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Is That You God?


Does God really talk to us? You may wonder if you've ever truly heard God's voice. I mean, God, Creator of the Universe, capital "G," God. Does he really speak to us? And if so, would we recognize his voice?

Tune in to God's Voice
Christianity Spotlight10

Cornelius Becomes a Christian

The conversion of Cornelius carried out Jesus' command to take the gospel to all people. This miraculous event marked a turning point in the church.

What You Didn't See

What You Didn't See is a Christian poem submitted by an About.com member. This poem takes a walk through the author's life, revealing God's hidden work.

Book of Daniel

The book of Daniel combines miracles, prophecy, and fascinating history. Discover how God raised his servants and humiliated arrogant kings.

2 Thessalonians

2 Thessalonians, Paul's second letter to the church in Thessalonica, was written to clear up confusion about end times and the second coming of Christ.

John Wesley Biography

John Wesley, one of the co-founders of the Methodist Church, was a man driven to serve God. Learn why he is admired as a true giant of Christianity.

Grace Knows

'Grace Knows' is an original Christian poem remarking on the many ways God's grace covers our weakness.

Pharaoh - Egyptian God-King

Pharaoh believed he was a god and refused to let the Hebrew slaves go. See how Moses showed him the unbeatable power of Yahweh.

10 Motivational Words for Christian Men

These 10 motivational words for men form an inspiring collection of quotes, Bible verses and uplifting sayings specially chosen to encourage Christian men.

Janey’s Humble Calling

Janey’s Humble Calling is the story of one woman’s lifelong battle with mental health issues and her perseverance of faith to overcome.

Finally Free

'Finally Free' is a Christian poem identifying the heartache of loss and the ultimate comfort of knowing our loved one rests with God in heaven.

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