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Readers Respond: Why Do You Go to Church?

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From the article: Why Go to Church?
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Over the years I have received numerous explanations and complaints from Christians about why they have given up on going to church. When I set up a response form for readers to tell why they don't go to church, I never imagined how popular it would be. Yet, at the same time, many blessed and spiritually thriving, regular church attenders have asked me to provide a similar-yet-positive response form, giving them an opportunity to express reasons why they support going to church.

So, why do you go to church?

True Knowledge About the Holy Spirit

My up bringing has been very different from others who go to different churches and now things are totally and completely a whole new experience, to be more greater and now really find who I am in Christ the Son who is our Lord and Savior.
—Guest jon jon stewart

Not Perfect

Our church is not perfect. As a matter of fact, our Pastor says we all wear masks and need to come clean with each other. I work in the ladies' jail ministry because if it wasn't for God I would be in jail or dead. I have many bad experiences with churches, but God has shown me I'm no better than any other hypocrite. We also have small groups and 3 sermons. One on Saturday, two Sunday.
—Guest Vicki A.

To Love and Follow Jesus

"Where two or more gather in my name, I will be there." The Church is not a building, it is the people who gather together as one body, in Jesus Christ. I go to Church, because I love Jesus and I choose to follow Him. (Also in response to a message I read on the forum - I also find it strange that in today's modern world, people still believe that Catholics aren't Christians.) I'm a Catholic follower of Jesus Christ. I believe that makes me a Christian and going to Church and being in fellowship with other "Catholic Christians," confirms that. [We are One body in Christ.] Yours in fellowship in Christ, N.
—Guest NAP41

When Two or More Gather in My Name

"Any time two or more gather in My name, I will be there." Therefore, we are the church gathering together. I believe when we as the church gather in a building designated as the church (a building where the church gathers as the body of Christ) it pleases God, as long as it is Bible based. We need to assemble together to keep each other strong in our faith and to teach one another.
—Guest ronnie

Why Go To Church?

I go to church because it is a gift. It's a great gift from God given to us. We are invited each week into His House to hear His Word and receive His Sacraments. We are invited by the creator of all that has been created to be forgiven of our sins, we have been invited to His table to receive His body and His blood for the forgiveness of our sins. Out of thankfulness for these great gifts we sing songs of worship and praise and hear sermons of Law and Gospel, sermons that are Christ-centered and Cross-Focused. Going to church should not be viewed as an obligation, but as a great joy. If you go because the Bible tells you to, would you then not go if the Bible didn't tell you to?

Putting God First

I believe in God. I believe in Jesus Christ. The gathering of His people is ordered by His word. I simply go to worship Him in heart, songs and praises. I listen to the message that God has directed His servant to deliver. I give what God had demanded is His regardless of whether it appears that I won't have enough to get through the month. Jesus tells us to pray for our daily bread. God requires that we follow Him and He promises to take care of us. With faith I give and with love He provides, He has never failed even when I was down to my last dollar. I do not call God a liar by worrying. I do not judge other members. Only God can judge. He knows our hearts so human words or actions cannot hurt us. Live true to God's word and He is there for us at all times and He has proved it over and over. I am so blessed just to be able to write this. God is the impossible God. He always steps in when it becomes impossible for me. He is my light and my salvation and in Him will I dwell.
—Guest Patricia

I Love Him

I go to church to simply thank him for all that he has done in my life and for that week. I like to praise him every Sunday. :)
—Guest millie

Why I Go to Church

1st, God wants us to assemble together to worship and adore Him. 2nd, to learn more about Him. 3rd, to give and receive comfort from my brothers and sisters in Christ. 4th, to serve Him through serving my fellow man in an organized ministry - and many more reasons involving worship, praise, and service. Oh, and to lift my soul!
—Guest Charlotte Hyatt

Sermon, Music, Exposure to Christians

Mostly for the sermon, partly for the music, and the rest for the exposure to other Christians. If I don't feel like I can give a better sermon, then I think it's a good church because I learned something. Yes, I am a sermon critic because I read the Bible and think about it a lot. Also if I figure out where a Sunday school lesson is going before the end of class, well, the class isn't advanced enough for me and I end up changing classes. I have a hard time finding a church because I have spent so much time thinking about the Bible and being there on Sunday.
—Guest DeeAnn

To Identify With God

I go to church to identify with God, because he made the world and everything in it. With this in concept in mind, I am with the believed that the world is God and that no man can say that the world was made by this person. God made wonders that no human being can do, therefore he is the father of the universe. Therefore, we go to Church to identify ourselves with God to reform our lives, because we goes against his Holy Body on daily basis, yet stay he forgive us, that which a man earth can not easily do.
—Guest Robert Lamie

For the Bible Tells Me So ...

I go to church because God tells us to in the Bible.
—Guest joe

God Deserves to Be Worshiped

My family goes to church because God deserves to be praised and worshiped. This is one way of expressing our gratitude for all He has done for us. We have a great church, Christ Commission Fellowship here in the Philippines, who teaches us to grow as a christian. We love our church.
—Guest rosedeliatapel@yahoo.com

The Will of God

Because it's the will of God for the body to come together as one, and pray and seek his face as much as possible.
—Guest Gail Williams


I go to church almost every week. I only miss if it when I am out of town or a rare Sunday that I work. When I was growing up I had the option of not having to go, so I chose not to. When I reached my early 30s I realized that something was missing in my life, so I finally decided to start making church a regular part of my life. I regret not going my first 30 some years and missed out on an awesome experience. I look forward to Sunday morning all week long and love going on a regular basis. I used to not like dressing up, and singing out in public, but I have overcome those must have issues. It is the best experience I have ever had praying, worshiping, listening to the gospel, and being with a lot of down to earth people that care for one another. Sometimes during the week I feel down, but on Sundays during and after worship, I feel recharged and really appreciate life. I like to dress nice and feel really good about it on Sunday morning. I was always a believer, but now I am a Christian.

For Spiritual Growth

I go to church for spiritual growth, for spiritual growth, for spiritual growth, for spiritual growth, for spiritual growth, for spiritual growth.
—Guest stanley

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