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Readers Respond: What is Your Favorite Christmas Memory?

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Part of the wonder of Christmas comes with the sights, sounds, and smells of the season. They carry a certain nostalgia, allowing us to relive the magical moments of our favorite Christmas memories: waking up to a blanket of freshly fallen snow ... receiving the answer to a secret prayer whispered only to God the Father ... baking homemade cookies with Grandma ... driving through neighborhoods in search of the brightest Christmas lights ... midnight Mass ... singing Christmas carols at the nursing home ... a chilly hayride ...

What is your favorite Christmas memory? Take a few moments and relive the magic.

Best Holiday

My best holidays were when my dad didn't drink and start fights with my mom.
—Guest Happytimesagain@aol.com

Guns and Christmas?

I was 13, the oldest of 8 (eventually 9). Dad was a tractor-trailer driver, but had been laid off for 6 months. Mom and Dad called the oldest four syblings into the living room and broke the news that there just was enough money for Christmas, barely enough for the youngest. We cried, but Christmas morning, there were presents for everyone. It wasn't until later that day that one of my brothers discovered where the gifts came from. My Dad was a skeet shooter and his prize possession, a matched set of shotguns, was empty. He had sold his guns to make Christmas for the rest of us! We were not a church going family, but his sacrifice exemplified the true spirit of giving for me ever since.
—Guest Rev. Bill Brewer

Christmas at Grandma's

I always looked forward to Christmas at my maternal grandparents home..grandma was an awesome cook,but her house was so small we would divide into different rooms ..older men got the living room..older women got the kitchen..younger girls got grandmas bedroom and younger boys got grandpas bedroom. It seemed to others that we were separated but we weren't we could here everyone's laughter from room to room! I can still smell the cedar tree and the delicious aromas of grandmas cooking.
—Guest gmavickie

Mexico for Christmas

When I was a child I remember going to Mexico for Christmas. My grandfather's house always had a welcoming aroma. Family would gather round and told stories. Since then we've lost so many family members. On Christmas Day I close my eyes and imagine that my family members that are in heaven are here with us spending Christmas.
—Guest Deyanira

Roll-Over Christmas!

My favorite Christmas memory is the holiday I celebrated for the first time with my baby sister. I remember she was quite curious! It was, maybe, five days before "Santa" came, and my sister was excited! (For a little,little girl, that is) I went upstairs to get some ribbons for my presents I was wrapping, and when I came back down, my sister was right in the middle of rolling across the floor to get a present! She didn`t crawl, but she sure could roll!
—Guest Roll-Over Christmas!

The Sweatshirt

I can't remember a Christmas that we didn't go to my Granny's house on Christmas Eve. We would have snacks, and when everyone arrived, we would hand out the presents. Everyone would begin tossing paper from here to yonder. LOL. I moved to another city when I was 18, and I didn't get back home a lot, unless it was a holiday. Well, in late October of 1998, I went to my granny's house to see her before Halloween. She wanted to go ahead and give me my birthday gift (which was odd, since my birthday was in late November). I thought she was just excited I was there, and wanted me to have it early. She handed me another gift, and said this is part of your Christmas, I want you to go ahead and take it. I opened it up and it was a Winnie the Pooh sweatshirt. My Granny passed away at the end of November. She wanted to make sure I got my Christmas present. I wear that sweatshirt around Christmas every year, and it feels like she's just right there with me.
—Guest Tabatha LaFollette

The Best Gift

Every year since my kids were little we have wrapped up the family Bible. It is the first gift we open on Christmas morning. My husband would read Luke's account of the birth of Jesus. It was great when my son was old enough to read it.
—Guest Hope

The Wooden Spoon

As a child and only girl in the family, Mom always fixed Christmas dinner and candy. I never did either until she passed, but I remember her using a wooden spoon to stir the candy with, so I went home and got her wooden spoon. Next Christmas after her passing I decided to give it a try. Never making candy before I got the wooden spoon out and starting making candy and it seemed like she was right there with me thru it all. My candy was perfect so my wooden spoon is so very special. This I remember every Christmas when it comes time to make candy for family and friends.
—Guest Gail Simms

This is the One!

This will be a Christmas I will not forget. Since I have been walking with the Lord, I will be spending this Christmas worshiping Him at church on Christmas Day. Praise God!
—Guest lkball00

Memories of Christmas

When I was a child, Mom always said this: "Jesus is soooo Good! On His birthday, we get the gifts. Wow! that's amazing." Now I'm doing the same.
—Guest Shalom

Gotcha Gift

My favorite Christmas memory is called the "Gotcha Gift." My mother started it with our family 20+ years ago. It is THE special gift that you find for someone in your family that means a lot, but they would never think of asking for, and you don't think of it until you see it. (I think the Holy Spirit guides us.) One year my Mom got me a beautiful painting of the Scripture of the wedding banquet. I still cry when I think of it, as I know I have a place there. Other gifts have included framed photos of our grandparents, a beautiful faith-based piece of jewelry, etc. Now that she has passed on, she has guided my sister and I from heaven (or so we claim) to bless our father and step mom with similar "Gotcha Gifts." This year, the Gotcha Gift goes to my father. We have had all of his old slides put on DVD. I hope it will have the same effect as Mom's tradition did. You open that special gift and you feel such a blessing from something you never knew you wanted.
—Guest Jane


I was about 10 years old, sitting in the dining room with the lights off, looking through the picture windows to the valley below. The freshly fallen snow, ice covered trees and full moon provided ample light throughout the room. A handful of mules nibbled on the gift of hay and corn in the basin. The greatest gift - peace on earth, good will to all.
—Guest Mountain Girl

A Beautiful Lesson from Mom

My favorite memory of Christmas is a beautiful lesson my mother taught me. I woke early Christmas morning when I was about six. My mom was running around placing items around the tree and pulling up her white nursing socks, as she slipped her small feet in to her white shoes. I was complaining that she couldn't leave for work, it was Christmas. Mom stopped in her busyness and sat down with me. She looked me in my eyes, which felt like she was looking in to my soul. She said to me, "Sweetheart, if everyone stayed home with their families today for Christmas, who would take care of the sick people at the hospital?"It was that moment I realized what she meant and what a giving and selfless mother I had. I never forgot how blessed I was on that Christmas morning.
—Guest Catherine

My Last Christmas With My Twin Sister

With all these nice stories, I don't want to be a stick in the mud, but time has a way of changing our perception of things. After a 9-month cancer journey, my identical twin sister wanted to celebrate Christmas early, so we all got together at her house and celebrated. We put up her tree and decorated it while she watched from her bed. And, of course, we had Christmas dinner with the family ~ with her still watching us from the bed because she couldn't eat. She died 11 days later on Christmas morning. Sweet memories amidst the pain.

A Dill Pickle Christmas

Several years ago, as a single parent, I was attending college, and had no money for Christmas. Friends pulled together, and we ended up having a good Christmas. A friend lent me her tree, and my 2 college girlfriends gave us some presents. When we opened them, we found to our surprise that they were homemade dill pickles in several jars, and homemade jam. We had never had such wonderful dill pickles! We enjoyed them and the jam for months. So, it doesn't take much to make people happy on Christmas, when your budget is low. I will never forget that Christmas!
—Guest Sheila Hughbanks

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