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Readers Respond: How Do You Treat Halloween?

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Nehemiah 9:1

I don't know what Bible Guest Dere used, however he shared an incorrect version: Now in the twenty and fourth day of this month the children of Israel were assembled with fasting, and with sackclothes, and earth upon them.
—Guest Guest

Why are YOU celebrating it?

I love to dress up for Halloween. I dress up in cute costumes, not dead things. I celebrate it like the arrival of Fall. I mean, if you dress up as a cat, are you pretending to force people to give you something so you don't haunt them? No. There is nothing wrong with asking for candy while wearing a cute costume.
—Guest Kylee


Dont celebrate it ever ! Stay away from it !It does sadden God. Use YOUR wisdom on this !
—Guest Al

Halloween Negativity

Halloween is one of the top selling days for business owners in US and in some other countries. Most people do not know why they celebrate Halloween and what is Halloween for? They are happy to wear different kinds of scary costumes and attend parties and entertainment parks. Business owners are happy as their business booms. Children also have fun to collect candies during Trick-or-treats, wear different costumes at school and decorate homes with monsters, vampires, witches, etc. In my case, I experience so much negativity during Halloween especially at night.
—Guest Helen

Fun Loving Christian

Our church celebrates Holyween. Children & grownups dress up as Bible characters. We play games, Bible trivia, carnival type games, have refreshments, and have a "praising great time." No witches allowed!
—Guest Betty

Be Careful With Halloween!

I cannot w a clear conscience celebrate Halloween. Before I became a Christian I was fascinated w the occult. After i became a believer, I had no more desire to follow this trend! I know it is fun, and good, to dress up & go out & get candy, for the little ones, and teens even, but I do feel that Halloween activities should be carefully monitored, and as Christians we know how great our salvation is, and we must not ever forget that. We have been saved from so much. I could see Halloween as a great witnessing activity, or getting to know other families, for the purpose of drawing them into a church.
—Guest Debby

Jesus the Lord and Savior

Jesus said you should obey the greatest law of all ...Love the lord your God with all your heart ,soul,and mind., Light and darkness do not mix ,this is told over and over in the bible , old and new testaments.Halloween is of the Devil and therefore is darkness .. Jesus is the way ,the truth , and the LIGHT. SO WE EITHER FOLLOW THE LIGHT OR BE CAST INTO ETERNAL DARKNESS ,( HELL ),. Yes this may scare people but it IS THE TRUTH ..Be afraid be VERY afraid ...
—Guest errol

Not For Us

Halloween is the biggest holiday for wican (witches) and voo doo (practiced in Haiti). There is some very satanic stuff going on in the world while our little sweet ones think is it just a fun little holiday for kids. It has deep roots. And in some parts of the world, there are still human sacrifices...I know people that have been eye witness to this in Haiti on Halloween...they were able to save an 8 year old girl from a sacrifice ritual. These people were so effected by this experience that none of their families celebrate at all. This is however a grey area, and i have friends that use this day as outreach, sometimes we do as well. It is a very spiritually dark day, that I just cannot take part in.

Halloween is worldly and pagan

We arent doing anything for Halloween considering it encourages demonic characters through dressing up. Not to mention you cant trust anyone. When I think how many children go to sleep and then in the middle of the Night cant sleep bc of "Monsters" and the World promotes this on Halloween.......it completely turnos me off t this senseless day. Thats not to mention the cost that goes into buying a costume or candy. Halloween is a worldly pagan day - Id rather celebrate what is Alive and gives you freedom - Jesus Christ - lets not forget Jesus Christ said "Be not of the World" .... The World loves its own and the World is still in darkness , therefore I do not love the worldly ways as it is passing away and Jesus Christ is Eternal
—Guest Neri

It is Just for Fun

I feel sorry for kids whose parents constantly blather about the perceived evils of Halloween. It is no different than celebrating Christmas which predates Christianity.I believe Halloween helps us overcome fears. There are many other things much worse than zombies and witches. Witches, demons, and zombies are figments of the imagination like Santa Clause. Surely the ones on here against Halloween aren't teaching kids these things are real. I ask them to reevaluate their views. I don't think you have to be a knot on a log regardless of your religion. A day is what you make it.
—Guest A.Roddy

Halloween? Just say no.

We don't do Halloween at all ever. Dabbling in darkness is just not acceptable whatever form it takes. Satan is a master at making sin seem 'harmless'. Christians remember whose you are and reject anything to do with darkness.
—Guest Cindy Burden

What fellowship hath Christ with Belial?

Halloween involves cultivating a spirit of fear. It celebrates death,hell and the grave which are God's enemies and which Christ conquered. it can involve being involved in activities such as sorcery which God clearly condemns. It makes a mockery of ressurection life and final judgement through its portrayal of zombies, mummies, skeletons, ghosts etc. It exalts Satan and the powers of darkness. The way I see it Halloween is the very antithesis of Christianity and it's symbolism. It technically encompasses only one day of the year although it has grown in regard to it's retail influence. If our children don't participate in it is it really going to deprive them of something good compared to the worship of God which we should be involved in 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. It sounds to me like Satan's lie to recieve worship because we may celebrate all the other holidays in the garden but God has said not to eat of the tree in the middle of it. We will not surely die... or will we?
—Guest My Conviction

Halloween - Community Fun

Our family observes Halloween, but not to celebrate any pagan traditions. We take this opportunity to show our kids a way to have fun in our community. As far as costumes, we trust the Lord to make all things good. We teach our children that on Halloween there are so many scary things in the world and even when confronted by these scary things, we are protected by the hand of God. It is our chance to show that we have complete faith in the Lord and are not intimidated by witch tales and evil entering the world for this one night. Some things are just ridiculous thoughts that are not worth our consideration.
—Guest Liz

Scary but Awesome

I'm a major horror fan. I love watching horror movies, going to haunted houses, and writing horror scripts. Halloween is my favorite secular holiday. But I'm also dedicated to my Christian faith. With that being said I never dress up as any type of demon, I never watch movies about exorcisms, and I refuse to go to Hell houses (I know churches make those but I don't believe that it's right to scare people into Christianity). I think if you celebrate Halloween for the fun and not the satanic part then I think it's perfectly fine to celebrate it.
—Guest CinKay

Why are we concerned with this?

Shouldn't we be more concerned with our salvation then holidays?is that all that people care about is entertainment? There are people hurting,hungry for love and help.a world so full of evil because the enemy has such a strong hold over it.followers of CHRIST,be concerned and focused on helping each other for CHRIST.every time I have gone to a church all people care about is getting entertained and what's going on in the church click group.there is something very wrong with this.the end of days are coming,wake-up!!!!
—Guest Love

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