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The Bible and Suicide

Readers Respond: Why Don't You Go to Church?

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The last church I was at, I fell asleep mentally every single Sunday, and needed another nap physically that afternoon to be ready for that night, and Sunday night events left me feeling very drained and usually snappish with those around me.
—Guest Doug

Mindless Ritual

Why don't I go to church? I've been to hundreds of them, probably about 30 different denominations and they all follow a carefully orchestrated ritual. Then I read an eye opening book, "Pagan Christianity" (written by Christians), which traces the origin of Christian practices. It was fascinating. I learned that almost nothing that Christians do is even in the Bible, it's all made up. After further study, I discovered the same is true of the doctrine and beliefs. And even if someone gets it right, how am I supposed to know which of the 38,000 denominations to follow?
—Guest Ex-missionary

Accused and Back Stabbed

I have been a Christian for almost 11 years, and I have been in 3 different churches and each was worse than the other! I was called the Antichrist, false prophet, and seriously back stabbed by the brothers in the churches one way or another! I just say, if God gives you a gift, why do the other brothers/sisters get so jealous? Jesus gave the 12 disciples all different gifts and none were jealous of the other so why are we!? I say enough is enough! If I can't serve my Lord in peace, I will serve him from my home!
—Guest Broken Heart

Only one Faith

The Bible teaches that there is only one faith, Eph. 4:4. Many have given up [on church] because of the confusion put forth by the many different denominations in the world. You have to go to church to go to heaven according to Heb. 10:25-26. We are commanded not to forsake the assembly of the saints and if we sin willfully be forsaking, the blood of Christ is no more for that person. If you look in the Bible you can find the Church that Jesus built and died for. It is the church of Christ. Rom. 16:16.
—Guest Faithful Christian

Christian? No, a Follower of Jesus

I just don't get the point of going to church, other than to show face in a building so other people can confirm that you are there and a good person. I can tell God wherever I am that I am thankful for all he has done for me. I recently started going again with my Mom and Step Dad, I love them with all of my heart and don't think they are at all unintelligent, but when my Step Dad starts telling me I need to start tithing to see the Lord's blessings and that I have to end my prayers a specific way or else they don't get to God, that's when I'm out. I don't think that is God, that's brainwashing. I want to do what is right, I want people to come to have a relationship with God on their own accord, not by force. I think my friend put it best, 'When people ask if I am a christian, I say "No, I'm a follower of Jesus and his teachings." '
—Guest Brad

Church is Man Made

Jesus never said there should be a church though; it is man made and therefore corrupted with the desire for power...he did not say there should be priests or preachers either...hierarchy was not something that he approved of.
—Guest are


The church is no place for the poor as they can get misunderstood or even despised. The thing about equality does not exist. When you're rich you're naturally godly cos its a sure sign that god favors you. They say you remain poor because of your sins. That's how it's like with the majority of the godly people in my church. Their actions and words do not tally sometimes. The poor get alienated and despised. The church can be a BS place.
—Guest Neem

Mental Illness My Fault?

I stopped going to church when I got clinically depressed and instead of helping me, the people at church gossiped about me and blamed the depression on me not being right with God (when I totally was).
—Guest Anon

Don't Get It

I've been hanging in at Church for over 20 years but still just don't get it and am seriously considering dropping it for good. Victimized and abused by "pastors". Songs that are not what I would call worship songs ~ ding a ling a ling ? ~ embarrassing. Only people who are important are those with money. And don't get me started on "gift discovery" workshops - these are more about finding out who has money and ordering people to take the positions pastors want them to take - nothing to do with gifts. Nobody even notices if I'm there or not. Recently I asked the pastor about some prayer ministry I felt I needed and he recommended a website to me - needless to say from there I found a better use for my money.
—Guest Miss Love Jesus

Fake People

I stopped going to church because of the sad, fake evangelists and people who live double lives, and I have pictures to prove this. They act in church, then live sinful lives every day trying to hide their secret sins and daily misconduct.
—Guest dw mclean

Can Church Attendance Ever Be Wrong?

Can Church Attendance Ever Be Wrong? by Dr. Joseph Chavady -- "But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God's own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light" (1 Peter 2:9). Believers without a Genuine Church All over Europe and North America we see the same trend: true believers, disciples of Christ, are not attending church on Sunday, because they say they cannot find a church that is worthy of the name. Are they just grumblers and criticizers for whom nothing is good enough? Are they misguided and in danger of falling away from the faith? They are often seen as dangerous by those who attend church, as people to avoid so they cannot 'infect' the faithful with their questionable views. The Bible is crystal clear, so it is taught from the pulpit: "Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another--and all the more as you see ..."
—Guest Larry

Ecclesia... Called Out... from Church?

For the last few years, the sound systems have been so loud that they can trigger seizures in me. If a sound system is working properly, you can hear the person speaking. If you can hear the sound system at all, then it is too loud, but the egos of those at the sound desks like to be heard above compassion or safety. I am so over it. Also, why have pastors not noticed that most church attendees are either new ones who don't know much or old ones who have not grown? The rest of us get kicked out. Jesus gets sung about as if He is someone's boyfriend, but pretty much everything He says gets ignored. And as for pentecostal churches ... man! Mammon worship has replaced the gifts of the Holy Spirit ... is that because no one can sell gifts? I am just so lonely in Australia, for actual Christian fellowship. Churches used to function as churches. But Hillsong Music seems to have killed that. Man I am lonely for fellowship, mutual prayer and genuine worship, not dig me I'm so sexy performances.
—Guest mrs australia

Lost Faith in the Church System

I think it began with the realization that there are too many different denominations and all of them claiming to be the only ones who know the gospel truth. Then, after I stopped going to church, I began watching church on TV on Sunday mornings because I felt guilty about not going, but that just made things worse. The majority of what I heard was begging for money, guilt, and fear-mongering. What really shocked me was to hear preachers brag about their wealth, saying it was because they paid more tithe than the 10% demanded by the Bible. I was even told by one church member that I was going to hell because I don't go anymore. I'll always be a Christian, and I'll always believe in Jesus' teachings, but I have lost faith in the church system.
—Guest lillian

Trouble Concentrating And ...

I used to attend church regularly every Sunday morning for many years. I'm almost 50 and my kids are adults now. Since a couple years ago, I have found that one, I have a lot of trouble concentrating and two, I have a phobia of being close to people who have colds (coughing & sneezing). It never really bothered me before. Who knows. Anyways, my husband still attends and one of my children does, but I actually enjoy having church at home. My sister lives with us and we both enjoy reading God's Word and having prayer time and listening to worship music. To me, church is anywhere where you worship. I'm more comfortable at home. Anyways, that's why I don't attend church.
—Guest Kim

Horrible Music

Wife and I are senior citizens and going to church less and less. The horrible, repetitious, trivial, frivolous music is more than we can stand. We have almost given up hope of finding a church with music that makes sense, and we have visited many in the last few years. It is unbearable for us to sing a repetitious chorus over and over for 15 minutes at a time. We do enjoy all types of music but not necessarily for church service. Used to be they had hymn books full of great songs. Now it's projected and/or they have a band. Don't get me wrong, these things are okay if properly used and minimized. The rock music kids have taken over. Fine for them. And they probably don't care they are chasing the seniors away. A shame they will never know the great songs. "How Great Thou Art" would probably put the younger generation to sleep. They'd be bored to death if they can't have their hand clapping music!

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