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Bible Facts and Lists

Learn more about the Bible and Bible topics through these Bible facts and lists. Each Bible list includes Scripture references to back up the facts.

Bible Numerology
Bible numerology examines the literal and symbolic meaning of numbers in Scripture. Most conservative Christians, while cautious about assigning too much importance to these numbers, don't deny the existence of certain patterns and associations in the Bible's use of numbers.

Hebrews 11 - Heroes of Faith
Take a tour through the Hebrews 11 Hall of Faith, the New Testament Bible chapter honoring some of the most remarkable examples of faithful men and women from the Old Testament.

Biblical Names of God
Studying the names of God is one of the most uplifting Bible adventures a Christian can explore. This list presents the biblical names of God and...

44 Prophecies Jesus Fulfilled
The books of the Old Testament contain many passages about the Messiah—all prophecies Jesus Christ fulfilled. Some Bible scholars suggest there are as many as 300 prophetic Scriptures that were completed by Jesus. Here are 44 messianic prophecies Jesus clearly fulfilled in his life, along with supporting references from the Old and New Testament.

37 Miracles of Jesus

20 Bible Facts About God
Do you want to know more about God? These 20 Bible facts about God will give you insight into the nature and character of God.

The Genealogy of Jesus
There are two records in the Bible of the genealogy of Jesus Christ. Matthew's account traces the line of descent from Abraham to Jesus, while...

Facts About the Bible
The Bible is a collection of 66 books and letters written by more than 40 authors in three languages during a period of approximately 1,500 years. Discover the origins of the best selling book of all time.

66 Books of the Bible
In this study on the division of the books of the Bible, we'll analyze the 66 books considered authoritative in Protestant Christian churches as well as explain why the books of the Apocrypha are excluded.

Seven Last Words of Jesus
Jesus Christ spoke seven last words or statements during his final hours on the cross. These phrases are held dear by followers of Christ because...

The Ten Commandments - A Modern Day Paraphrase
The Ten Commandments or the Tablets of the Law are the laws that God gave to the people of Israel through Moses after leading them out of Egypt. In essence, they are a summary of the hundreds of laws found in the Old Testament Law and are recorded in Exodus 20:1-17 and Deuteronomy 5:6-21. They offer basic rules of behavior for spiritual and...

Facts of the Crucifixion
Crucifixion was not only one of the most disgraceful forms of death, but also one of the most dreaded and painful methods of execution in the ancient world. Take some time to consider the sacrifice Jesus made for you and me on the cross.

Different Forms of Crucifixions
Detailed descriptions of crucifixions are few, perhaps because secular historians could not bear to describe the gruesome events of this horrible...

Foods of the Bible
Have you always wanted to prepare a biblical feast strictly from the foods of the Bible? Perhaps you'd just like to learn more about the different foods mentioned in the Bible. This "grocery list" includes spices, fruits, vegetables, grains, fish, fowl, meats and other foods and drinks of the Bible. Scripture references are provided for each of...

Spiritual Gifts
While there are different kinds of gifts (1 Corinthians 12:4), generally speaking, spiritual gifts are God-given graces (special abilities,...

Bible Pet Names
The Bible is a great source for finding pet names. This collection of male and female pet names suggests several ideas from the Bible and why they might make a good name for your pet. I've also included the original language of the word, where it can be found in the Bible, and its meaning.

Complete List of Bible Animals
Although the names of Bible animals vary from one translation to another and sometimes these creatures are difficult to identify, God's Word showcases numerous members of the animal kingdom.

The Full Armor Of God
Learn about each piece of the Full Armor Of God in this illustrated, step by step study of Ephesians 6:10-18.

4 Types of Love in the Bible
Explore four different types of love in the Bible and look up Scriptures that speak of divine love, brotherly love, family love and romantic love in the Bible. Discover what love really means, and how you can follow Jesus Christ's command to "love one another."

Christian Baby Names
Are you searching for the perfect Christian name for your baby? This collection of Christian baby names brings together names or words found in the Bible, or names derived from biblical names and words, including the language origin of the name, location of the word in the Bible, and the meaning of the name.

Bible Weights and Measures
The talent was the heaviest unit of measurement for weight and value in the Bible. Learn the weight and value of several units of measurement in Scripture.

Bible Facts About Death & Heaven
What happens when we die? What will heaven be like and what will we do there? Most Christians have spent some time wondering about death and the afterlife. This study will take a comprehensive look at what the Bible says about death, eternal life and heaven.

Facts About Noah and the Ark
When Noah and the ark could not save people from their desire to sin, God stepped in with a guaranteed cure. Discover the only way for people to get into heaven.

6 Co-Conspirators Who Killed Jesus
Who killed Jesus? The answer to this question has been angrily debated throughout history. In the four Gospels, however, the record is set straight. Six Bible characters had a hand in the death of Jesus.

Facts About Noah's Flood
Noah's flood is the subject of much misunderstanding and speculation. Discover the truth behind this catastrophic event.

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