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Readers Respond: Is the Spirit World of Psychic Experiences Real?

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Spirits, demons, ghosts, angels of light. What are they? What about communicating with the spirit world? Are psychic experiences of talking to the dead real? Is there such a thing as a sixth sense?

Christians vary widely on their beliefs about the spirit world. I've written this article, "What Does the Bible Say About Talking to the Dead?" As a result, I receive frequent feedback from readers on the subject. So, here's your opportunity to tell us exactly what you believe about the spirit world, talking to the dead, and other psychic experiences.

Soon Passing

when old or young people in a hospital, home,or any other place, and they are real sick or near death they will see things or people in the room that are not visible. I really believe they see these things or people in the spirit world because they are near death,or very soon to die. People think these sick people are just on a lot of medication but I do not. I say they are being allowed to see into the spirit world. I also believe children,mentally disabled people,and animals can see often into the spirit world,because no one would believe children or mentally disabled people,or animals that cant speak.
—Guest stacy

My Experiences

I appreciate some of the responses I've read so far. They don't explain any of my occurrences, but their solid pieces of wisdom. My daughter has experienced way more than I have (some us together), my husband and I some things together, and my sisters (separately) as well. I tell my daughter that if what she experiences is from the gift of sight, God will prepare her to do with it what she needs to do with it when the time(s) come. Meanwhile ...wait on your calling, study to show thyself approved..., seek ye first..., in all thy ways acknowledge God... Seek God for not just guidance in these matters, but for your relationship with him. If you experience it, you experience it - that's that. For the immediate situations, a quick call to God or the mention of Jesus' name, a rebuke against anything not like Him will supply your need for help/relief/understanding of whatever you need to have for that moment. God is a very present help in the time of trouble.
—Guest srwn

I am Devout Christian AND a Medium

I was born a medium with visions as was my mother. I also have a psychology background and know mentally ill people. Demons pray esp on mentally ill cuz they won't be believed. We were raised Christians; we believe in the Bible. I've seen both a ghost and a demon but am not mentally ill. I didn't ask for either to appear before me--it actually scared me. I prayed in Jesus' name they'd go away and rebuked the demonic as the Bible says to do. The spirit world can hurt you, that's also documented. There is just too much scientific documentation out there that both exist. You can't physically "see" God but He is REAL. Many verses were taken out of the Bible by Constantine as a political move more than a spiritual one. I'd rather Arm myself with the Armor of God and Protection as the Bible says than negate or debate whether they exist. Being a skeptic won't protect you against harm.
—Guest JAX

Listen O World!

Proverbs 21:30 "There is no wisdom nor understanding nor counsel against the LORD." Proverbs 6:25 "There is a way which seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death." Dear Guest stacy! "example the dinosaurs,we know god created them because he created everything but it cant be found in the bible. to be absent from the body is to be present with the lord." Brother i tell you one thing frankly and straightforwardly that on your own words you said god created everything but you said it cant be found in the bible, it is Completely a false statement, because Only the creator can tell about this perfectly.. Instead we need to search for the 66 scriptures in the holy bible to know this because Bible says in Isaiah 28:13 "Therefore the LORD’s word will be to them precept on precept, precept on precept; line on line, line on line; here a little, there a little;"

My Beliefs

i believe in god,jesus,the holy ghost,and i also believe in angels,ghosts,demons,and other things.who is to say god may not tell us everything,maybe we have to find out some things on our on.example the dinosaurs,we know god created them because he created everything but it cant be found in the bible.to be abscent from the body is to be present with the lord. yes god is in heaven,but he can be anywhere at any time in my opinion, so i think god is also in the spirit world and can be seen if he wishes to do so.
—Guest stacy

i just don't understand us a people

Just sharing last night as I was resting in my hotel room after being in a week of conferences I saw a show that I had not seen before called, mediumMom, or something like that. Well being nosey I watched it and was moved by the ability to help people handle the deaths of there loved ones. But, the problem is the source of the information. It's sad to me because they trult believe that the information is coming from God, my prayer is for this people like her who are believing they are doing Gods work is to get a relationship with God and be used truly for his glory....if I have enough characters I wanna share what I posted on my FB page. It utterly amazes me that people will watch those on TV and believe they were gifted by God who say that they can hear from spirits that have passed, but If I would say that God spoke to me and the fruits of it can be seen....folks wont believe. SMH....believing and putting the creation before the creator, God doesnt need to speak to you a word though

in response to jimmy2001

So Jimmy, I suppose Mother Mary and her immaculate conception, was a psychotic break, all the visions of the apostles are schizophrenic attacks? The bible addresses this topic because it DOES EXIST and it can be a slippery slope. However, God does speak to people through dreams, visions etc. The huge difference is people depending on outsiders for verification vs seeking God to help them develop an ability to calm down to be able to hear and see him working and whispering to them. If Jimmy thinks this is paranoia, I am happy to clutch my bible and join the ranks of many apostles, and many other historical figures that were portrayed in the bible having "heightened senses". And why do you think that most every picture of the last supper shows Jesus and the disciples with illuminations around their heads? We have been living, not in the golden age, but the dark ignorant age, its time to wake up, we took a step back the last 50 years. Seek God, learn how to develop yourself.

Real, But Be Careful

If we believe there is a spiritual world then we must believe that we can have contact with it. As a Christian that contact comes from prayer. I then wait on the response from the Holy Spirit. I come from a family that had mediums, Masons, and agnostics. A true medium sees and senses thing in the spiritual world that we can not, I have seen it first hand and know the accuracy of it. I have contacted the dead without question and I do not do so any longer. What I came to realize is by doing so you do not know who you are contacting. It would be like opening the LA phone book going to the white pages and picking out a name at random, and asking that person for very personal advice, not a good idea. I have also seen psychics help find missing children, help solve some crimes even though they normally don’t have complete information it is sometimes enough to help law enforcement. As a Christian I must seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit, if what I see and what I sense doesn’t bring glory.
—Guest Blaine


Well if the devil was cast down to earth then that means hell is on earth right?something to think about,there here maby we cant see them?
—Guest ryan

Let The Bible Be Your Guide

I read the responses here with much interest. And I note that some know what they are talking about (e. g. rich) while others are confused. There is no way any of us can establish our 'credentials' but the obvious is right in front of our noses. The Bible is our guide. To the curious who read this, don't seek the spirit realm. 99.9 per cent of the time, you'll probably get a demon in disguise. It's so not worth any thrill you may get. For those who do not seek yet get visits, test the visitors by asking if they acknowledge Jesus as the Son of God. Pray the Our Father with the visitors. If they flee, good riddance. If they stay,... well, there's a job for you to do, my friend.
—Guest Rose

Psychic or Open to the World Around You?

I am not a psychic. I can't see the future or call up spirits. I do believe our loved ones watch over us and I have experienced this. Once, driving alone in very heavy rain, I felt a hand clasp over mine. I had a vision of a car accident happening in front of me. I KNEW this was my Grandmother that had passed years before warning me. I slowed down. Within a couple minutes, I saw this exact accident happen. I was able to avoid being caught up in this accident because of my warning. I have had similar instances that I know are sent to me through love. The Bible says God is LOVE. I believe that we stay connected to loved ones. If we are open to that, we can find them with us through a song on the radio at the right time or many other subtleties. The same is true of God. It is through Love for Him and Love of Him that we find Him. If God is Love, isn't Love Godly? Doesn't God guide us through love. Aren't we all calmed by feeling loved? These things prove God exists for me.

Only God Truly Knows

I believe Jesus admitted to the existence of ghosts. The spirit the witch of Endor and King Saul saw, was Samuel the prophet . He ascended from the Earth because before Jesus' resurrection the spirits of men descended ti Paradise or hell. I believe ghostts exist but we are wisely not communicate with them. Those that seek them out may end up speaking to a demon.
—Guest dquinonees

We Assume Too Much

If you're a typical conservative/fundamental christian you're take the Bible literally, in which you should be "stoning" mediums, psychics etc, unless you somehow inject dispensationalism to explain away "stoning". There is so much to be said about each verse presented in this article in light of many more that have not been sighted. As one who graduated from a conservative seminary many yrs ago...worked full time in ministry and now age 55, I have less specific answers now about such topics vs younger years, although I ask far more questions today. I find most "christians" get scared, angry, pertubed, judgmental when these and other topics arise for which they feel they must respond to or have a black and white answer. Like the apostle Paul writes..."we look at this life as if looking through an opaque class, it's not until we see "Him" face-to-face that we shall fully understand.
—Guest tbroach

I Believe

I know since I was a child I have had many "experiences" that would be hard to explain. I also know that I believe in God. With that said I am quite confused on the whole subject as it relates to if it is a sin to believe in what is not of God. None of the things I've experienced have been evil. They have been more of a 6th sense. So do I believe in Psychic experiences? YES! Do I believe in God? YES! Is it wrong? That's my dilemma!


I believe that psychics do exist but that people should not profit from it. Psychic gifts are mentioned in the bible, it says about people "dreaming dreams" as a gift from the Holy Spirit and there are examples of this in the Bible. Some psychics have even helped to solve crimes, for example, in the TV show 'Sensing Murder'. If these powers are used to help people then they must be a gift from God.

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