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Readers Respond: How Do You Deal With Difficult People?

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Power in Prayer

I agree with all the ways that people have given on this blog, and just know there is power in prayer and in showing love. It's easy to love someone who is good to you, but it takes the love of the Lord Jesus in us to flow like a river. Be refreshed ourselves through the Word and then we will in return refreshing to others.
—Guest http://www.peopleofcolor.co.za

The Tea Diet

Try the 'tea diet.' Pretend your mouth is full of iced tea and you can't speak back. It's amazing how this helps. Or, remember this verse, "an answer, when mild, turns away wrath."
—Guest Linda

Ask God to Change Them

I pray for them, and ask the Lord to change them. They can't change themselves, so we need to pray for them.
—Guest Deloresschiele

Forgiveness of Trespasses

It is necessary that we forgive those who trespass against us as we ask God to forgive us our trespasses. We trust in God that He will respond to prayer, for if we believe, we will receive whatever we ask for in prayer. When someone is difficult with us, simply LOOK UP! Pray for them because problems which exist need to be restored. Respect is one of the most important words we know. Even though someone does not seem to respect us, we must show that we respect them. As God told us, "Hate the sin, but love the sinner." That's where we follow in the footsteps of Jesus regarding this particular problem. AMEN

Send the Light

I learned this and do this all the time from Joyce Meyer: When dealing with the dark send the light. I know when I am attacked with unkindness, I will send a gift, and it always brings me peace. The offense between me and the difficult person is gone. I also believe I have more issues with non-believers then believers. It's hard when we're trying to be like Christ and they don't have or know what conviction is like.
—Guest linda colleran

Be a Friend

I always smile, every time I meet difficult people. I think they have a hard time in their life and need a soft word. 1 John 3:16
—Guest whing pamplona

Loving Those Who Oppose

Loving those who oppose us is the perfect opportunity for us to practice real love - love that is not dependent on anything else. It is also the perfect opportunity for us to grow as real human beings.

Pray For Difficult People

Without the wisdom and knowledge of God through Jesus Christ, it is very difficult to deal with difficult people. Yes, you can avoid them, but the problem will follow you, because sometimes they just drain you so they think they will feel better. We have to face the difficult person, but allow the love of God be our guide.
—Guest JuLaw

Human Resources

Difficult people are never easy, but I begin by setting an appointment with the person. I ask them their goals and strengths. Then I ask if I can help them make a plan to reach their goals. Once the difficult person is set to making a plan, they usually do not find the time to bother anyone else any longer. This does not always work, but I would say for out of five times, it works by redirecting their efforts into something positive.
—Guest Kristy

Peace Even If ...

Find time in your day to study for at least an hour, first get permission from Abba; Build up God's Word in you, and everything else is gravy, unimportant!
—Guest Renee G

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

I give those difficult people and their difficulties to Abba, and walk away praising Him because He's going to handle them!
—Guest Renee G

Pray for Them

One of the ways that I deal with difficult people is to recognize that their difficult behaviors are a reflection of something they are struggling with, not me. The majority of the time I don't take their behavior personally, unless I know I did them wrong in some way. Happy, healthy people don't feel the need to hurt others and make their lives difficult. I pray for this hurting person. It took me a long time to get to this point. We all need prayer. Lord knows I do.
—Guest Tricia

Stand Your Ground in Faith

Believe completely in God's Word and seek to understand it rather than choose only what you want to hear. Live your life as a testimony to his word so that when they ask, "How do you know God and that the Bible is real?", you can boldly and confidently say: "When I do things God's way I prosper. But when I do it my way I fall." Which is actually true.
—Guest Johanna

Learning to Love

I work with children. Many people may think that there is no way not to love them. But they are people and have their own faults. Some can be very hard to accept. By being around children all the time, I've learned to find the good in people and love them for it. I've also learned how to help them be better people.
—Guest Jessy

Learning from Difficult People

I learn from difficult people, characters that are not acceptable in the society and make amends in my own behavior. In some cases, when I'm not in the mode of tolerating such a difficult person, I just avoid going close.
—Guest Gift

Keep Your Distance

Even in Christian ministry I've had to deal with many difficult people. Some have tried my patience, others have helped me recognize my own offenses, and a few have even tested my faith in God. They've certainly exposed areas within me that needed work, helping to develop character and strengthen my walk with Christ. I can't say I've mastered the art of dealing with difficult people, but I have learned that sometimes it's okay to avoid them. It's actually biblical.

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