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The Bible and Suicide

Readers Respond: How Do You Treat Halloween?

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Col 4:6

I have unbelievers coming to my door, what a great opportunity! I need to figure out how to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ graciously, in mercy and love...the way Jesus did with tax gatherers and prostitutes. They will receive love from my household, not condemnation. To God be the glory!
—Guest mdvga

Halloween is Bad

I do not respect Halloween because it's a celebration of devils, witches and werewolves.
—Guest grace

Confusion is From the Devil

Parents spend countless hours teaching their children about strangers and to never talk to them or to never ever take candy from them, BUT on this unholy day of death, once a year, it's ok! REALLY people. I find a whole lot wrong with that! For the enemy comes only to steal, kill and destroy.
—Guest Mommabear

Halloween is Far from Holy

Known for its witches, goblins, and other grotesque decorations and paraphernalia, Halloween—also called All Hallows’ Eve or the eve of All Saints’ Day—can be traced back to the ancient Celts of Britain and Ireland. On the full moon nearest November 1, they celebrated the festival of Samhain, meaning “Summer’s End.” They believed that during Samhain, the veil between the human and the supernatural worlds was parted and that spirits, both good and evil, roamed the earth. The souls of the dead were thought to return to their homes, and families would put out food and drink for their ghostly visitors in hopes of appeasing them. Thus, when children today, dressed as ghosts or witches, go from house to house threatening a mischievous trick unless they receive a treat, they unwittingly perpetuate the rituals of Samhain. Knowing its roots and celebrating it can be compared to finding a piece of candy in the gutter and picking it up and eating it.

Really People?

As I sit here reflecting on all the things people had to say one thing that plainly speaks to me is all the quotes from the Bible. I believe in God and love Him with all my heart. I live by the 10 commandments. However, so many on here take the gospel word for word. The Bible as it reads today is many translations done by humans and influenced by the times it was rewritten in therefore, flawed. Halloween may be taken by some as the time to be bad, but to the majority of people it is a fun evening spent laughing with friends and loved ones. Hey, you just might get some candy along the way too. As a former Wiccan I can say this, I NEVER sacrificed, communed with the devil or did any evil deeds on Halloween or any other day. Wiccans believe that whatever you do will come back to you X 3. Why on earth then would a Wiccan do evil? Satanists have turned a culturally rich holiday into something horrid. As for me I am dressing up and I know that God an I will be just fine. We talk every day.....
—Guest Amy

Fall Party Instead

I take my kids to the parties at church. I allow them to dress up and get candy, but they don't say trick or treat, nor do they go from house to house. Also, I teach them how Halloween started.
—Guest jennifer h

Common Sense

From a practical stand point, let's analyze what Halloween is about. First, the expression "trick or treat", though is only a kids game, is actually a demanding threat. “Give me a treat or I will play a trick on you”. Is this the kind of attitude that we want to promote in our children? Also, we all know that the “trick” part of “trick or treat” may lead to vandalism and other undesirable acts. The fact that children and a lot of teenagers and grownups are hidden behind a disguise facilitates and promotes both physically and morally the opportunity to do things that people would not do if they were not disguised. About being an opportunity for evangelism, I wonder if people's mind set would be the most fertile for the word of God in an environment like that.
—Guest Edgar

Christians Participate in Halloween?

It is always best not to pass your own judgement, but instead see what the Bible has to say on the matter. The verse that comes to mind is, "Abstain from the appearance of evil." Halloween is steeped in the appearance of evil, and celebrates all things unholy. It is also a night of mischief, vandalism, and trouble. It is not a coincidence that Halloween is the most sacred night of the year for those who worship the devil, and that it's popularity has increased as our nation falls further into depravity. If the Lord were to return today, do you think he would be pleased with his children dressed up in costumes that glorify death, evil and the devil. I think not. Every Christian needs to make sure they seriously consider any support of this pagan unholy day. For me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
—Guest The Doctor

What is Halloween?

Believe it or not, Halloween is in fact a pagan festival in which people would put on scary costumes to try and scare away evil spirits that they were petrified of. The reason why we all shouldn't participate in Halloween is because the whole premise of Halloween is rooted in the fear of demons. And guys, it should really break our hearts that there are satanists in the world. They are totally worshipping a being that wants to kill them and destroy them. God loves them so much and has so much compassion for them. He wants them to come to know Him and experience His love. So let's put aside all the judgement and pride and start praying for these people. They need Jesus.

Pagan Festival

I always understood Halloween was a pagan festival. It was to turn away spirits from your door. To send them to the other side on their journey. Not invite them in.
—Guest Rosie

Do Not Imitate What is Evil, 3 John 1:11

I think most if not ALL Christians have a conviction in their hearts that there is something wrong with the celebration of Halloween. However, it takes a lot of guts to stand out among your friends and own church members and be different. And so what the majority of Christians do, is, they take the easy way out and just conform to the pattern of the world, the very opposite of what has commanded us to do. The word of God says, have NOTHING to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness. Instead of imitating what the ungodly are doing, why not do an all night prayer meeting with heartfelt praise and worship? That way we will permeate the atmosphere with the presence of God and may actually prevent some of the atrocities associated with Halloween from happening.
—Guest Butterfly

Greater is He That is In Me ...

For the past two years I have allowed my children to participate in Halloween, all the while feeling uneasy about the whole thing. After all, why is this the night Satanists view as the most important night of all? Why do most initiations happen on this particular night? Having been delivered from Satan's grasp I don't want to do anything that would open the door for him to oppress my life all over again. However, I'm not going to hide in my house afraid of the night. Greater is He that is within me than he that is in the world. The Bible warns us to avoid all appearances of evil and to hate what is evil and cling to what is good. God bless those that use this night to evangelize. I myself cannot participate and am praying about how to explain to my children that we aren't "missing out" on Halloween. Please note that this is my own personal conviction. To me participating in Halloween is like opening the door just a crack in which Satan gets his foot in the door! No way!
—Guest hopeseeker97

Is God Glorified in Halloween?

Name 1 thing in Halloween that is holy & honors God. What in the practice of Halloween glorifies God? There is nothing in Halloween that did not originate from the celebration of death & demons. Lying is a sin, whether a bold faced lie or a "white lie". Regardless of intention a lie is a lie and sin is sin. We can paint the practices of Halloween any color we want to make it sound ok. But ultimately it still is what it is......the celebration of death. It has no place in the life of one "called out of darkness into the marvelous light."
—Guest Ken


So, if I dressed up as Moses and had a bunch of friends dressed up as Israelites, and when I get to door and receive my candy and exchange it for the word of God...I am still devil worshiping? I think not.
—Guest Jon Rojas

A Tool to Teach Children

Use it as a tool to teach your children about other religions and tolerance. But mostly, it's become so secular and about candy that you can't see the pagan roots anymore. Let your kids have fun and don't be that freaky crazy Christian family on the street.
—Guest Jackie

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