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Readers Respond: What is Your Favorite Thanksgiving Memory?

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From the article: Thanksgiving Ideas
For many years, my niece was the "activities coordinator" for our Thanksgiving celebrations. She would prepare a fun and memorable activity for our family to enjoy together on Thanksgiving Day. One year she asked each of us to write down something we were thankful for. Our notes were put in a hat and later we each pulled out someone else's note to read. Then we had to guess who wrote the thankful thought. That was a fun and meaningful time for our family and a special Thanksgiving memory I've never forgotten.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory?

Expected the Worst

In addition to being with my children and my daughter's return from college for the holiday last year, mine is from 2011. My son called to say that he and Amy wanted to see me before I left for work because they had something to share. I expected the worst, news of a a break up or a planned move to another state.Minutes after their arrival they handed a gift to me. I opened it up and inside the box was a large coffee mug that said " grandma". I was ecstatic.
—Guest Donna Malok

The Best Memories with Grandpa Jim

We would always drive out to grandpas house in a border town between Louisiana & Texas. The ladies would cook. Men would do men things... & well kids would ride the 4 wheelers. It was the best childhood memories I could ever dream of. Family time is the absolute best time!
—Guest Amanda Gonzalez

Tuna Casserole

My daughter and small son were so broke and only had tuna casserole, but we were very thankful that year--we had each other! It was our poorest, but favorite, because we smiled and thanked GOD and were joyful that year! :)
—Guest Kate

Getting Together

I remember as a little girl and growing up my parent and I and of course brothers and sisters would get together for thanks giving every know and then but as adults the family grew closer and we would always spend thanks giving together as a huge family and now that I don't have my parents anymore we kind of gotten separated and everyone went there own ways so now we really never get together to spend thanks giving any more everyone is to them selves and there kids I really miss when we all got together with mom and dad but what can I say but thank the Lord that we still have each other distance but together in heart mind and thoughts.
—Guest lorie gloria

Toaster Oven Turkey

I had just separated from alcoholic husband after 18 years. I had two kids, 13 and 11, no money, and a house falling down around my ears. My oven was broken so I couldn't cook a turkey. I had a toaster oven so I put a turkey roast in it and fixed the other trimmings and we three had a good meal. It was so "not traditional" but I was so thankful for God's blessings and for a peaceful dinner.
—Guest Ksueb1984

Thanksgiving Journal

We have a Thanksgiving Journal that will be cherished from one generation to the next. It is a true blessing to our Thanksgiving.

Army Invasion

Well, it wasn't an actual invasion, just two of my kids (son and daughter) who were active duty army, coming home for the holiday, bringing several friends along with. They had intended it as a surprise, but my son relented and gave me a call the night before to give me a heads up! My mom and I went out on a shopping/foraging expedition - and two turduckens, and all the fixings, later, we came back to her house, and set up shop - for an all night cookathon! It was the most fun! Of course, it exasperated my mom, who never thought that giving choices was a good idea, and because I love to give choices... so, there were three types of sweet potatoes, several types of squash, two types of mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, the birds, a raft of desserts (tarts, pies, cakes... ). In the end, we had some leftover tarts, and some really nice fennel rolls which had been forgotten on the front porch! Everything else was devoured! It is my best thanksgiving memory... one of the last with mom, too.
—Guest tuxey

Spawn Challenge

My favorite Thanksgiving memories would have to be the years we had the "spawn" challenges after dinner. I won't get into detail about the physical challenges since I don't have enough space, but the spawn includes all children born to my parents. The spawn of the spawn are the children of the children. The challenges would involve the spawn, and then we had a separate one for the spawn of the spawn. We also have a tradition of playing very "spirited" board games after dinner. Another favorite memory is the year my sister-in-law lost her false eyelash, and after we searched high and low for it, it turned up in her glass of wine!
—Guest Robin

Sharing My Memories

What I like most about Thanksgiving is seeing all my people get together and eat and have a good time. We all sit down after everybody has eaten their food, and we just laugh and talk. The kids play and sometimes we talk about when our loved ones passed. We will always say we wish they were here, but everybody knows that God chooses the best for us, and only the best.
—Guest veronica

Fully Vegan Meal

My best, was being able to eat a fully vegan meal with people I love, at Portabello's, without having people around me eating a dead bird.
—Guest woodsie8

Family Thanksgiving

My favorite memory is seeing my younger brother wearing a napkin for a bib with knife and fork in hand saying 'Bring on the first turkey,' and later, ‘Please pass the tube’ (referring to a cylindrical container of fruit salad). There were so many of us, we had two turkeys, a ham, incredible side dishes, and desserts worthy of the finest restaurants. My sisters' pecan pies were (and still are) the best in the world. These are indeed special memories because my younger brother was Bill Roady of Moore, Oklahoma. He was taken by Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's disease) when he was only 37 years old.
—Guest John

Sneaky Eyes

I remember as a small child of six, maybe seven, at the Thanksgiving table our "sneaky eyes." My sister was three or four, and during the prayer before the meal, I remember my sister opening her eyes and looking at everyone. I would look at her with a funny face, and she would hold back laughter and close her eyes. We did this every year. We had big family dinners when we were little and I cherish them. Unfortunately, my Mom always hated it, but us kids loved it. Especially that adorable little girl, my sister, holding back her laughter (with that cute little puff of a ponytail on top of her head). Funny stuff!
—Guest Lynette Hoy

Always in Our Hearts

Thanksgiving dinner at my sister Pete's house with the whole family (Mary C Young 12/10/47-11/20/2010 ). This year her husband joined us at our cousin Christine's and we are blessed to have each other, many good memories!
—Guest A'NUMI

Happy Birthday

My favorite Thanksgiving memory is having the turkey dinner with my husband at the hospital where I had given birth to our first child--a son named Craig--two and a half hours before the big day. I was torn between wanting him to be born on Thanksgiving and just wanting him to be born! It was ten days before I was due, so it came as a happy surprise.
—Guest esmhewitt

I Remember a Turkey

We won a contest one Thanksgiving--a free turkey. Well, the people who ran the contest failed to say the turkey was alive, and for one month we had a turkey running around the house. Well, one week before thanksgiving the time came to slaughter that bird. First my dad said he would do it, but alas, he couldn't. He was attached to the bird now. Then, my grandfather. But no, he couldn't do it. Then me. No way. So, we took it over to the butcher. He did it. My mom fixed the bird, and was all set to carve it on the table, cooked, and we realized it was once alive and like a family pet, and no one could eat it. So, we had hamburger sandwiches that Thanksgiving.
—Guest James Detty

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