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The Bible and Suicide

Readers Respond: How Has God Helped You Through Hard Times?

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From the article: Bible Verses for Hard Times
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The Bible says God comforts us in our troubles so that we can comfort others (2 Corinthians 1:3-5). One way we comfort others is to offer them hope in the midst of hard times. When we read testimonies of God's faithfulness to other Christians who have struggled through hardships, we gain courage to keep on believing, trusting, and not lose faith.

I'd like to give you the opportunity to offer hope and encouragement to fellow believers who are facing difficult times today. Comfort a brother or sister in need by sharing your hard times story.

Lord, I Need You

Dear Lord, things have been so hard. I've been afraid and hurting so deeply. I felt I hit rock bottom, but now I remember the other times I felt alone and hopeless, like my whole life was falling apart, but God, you brought me through everything. There is nothing I can't handle through you - you are my strength, you are my everything! I love you and I know you will bring my family and I through these difficult times as well. I know you have great plans for my family and I thank you and love you, Lord. Jesus, I trust in you only! I thank you for our miracle, now.

God is my Good Friend

I lost both my parents which left me an orphan with two kids to look after, which are my sisters. Life has never been easy for me since my mother passed away and part of my family are against me, but through God whom I trust, I am achieving in life, am doing my 3rd year in varsity and believe that one day God will count each and every tear I have cried through pain and abuse. I am only just 19 years, but if I could count hard times, sorrow, pains, I have been through, you could really see that God is my good friend and he is with me always.
—Guest thobile mpanza

God has Always Been There

I have done some incredibly stupid things in my 30 years, yet God has always been there. I believe he has saved me time and again... He has always been my hope and salvation, he has shown me the way even if I have not had the courage to follow the path I have known to be right or made the choice I should have made. But from this he has taught us the error of our ways, and hope the next time we face this choice we are able to get things right however hard it may be. If we can use these experiences to help and guide others from making a similar mistake then some good has come from our own pain. God, thank you for your forgiveness and your mercy... Help us to look after each other, and to forgive each other wholly and truly, to let go of anger and hatred. Help us to understand each other to ease the burden of our friends, colleges, family and strangers. Show us the way, and hope we each have the courage to follow your path. I love you always.
—Guest Peter

Everlasting Love of God

I have grown up in a Christian home my parents were Christians but I never fully understood God's grace until now that I am 25. I always made excuses and always in denial of the God's word living in my own terms but it only exposed my life further to sin. It wasn't until I hit rock bottom that I decided to swallow my pride open my heart to Jesus yearn for his forgiveness. He saved me. I have never been physically and spiritually happy. There are times when the Devil temps me but I hold strong to God's love and promises that he will take care of me and he always pulls thru and always in the right time. I can truly say that I am truly blessed and I thank God for saving me. It's never too late, accept Jesus into your hearts and like me you will truly feel and live in the spirit and love of God.
—Guest Guest Patricia

God is Bigger than my Giant

Isaiah 41:10 is the verse I repeat over and over again to remind myself that God is bigger than my giant. That God is so faithful and full of love for me. I am not perfect, made a few bad turns, but God never fails to get me thru it. By giving me the strength to keep pushing, the courage to keep my head up and humbling myself to realize where I went wrong. Thank you, Lord, you never cease to amaze me with your unconditional love. Even though I feel the worlds weight on my shoulders, sleepless nights, tears of sadness, but keeping the faith that God hears me.
—Guest Sara

God is Great

One day I met an accident on the road while driving my scooter. In that accident, my scooter's whole look had changed, but I somehow by God's grace got saved by him, as the accident could have been very massive. All the thanks is for the God who looked after me better than me. And I also love my family and every person in this world. May God bless us all.
—Guest ujjwal rastogi

My God is My Guide

I am the eldest of 3 children who happens to belong in a very poor family. My parents can't afford me to go to college. I am just an average student. I am not so smart and intelligent to pass a scholarship. However, God is always my God, He gave me a chance to be accepted as a working scholar in Daughters of Charity specifically, Asilo de la Milagrosa. Now, I graduated. I am now teaching high school. I hope so grateful to God for guiding me and for giving me a beautiful life even if I belong to unfortunate family.
—Guest Ana

Blessing After Blessing

First, my mom was diagnosed with bipolar and schizophrenia. A mental disease deemed by scientists as a disease that one can not recover from. Yet, with prayers and faith in God, her mental disease went away. The second miracle is that I got accepted into a University that I didn't think I was going to get into. My third one is that I thought I was going to fail an exam because I didn't study but God pulled through for me and helped me pass. :)
—Guest Three Blessing

Trust and Believe in God, He Listens

Last November our roof was leaking and some of it even caved in, we had no finances to repair our roof. I cried out to my Lord and asked him to make a way so that we could have a roof over our heads. That same week my husband called the insurance company, not knowing what response we would get as we have not done any work done on our roof for over 20 years. When he called the insurance company, an adjuster came the same day to inspect the roof. With the blessings of our precious Lord we were able to get a brand new roof. Never give up on the Lord, he hears when you cry out to him and he always makes a way. I wanted to share this as nothing is impossible with God.
—Guest Annie

I Know God Will Make a Way for Me

I am a 34 year old professional and resigned from my job a year ago to start my own business. The business is tough and I sometimes feel it was a terrible mistake I ever did amongst all other mistakes I made. However I still trust in Him fully knowing He does not deviate from His promises. My debts are mounting up and I do not have much support from my husband. I cry out to God every day and seek His intervention. I know he hears my prayers. I do not doubt the love I have for him and I also know that he holds unfailing love for me as well. Romans 8:28 assures us that all things works together for good for those who loves God. And I believe that wholeheartedly. He will make a way for me ... he will make a way .....
—Guest M O

How God Saved Me

On Nov. 29, 2011, I was crushed in an accident. I died at the scene and during surgery. Today I am recovering from the accident. I had my small intestine removed, part of my colon and bowel, and my pelvis was broken and shattered along with intensive nerve damage to my right leg. They didn't expect me to live as I was induced to a coma for five days. When I came to, I had a breathing tube and a feeding tube. My pelvis wasn't surgically repaired, as they were waiting until the internal organs were healed enough. God and his angels were watching over me during this time as God watches over us every day. It has been a hard road towards recovery and healing, but God is the great physician. God has a plan for me, and this is why I didn't die on that Tuesday, November 29, 2011. God is good. Often times we take life for granted and question, "God Why me?" Pray, mediate on his word, thank him for the good things that have happened in our lives, study, pray, and fellowship with other believers. Love your neighbor as well as your enemy. Amen.
—Guest john

Faith Works

I grew up in a broken family structure with my mum being a single woman. I ended up selling drugs just to make a living. I had to keep that secret from a young age. I still do, but she was a kind loving soul who cried herself to sleep for the better part of her life. The adventures I have been through are unbelievable. We went from dodging soldiers, to broader jumping, to sleeping hungry with no food, to nothing but a glass of water with sugar. I later found out my mum was HIV positive and I was forced to leave my country because of the economic crisis, and wen she died people say she repeated my name over and over and it breaks my heart to this day because I wanted to work so she could retire. Right now I found God. He is so wonderful to me. I went back to high school and I want to go to university next year. I have learned that faith can really move mountains.
—Guest God's blessed one

Always and Forever

It seems to never matter what I'm going thru or what I did or intended, good or bad, the Lord Jesus has always had an influence in my life. I'm able to find him even in the darkest hours. He is always closer than I think.
—Guest glad

The Lord IS My Shepherd

God, who made me and loves me, looks after me, so I thought. I felt suicidal until recently because I have a serious back problem, which makes me feel a lot of pain. This made me want to end it. Then one day at Chapel with my family I fell asleep. Not a normal way, I still sat up in my seat and I talked to God in my own voice and he replied in a voice that comforted me and made me whole again. Then I knew that the Lord really is my Shepherd, and that we all are his flock.
—Guest Martin Laird

Trusting in God Through this Hard Time

I am a supervisor, I recruit people and give them gadgets work in the field. Yesterday I was informed that one of the people I recruited has lost one the the gadgets and another person has sold another. These gadgets belong to the company of which I don't know how to explain why these incidents can happen at the same time. But though I don't know what to do and what to say, I will trust in Jesus, I will trust in him. I don't know how to defend myself, but I will trust in him. I am looking up to heaven, though I don't have strength. I will still trust in God ... I will trust in God. God I am looking up to you. I believe you are helping me.
—Guest zowe wilson

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