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Readers Respond: Is the Spirit World of Psychic Experiences Real?

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Spirits, demons, ghosts, angels of light. What are they? What about communicating with the spirit world? Are psychic experiences of talking to the dead real? Is there such a thing as a sixth sense?

Christians vary widely on their beliefs about the spirit world. I've written this article, "What Does the Bible Say About Talking to the Dead?" As a result, I receive frequent feedback from readers on the subject. So, here's your opportunity to tell us exactly what you believe about the spirit world, talking to the dead, and other psychic experiences.

I've Seen the Supernatural

Quote - "The Bible is very clear about not talking to the dead. The reason is very simple--you cannot talk to the dead. You can only talk to demons pretending to be dead people." I beg to differ..... Jesus was met by Elijah and Moses (departed spirits) the night before his death..... It's in the Holy Bible... Doh! I've seen the supernatural and it was some sort of white mist symbolic form with perfect symmetry and many perfectly formed spirals.... It may have been the Holy Spirit or my friends recently departed wife - not sure.
—Guest Toot

"Spiritual Gifts"

The phrase "Spiritual Gifts" is commonly used in churches and Christianity however, I don't think those two words together are ever mentioned in the Bible. We know these gifts as things like Prophecy and Divine Healing etc, and consider them to be like super powers bestowed onto us by God. Again I don't think "Spiritual Gifts" is mentioned in the Bible. My belief is that God does not give us super powers. I believe He allows us to preform miraculous acts at the right place at the right time through His power. Jesus himself did not preform miracles until after he was baptized by John and The Spirit of God descended upon him. The same way I believe God does with us. Jesus was a human like us. He was a manifestation of God who'd given up all his God like characteristics to live as a man on Earth. No longer was He omniscient, omnipresent, or necessarily powerful accept for what The Spirit allowed him to do.
—Guest Brady

Talking to the Dead

Absolute hogwash......the dead cannot talk never mind do anything else....as the Scriptures say, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."
—Guest Grahamer

Contacting the Dead!

Satan is a liar and a deceiver. He can impersonate anyone.
—Guest Ruth


The ghosts that people experience are actually souls that are in purgatory, just as the orthodox churches teach us. Some souls are not ready for heaven or hell.
—Guest Tim

What I Believe

God says, in the Old Testament that He would give some truth to the practitioners witchcraft in order to test the faith of believers.
—Guest Charlie Meadows

God's Children, Psychics, Telepaths ...

These things that are being experienced are shadows of things to come. Speaking to the dead is not really so; it is telepathy and the reading of thoughts and desires of people whose loved ones have passed away. The bible has been warped and many books and writings have been omitted. "Created in God's image" if you so believe actually makes you are a God and all things are thus possible to man. I am a follower of no religion nor am I an atheist, which seems to contradict itself but it is a paradox. Why live in the Old Testament with its horrors it is the past, the New Testament is of love and faith. "These things and even more the son of man will do". So if Jesus knew what was in your heart then why cannot I know what is in your heart. He is not God, like you and I he is a son. If you believe as he did that you are made in the image of your God then you too can say "If you see me then you have seen my father (God)". The creator and the creation is one.
—Guest Buster

Truth About Life and Beyond

I used to see shadows, etc, woke up frozen once or twice awake and held down, etc., felt my mind invaded with thoughts, etc.. Here goes: I thought maybe God was real, let me seek it out, reading the New Testament I asked what it said to ask for, heaven within me now, Christ revealed in me in the Holy Spirit. I kept reading it all and asking, three weeks later, almost done with it all, I awoke feeling a euphoric tingly feeling all over my body coming out from the stomach region. I mean just engulfed. That next night I saw Christ in my dream white robed 40 feet tall walking down my street releasing seven stars that illuminated my dark street. I saw Him a few more times in dreams, as the feeling grew and then the minute I read again, I had put it down, the Spirit inside, called the Living Water which Jesus said would burst out from within your belly, moved up into my head and pushed all thoughts out and I felt powerful, like a crown on my head, oil flowing inside mind, chest, body.
—Guest alex

Psychic Abilities

I am a mature believer of Christ, raised in the Bible and a true Jesus follower. Here is my dilemma. I know beyond reason God is real and loves me, and I'm a sinner saved by grace. I also know I have psychic abilities. I am able to hear, see, and feel, as well as sometimes communicate with spirits that just passed. I receive prophetic words. I have dreams that more often than not come true, as well as visions and extreme empathy, or just an understanding or knowing of things. Why doesn't Christianity accept or even explore the truth of this!? Instead, and I know many like me, we feel shunned or even evil . I'm not and neither are they. God created us knowing this would be who we are. What do we do with this? Will we ever be recognized as just normal gifted people, or instead always as freaks or non-godly? Jesus was prophetic or psychic in nature, so if made in his image, then isn't this natural for man?
—Guest christian girl


I have read most of the responses and say amen to people who are not afraid to go against the norm and say since when is it ok to give glory to the devil? Dress like him and imitate demons and send kids out to beg candy off strangers when all other times we forbid them to take candy from strangers. Wake up people and think about what you are doing.
—Guest Mary

Deceiving Spirits

2 Thessalonians 2:9-10 says that there will be many counterfeit miracles, signs, and wonders and people will forget the truth and follow demons and deceiving spirits. Leviticus 19:31 says, "Do not seek out mediums or spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the Lord your God."
—Guest irene

Jesus Was Using Psychic Gifts

Something has really been bothering me lately. There are a lot of Christians that think that psychics and mediums are evil and doing the work of the devil. To all those that say that psychics or mediums are possessed by demons and doing evil works, consider the following: "I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father." John 14:12 (Jesus healed the sick many times, returned life to dead men, materialized wine, used intuition to know where the fish were under the water, cast out demons, calmed the wind and sea, called the spirit of a woman back into her body, fed the masses from almost nothing ... paranormal materialization? ... predicted his death, predicted his betrayal, walked on water, predicted that Peter would catch a fish with a coin in his mouth to pay the tax bill, and many many many more miracles.)
—Guest Dezarae

It Isn't Helpful for You or the Dead

If the Lord wills for you to talk to the dead, whom you loved, how could you fully live on earth without sadness? Faith is hard work. These things trick us into thinking we can have our cake and eat it too! We will see our loved ones who died when we die. Simply put, it's not God's will that we talk to the dead. It is his will that we live and do his bidding, and then join the ones whom he brought into our lives. They are simply pieces of him. Never forget that!
—Guest shan


Ghosts are very dangerous. They are not like human beings. They do not have rules.
—Guest arun


My sister and I like to watch shows like Ghost Hunters and Paranormal State, for entertainment, because we just simply find it interesting. When we were younger, a lot of stuff used to happen at our old house. My sister would be picked up and thrown. We've been scratched, etc. Now that we've moved, not much has really happened. We occasionally think we see dark shadows in the corner of our eyes. My bedroom gives me a creepy feeling and its hard for me to sleep sometimes. A few weeks ago I woke up to a white misty figure standing by my bed smiling at me, I don't know if it was my imagination, or what. My dad told me it could be my guardian angel ... But anyways, I was reading the Scriptures, and am sorta confused on whether or not it's okay to watch those shows. I've prayed about it several times, and feel like it's okay, but I don't know if that's just my thoughts getting in the way because I like the shows, or what. Email me with opinions, thoughts etc: tiffanyvaughn21@yahoo.com.
—Guest Tiffany

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