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Readers Respond: How Has God Helped You Through Hard Times?

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The Bible says God comforts us in our troubles so that we can comfort others (2 Corinthians 1:3-5). One way we comfort others is to offer them hope in the midst of hard times. When we read testimonies of God's faithfulness to other Christians who have struggled through hardships, we gain courage to keep on believing, trusting, and not lose faith.

I'd like to give you the opportunity to offer hope and encouragement to fellow believers who are facing difficult times today. Comfort a brother or sister in need by sharing your hard times story.

Help us God, we need you!

Dear god, thank you for helping my mum recover a fair bit today. She winked at me and was definitely communicating so thank you sooo sooo much!! I love you!!! God, please let the effects of the operation and everything that didn't go smooth now be gone, and we see nothing but a complete recovery from mum. I would also like you to shine love and care on my father and brother right now. They both need it if I'm in this condition, they will be more so this way. We love you lord and Stephen has found faith again! Thank you for that, I am very happy with this for everyone including you my lord. Please help us and mum now!
—Guest Enzo

God is able

My life challenges can fill a book, but all i want to say to my fellow brothers and sisters God is able and He cares. He has always been with me and my family through it all. I am believing God for financial breakthrough and a job and i believe He will wipe my tears away. I am going to church for the past 3 days we have been eating bread only but it doesnt matter cause i believe today we will eat like kings. He is Jehova Jirhe the Lord my provider
—Guest Ribs

God has relieve me of depression

My dear god. Has givin me strength being anemic n goin threw stress during your menstrual period can cause depression but I know god is with me and will help me threw it when ever. I feel alone. I look for him read the bible everything feels much better n relives my soul. God is the answer
—Guest Rocio

Never Would Have Made It Without HIM

Since 2012 mt fiancee and i have been homeless and jobless. Drugs became a very big part of our lives. He has become has left me for another win an and still would come around for some reason to taunt me. Drugs are all around me. I just remain prayerful, and faithful in my GOD, that HE will bring me out of this situation. I can never say why me LORD. I can only be thankful because I know it can be worse then this. I know I never would have made it this far without the LORD. For HE has brought me through so much and I am so thankful. Thank HIM for the good and the bad because through the bad you will become stronger through your faith in the LORD. So I raise my hands and just praise HIM, give all the glory to my GOD.
—Guest Princess

Waiting on the Lord

My life is filled with too many painfull events. Events that have lasted for 4 years now. From joblessness, going to bed hungry, being evicted out of my house, rejected by family & friends........but im waiting upon you my Lord
—Guest Stan

God to Restore

Was retrenched by an unscruplous employer. Been jobless for 10 months now and life is very bad for my family. I need a job. The way iam living now I see the hand of God on daily basis. I trust God will save my family and restore. Amen
—Guest Pieter

He is the same God.

What he has done for others, He can do it for me, be it finances, health, with my studies, or struggle to have a roof above me, God love me, my problems and worries are only for a while, my God is everlasting, same, yesterday, today and forever. Lord give me grace.
—Guest Neruth


I have struggled with depression lost both parents now menopause at age 54 , I have been through Perimenopause God brought me through now the real deal since my hormones are off my sleep has been messed up sometimes strange nightmares .... Im believing God to turn this thing around it has been a ride for sure
—Guest Sherrie

God gives us what is necessary

God has helped me and is guiding me through some stressful times. Stressful enough that I have contemplated suicide several times in the last couple of months. I am thankful for the peace the Lord has given me and for leading me through these hard times.
—Guest Terry

God is able

God helped me with so many situations where i thot there was no way i am getting out of this but i did and today i cnt even remember how i felt when the situation arose.Today i am faced with another situation and i still believe that,even thou it might seem like there is no getting out of this,Truth is MYGOD IS A GREAT AN FAITHFULL GOD.he is going to answer my preyers
—Guest Mahlathini

Help in Hard Times

I prayed God for protection with two very difficult situations. I prayed his word through Jeremiah 1:8 which provides that 'Do not be afraid of confronting them, for I am with you to rescue you, Yahweh declares.' I asked for protection and remembered that through him we can do anything through him who infuses inner strength in us. And the Lord heard my prayer. I want to thank God for helping me in such difficult situations & ask Him to build my faith, so that doubt does not always creep onto me, but I hold steadfast in HIS loving arms. Thank you Lord for being with us every step of the way. May your blood protect us and keep us in your fold.
—Guest Maria

God is there

We all ask the question ''where is God when i need him'' answer is he is right there waiting till you to give up trying to do things on your own. when you let God control everything will be sorted out more than you can possibly think of :)
—Guest nat

My Father will carry me

I have been struggling beyond my threshold for about 2 years now, I have not been living with my parents since the age of 12 and life has messed me up with drugs, hurtful relationships, heavy debts, lost my home, lost my job. I know deep down God my father will not forsake me for he has been there every step of the way protecting me and taking care of all my needs, I understand the reason as to why he has chosen to set me down a difficult path and i live each day thanking him for all my struggles. I refuse to give in to the devil, and I will continue to persevere till my bones break, because I know he is true and he exist and he loves me, and this is why i am being tested. God loves us and he sees our pain it does not matter how painful life gets, it is for the good of making us stronger; we must never forget him, because he has never forgotten us. I love my father and when i have gone weak he will carry me in his arms and we will continue to strive.
—Guest Dan Justin Peter

God is Good

I am awaiting the results of a blood test. I am worried ans scared. I know I have made many mistakes and if the results of the test are not favourable I will be devastated. But I know god is good he has seen me through many bad situations. Through god all things are possible. He is kind and he is merciful. I pray that he continues to shine his light on me. Prayer works. He is an awesome god
—Guest guest name trust obey

Trust In him

So many bad things are happening to me right now.I sometimes wanna give up but through Christ the Lord I know all is possible. I have survived worse and will survive this too
—Guest Ntle

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