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Readers Respond: Why Don't You Go to Church?

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I Go to Church, But!

Sometimes I don't feel like going, like today. I'm not really in the mood to go. I love God and am saved but my Christian experience is undergoing some changes as it relates to what I've been taught over the years. I want to continue to attend church but not feel like I'm obligated and somehow not honoring God if I don't. Lets not get on the tithing issue or I could be here all day, but you get my point. I have been a member of the church I attend for many years and my sister who has only been attending for 3 years is a well loved usher. Whereas I don't belong to any groups or auxiliary groups but will help out and volunteer if needed. I'm just not trying to feel like I'm obligated and I know God didn't intend that.
—Guest KJ

We are Him, He is Us

I am 15 almost 16 and I feel like you don't have to go to church to believe in God. God is within us. He is us and we are Him. We are all One. Not going to church doesn't mean I'm a heathen or I'm going to hell. I'm not sure if I even believe in hell. There are many ways to praise God. Also I some times feel differently about a Scripture or something that is said in the Bible and if you feel differently about it your thoughts or way of interpreting it is frowned upon. Its sometimes like its the Church's way or the highway. God is not some one to be feared of. He is a loving God that embraces and loves everybody for who you are because He made you that way.
—Guest Guest inisa

Law More Important Than Anything Else

I've been in full time ministry for a couple of years now and am so numb about church setup (Where I am). I'm in the teen dept. I keep on getting blamed for the teens in our church not attending church when I've tried my best. Our senior pastor is so concerned about keeping the law and OT feasts that he lost the human touch. It is important to upkeep the Law, but they forget the 1 Cor 13 principal as well. I will never ever accept a position in a denomination or church.
—Guest Stefanie

Can't Seem to Find the Right Church

I used to go to a church a while ago and grew up with that same church my whole life. I was a girl so I had to sit and be quiet. Women could only talk before and after services. As I grew older and more independent, I disagreed with the men get to rule over the church. I wished that women could participate equally. Even the thought of that in that church was sinful. Their ideals were strange to me when I thought outside the box when everyone else didn't. They believed women couldn't have short hair; men couldn't have long hair, divorced people aren't welcomed in their church, every other religion is considered "sinful" or "going to hell", it's shameful for a woman to preach in a church, musical instruments for worship in a church is a sin, visiting other churches is frowned upon, church hopping is frowned upon, etc. I grew tired of the same ol' shallow minded beliefs. I left that church, but am always in search of a new church. Until then, I will keep praying and reading God's word.
—Guest Kathy


I believe that the whole church system is completely commercialized. I do not think you have to go to church to believe in God. I also do not believe you have to go to church to go to heaven.
—Guest Kody

Easy Way Out

I wasn't living with my mother until I was a 4th grader, and after I started living with her, I was physically and mentally abused by her. She'd grub my hair to bang my head to walls, kicked me, beats me while cursing me saying how she regrets having me. Sometimes she was drunk, sometimes she wasn't. Sometime I've made a mistakes, Sometime I didn't do anything wrong. She goes to church. I tried to go with her when I was in high school but I couldn't watch her talking nicely to church people and crying when she prayed. Because she still turned into a different person once she's alone with me (sometimes in the car going back home from church or other way around). She used to tell me I should go back to church. She used to call me a 'devil child' because I wouldn't go to church with her. I told her in the past that I was hurt by her words/action, and asked her nicely if I can receive her apologies. She said she's never done that and that I was crazy, and told me never to say anything like that.


I have a humiliating past and everywhere I go, every one knows my biggest humiliation and I wanna leave and get home. I went to a church one time to see if they needed help cleaning up, and it was the same old thing. So I fear going to church service will be the same thing as well.
—Guest Pax

I Do Want to Go

I do want to go to church. I miss it. I used to go three times a week and my life was different. I don't know how, but different. I am missing the feeling. I do not care about the other people there. They live their lives as they want to. Me too have bad experience but the feeling of missing the church is much stronger. But I am on my own and am a bit shy to go on my own into a church where so many unknown (for me) people there who will look at me when I step in the door. I wish I could have a companion who would take me there only once.
—Guest Gabs

Uncomfortable Because ...

I'm a 14 year old guy and this is why the church makes me uncomfortable. First of all I live in the Bible belt and have a lot of different friends of different religions, but I'm a non-denominational Christian. My dad is a cradle Catholic and my mom was raised fire and brimstone Baptist, but later changed to Methodist. First off, it's so commercialized and feels like a cult. Second, I was almost made Catholic at 7 by my dad, but my mom stopped him. It made me scared and afraid of churches in general. Every time I walk in church I feel insecure, like a person walking through an alley waiting to be mugged. Churches cover up so many things in past years. One kid in 6th grade, a bully asked what church I went to. I said I didn't go, and he said "You're not a good Christian." Next year I'll be attending a Catholic private school and I feel out of place. Some are music playing commercial and some ask for donations. These all infuriate me. It's hard for me to go, and all I have faith in God, but not the church.
—Guest Ace-52

Man's Churches are Satan's Synagogues

The only true church is Jesus' glorious church, without spot or wrinkle or any other blemish. Have you noticed that wickedness, sexual immorality, corruption, greed, lust, etc., are present today especially in so-called Christian churches? Well, the Bible tells us that the genuine Jesus church is glorious and without spot or wrinkle or any stain of sin. So I never go to men's churches anymore--churches set up by denominations or so-called independent churches. You won't find my Jesus there; all you'll find is enthroned man and men's program. Where do I go to? Where else--I attend the glorious church of Jesus Christ, without spot or wrinkle or any other blemish. It already exists--in the hearts of true believers. The Kingdom of God is within you!
—Guest choy

I Choose Not to Be Involved in Religion

I went to church when I was little. I know how to live my life right. I am not an atheist. It's not that I don't believe in God. It's that I am not educated enough on the subject to make a fair judgment of whether or not there is a God. I don't believe there is one or that there isn't one. I just choose not to be involved in religion. I don't need to know if there is a God or not. I am happy without religion. I know how to live my life right. I don't see where I need that in my life. Religion is living your life how somebody else thinks you should live it. I believe in using common sense and street sense. That is how I make good choices and decisions in my life. I get accused of being a bad person because I don't go to church by "Christians." Those are not true Christians who judge you though. True Christians wouldn't judge you. Everybody makes their own choices. People should do what they want to do. But they shouldn't judge what others do though. It's a free country.
—Guest Corey


I believe that you can't go anywhere to find God no more than than the fish swim to find the sea or the bird flies to find the air... You are the church.... Church was never ever a building but instead a life style that projects the love of God. Each day I rise I am the living walking talking church ready to submit to the will of God. But sadly somewhere along the line church has become confused with the idea of being a building... Church has become commercialized.... a financial entity set up to deceive and prey on the ignorance and vulnerability of the lost and hopeless who are desperately trying to find the Truth in a world of lies.
—Guest Nickie Cespedies

I Didn't Understand

I used to go to Church ever since I was little. My parents stopped going to Church around 4-5th grade. I loved God, but I followed my parents because I was taught to follow their rules. Although I was at a private school, they did not emphasize or explain the importance of going to Church. I learned the basics, but my faith never really strengthened. I only went when I was forced to, stopped going to my youth group, and stopped the little prayer I had going. But that was the past. I'm now 15 1/2 and go to Church every Sunday. However, I believe that people do not go to Church because it's boring, we've gotten lazy, and a bunch of other factors. The main reason, I think, is that I wasn't educated enough, even in a private school. After going to World Youth Day, I learned so much about Christianity and strengthened my faith so much.
—Guest Chloe

Feels Like a Cult

I have read all the reasons on this page for not attending church and I have to say many of them I agree with completely. As a child I attended church and even then doctrines taught there like tithing, you must be water baptized, and above all a hell of eternal torment, felt so wrong in my spirit that I became confused with what I was being taught and what I felt in my heart. Church to me felt like a cult and not a family. I truly feel that the church today is very sick and has fanatical beliefs like hell (infinite punishment for a finite crime) blaspheme the very nature of God. And it's refusal to even consider that they may be wrong. Church scares me.
—Guest Tina

A Boring Club

I find it boring. I'm not challenged or fired up with enthusiasm. I prefer to watch Andrew Wommack on God TV - He really expounds the word and I've put his teaching into practice. Church only works if you go as a family or with at least one other family member, otherwise you don't fit into the 'club' 'cos that's what it is.
—Guest Eve Walker

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