth, how is it, we RIGHTLY worship Him?
—Guest preacherman1

Christmas is Pagan

Lies, lies and more lies, Christmas is a Lie. The Messaih was not born on this date. It is a simple matter of some basic math and a little research and you will understand Yeshua was most likely born during The Feast of Tabernacles. Dec. 25th was the birthday of the son of the sun god. This was a way for pagans who had received salvation or claimed to be Christians could still keep there traditions disguised as Christian. I find it interesting that so many " Christians" now claim it to be in remembrance of Messiah, yet the modern church ignores most if not all the Feasts of Yahuwah (יהוה) but for some reason this Christmas seems to be Oh so important. It was at Passover, Yeshua said "when you Do this, Do this I'm remberance of me" Yet most Christians do not observe Passover but Easter instead. These are two different events all together, yet it is tainted by being blended. It is funny how (Christians) will act when informed of the truth and they choose to believe the lies instead.
—Guest Z

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