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Readers Respond: Why Don't You Go to Church?

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Make a Stand!

Hey guys I've been reading your responses to the question "why don't you go to church" and I wonder if you don't mind me making a statement: if you are not enjoying your church and you feel rejected or something like that, then I would encourage you to make a stand! Instead of leaving the church to its own devices, try your hardest to change the church and make it more Christlike for the good of the people and the community in which the church is supposed to be serving. The church is supposed to build people up and not bring them down and if you are in a church that brings people down then you are. Charged with witnessing to them and showing them who they must be in Christ for the good of the community. So if your church is not Christlike then make a stand!! If you care enough to leave the church then you should care enough to want to change it. I know doing that is difficult but God is always with someone who tries to do the right thing for the Lord.
—Guest Jon

Make A Difference

Hey guys, I know from reading some of your comments that Church has been letting you down. Might I be so bold as to make a suggestion? Instead of leaving the church to their ungodly ways, why don't you try your hardest to change it? I know that is difficult, but even so, the church is still the Body of Christ and it sounds to me like some of the people you are meeting are not even behaving like Christians. If you are in a church like that, then I encourage you to make a stand. I encourage you to challenge that congregation as to where they really stand in Christ! Some people need to be reminded who God really is and why he has called them to the Church. So if you are not happy with your church and the people in it... MAKE A STAND!! Change the church for the good of the town! Remind that congregation why they are here! I encourage you to challenge the congregation so that God can show them who they really are in Christ.
—Guest Jon

Disillusioned With Church

We are very disillusioned with the modern church. Are we going so we can get built up as disciples and learn solid teachings on the bible, or are we going to a semi-Hollywood entertainment clip? I am actually sad and mad because I do love to worship with fellow believers. But it just gets weird, and so many doctrines are getting twisted to suit man and not God. It is a sad time for churches and these new Christian movements popping up. I know I am sounding awful, but we have tried so many churches it is embarrassing. My husband finally suggested we could just have church at home and maybe offer a Bible study in the community residence that we live in. So I am ready to let go of the modern church for now, and go it alone with my family, and any of those we meet along the way through a possible study.
—Guest Muondrt

It Doesn't Matter Where You Are

It doesn't matter where you are, you don't have to go to church to praise the Lord. You can praise him in your house. All you have to do is pray to him and praise wherever you are!
—Guest Billy


There are many reasons why I stopped going to church, being stabbed in the back, the lie of tithing, making the Bible equal with God, but here is something I think people need to hear. We have sitting in the White House a man who fits the description of the anti christ given in the book of Daniel right down to the 18 letters in his name. A man who would not go onstage at Notre Dame until the picture of Jesus was covered up, a man who intentionally left God out when he quoted the constitution, twice! Yet the church has been cowardly silent on this. And some pastors have even downplayed it in a very sublime way. They all believe in the book of Revelation as long as it doesn't happen in their lifetime. Cowards! Just something to think about church.
—Guest Anthony

People Telling Me How to Live

Because I can't abide people telling me I have to live "right" when it has become obvious to me that they are not.
—Guest gene

Not What It Was Meant To Be

Back when it was the early church, folks gave up their lives to move out and reach the world with the gospel. Not to say that they were perfect, but I feel many churches miss the mark. I've seen so many caught up in boosting church attendance, maintaining legislature, keeping things hunky-dory, focusing on dragging people in and not letting them get out, keeping a pleasant image, using resources just to make a bigger building and not to reach out, focused on loving and consistently blessing only people on the inside, becoming so big yet so tightly controlled that people are lost and injured by what should be a family and body of love but instead has become an institution, a business and a sideshow. It goes on and on. I know not all are bad, and that they can be helpful to those who need to learn about God and how to worship, but I've yet to find one around here that walked in spirit and truth.
—Guest Guest

Too Much Culture in the Modern Churches

I tried for 7 years to find a local church that wasn't either A.) wacky in their understanding of the Holy Spirit, or B.) Run like the satirical "church" in this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7_dZTrjw9I. I must say that video is a powerful analogy to what most churches feel like nowadays. But that isn't even the biggest problem. The thing is, I am tired of preachers who are afraid to tell the truth. I am tired of pastors who won't call sin, sin, and only care about "felt needs" and making people feel better. Us "feeling better" isn't what Jesus came here for. He came to forgive us and transform us from the wretches we are into His image. Most churches nowadays are humanistic self help groups, and not biblical, to say the least.
—Guest Sherri


I was always a strong church-goer. I stuck with going, even in times I was hurt to the core because I never saw church folks outside of the church--they'd greet me, but let trouble come, drop out for a while, and it's like you disappeared. I never had ANY family to fall back on. Over and over, I let it go, forgave. I was in abusive, controlling churches where this happened, but after 16 years of those churches, God got me out. I was attending a good, sane church for 2 years now--but lately I haven't been able to attend, due to work. I've been looking for a new 2nd job but for now, my 24-hr gig on Sunday is my main income, I can't help it. My bills are sinking me, I'm desperate. So I haven't been in a few months, I told the pastor why, but I haven't heard from anyone at church, except one email from the "care" minister. Why should I go back? I really don't know that I want to bother. I can listen to sermons online. I don't have the skill/energy to push myself into their lives. Why?
—Guest Annie

I Don't Believe in Collective Redemption

Most churches today are more about getting in line with political correctness and collective redemption and yes, running their business. I have attended different churches, but have never felt very welcome. Every church I ever attended had the 'in' crowd or the leaders and it never seemed like we were all equal, which of course I believe we are in God's eyes. Was always about how your dressed, how big your contribution is and who your parents are. Yes, they make a big fuss over you, but that stays mainly within the building. I did go, but quit when the Lutheran church dictated that I be ok with gay marriage according to them. I have nothing against gay people, but would have thought the church I spent my whole life in would have asked its members how they felt. I miss the service, but not the people. They have always seemed fake to me, even as a small child, I knew who the important ones were....isn't that weird?
—Guest Elizabet

One Bad Experience After Another

The first church I went to the pastor locked the doors and would not let anyone leave. I left and never came back. Second church I went to I became a member and went there for a year until I received a letter that I was no longer a member. The reason is because I missed 4 consecutive Sundays. I had bone cancer and was going through the worst of treatments and was sick. I pleaded but they stuck to their decision. The next church the Pastor gossiped more than anyone. I lead women's ministry and even though he treated me great I felt a responsibility for those in my group he wounded. I left. The next church I loved. The pastor had a heart of Gold. I was the head of a benevolent ministry. My husband had an affair and divorced me and soon the rumor around my beloved church was I did. The rumor started because a man confessed adultery with me. What he meant is he was lusting after me. I left after a year of this. Last pastor kicked a couple out of the church and called her a whore. He lied.
—Guest Ellie

I Don't Feel Welcome at Churches

I went to the same Anglican Church until I was about 25, but stopped because I felt so alone. No one seemed to want to talk to me even though I tried talking to them. People I met didn't talk to me again, they were only interested in talking to their friends. I tried going to other churches but I was treated the same way. Even my brother told me it was my fault that no one wanted to talk to me, and that I will go to hell if I don't go to church. I found Christians to be snobby and unwelcoming. My brother is one of the worst Christians I've ever known. Who wants to go church if people don't even want to talk to you? The congregations themselves are responsible for the fact that I haven't been to church for over 10 years, and I don't think I ever want to go back.
—Guest Jennifer

Go to Church is a Nonsensical Statement

Church is the body of believers. If we apply local as a qualifier then it would be the believers in a specific area. Church is never a building and never a place. It is always people and always on those who God has saved. It is not an event, time period. It is not my Church, your Church or our Church. The Church is the Body of Christ. He is the head. We do not go to that. We are that. What we call "church" is not. Secondly, these churches are the worst possible design to complete the great commission, to make DISCIPLES. It is not to attend lectures, it is not to have the most in attendance. It is not accomplished by lectures. It is not accomplished hanging out in a building. It is accomplished by going and doing while teaching and demonstrating. Why do we profess Christ and then deny every method He employed. We do because going to church and giving is the easy way out. These are protestant indulgences. The reformation is undone.
—Guest Lance Bass

A Private Person

I don't go because I am a private person. I do not trust people in general. I do not like being in crowds. I do not want to fellowship with them or anyone else. I don't want people in my business. I want to take a nap if I want to without someone knocking on my door. I am disabled and have lots of work to do at home that I will never get done but I'm afraid I'll be expected and actually pushed by the church to spend time that I don't have. I must have most of my time to myself without being bothered by people. If I could just go to worship, I could deal with that, but I can't deal with the people and their expected expectations of me.
—Guest jim


I've been in continuous cancer treatment for 5 years. The Pastor called me once but it was a 'sales call' as we had just come back after being away for a long time (because I was too sick to come). I haven't heard from him since. I get no cards, no emails, etc. unless I send to someone else first. No meals, no visits at home or at chemo. I've been hospitalized twice and not one person from church visited me. But, when I go to service on Sunday, they're all smiles! They're all praying for me! They say patronizing things like, "Bless your heart you're here." The minister shakes my hand, smiles, says, "How are you?" hoping against hope I don't actually tell him. I leave and don't hear from anyone else again until the next time I come to service. We call church the 'Happenta's'. You know, they're concerned about you if they 'happen ta' run into you. I hear this over and over in chemo. I'm warned we're commanded to worship together, but is this phony fellowship true worship?
—Guest JEB

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