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Welcome to your Christian entertainment resource page with Christian book reviews, both fiction and non-fiction, favorite Christian authors, Christian actors and celebrities, Christian movie and video reviews, Christian music, magazines and publications.
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Tell Us About Your Favorite Christian Apps
Great new Christian apps are made available every day, and I'm sure you've discovered a few of the best! I've devoted this space for believers to share their favorite Christian apps for all devices and operating systems. See submissions

Share Your Favorite Free Christian Smartphone Apps
If you're an smartphone user, I'm sure you've discovered a few highly treasured Christian applications. This space is devoted to sharing our favorite free Christian iPhone and Android apps.

Family-Friendly Movies
If your family is anything like mine, you're becoming more and more selective when choosing family-friendly movies. As a result, you're probably finding fewer options as you search for entertainment. I'd like to suggest a handful of my family's best-loved films and give you an opportunity to recommend some of your favorites.

Top Christmas Movies
I've selected a few favorite Christmas movies and holiday films that are sure to appeal to Christian families. Not only will these Christian-themed movies make great Christmas gifts, they will also provide an opportunity for you to establish a memorable family tradition during the holiday season.

Top Christian Movies for Easter
These top Christian movies for Easter are chosen specifically because they commemorate in a passionate and powerful way, the life, mission, message, sacrifice and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. If you're looking for a movie with an Easter theme to add to your DVD collection this year, consider one of these memorable productions.

Top Christian Podcasts
This list of top Christian podcasts contains my own personal favorite Christian podcasts. I've included resources to help you find your own favorite Christian podcasts.

Best Christian Vacations
These adventures represent the best Christian vacation ideas. Each one is designed to fortify the foundations of your faith while you enjoy an...

Alaska Christian Cruise Travel Log
Enjoy this Christian cruise travel log, sharing some of the highlights of an Alaska Inside Passage Christian cruise. Experienced cruise travelers will tell you that sailing the Inside Passage of Alaska, with its exotic wildlife and one of the most magnificent landscapes in the world, is a journey like no other.

Alaska Inside Passage Christian Cruise Review
After years of dreaming about an Alaska cruise, my husband and I were invited to join Dr. Charles Stanley and friends of In Touch Ministries on a 7-day Inside Passage Christian Alaska cruise. This Alaska cruise review contains our assessment of the experience, with a focus toward the Christian-themed aspects of the vacation.

Israel Tour Pictures
Take a trip to Israel through this photo journal of the Holy Land by Venice Kichura.

Best Free Christian Ecard Sites
Find the best free, easy-to-use Christian ecard sites that require no registration. This collection includes my top choices for the best free Christian ecard sites offering a large variety of personalized Christian greetings.

Cruise Alaska With In Touch Ministries and Dr. Charles Stanley
In two weeks and three days (but who's counting?), my husband and I will set sail on our first Christian cruise to Alaska with In Touch Ministries.

Best Christian Recipe Fellowships
These Christian recipe fellowships offer creative resources, support, and a sense of community for busy Christian homemakers, professional Christian cooks and chefs, or just anyone who simply enjoys cooking as a hobby and wants to share recipes and culinary tips with other believers in Christ.

Review Guidelines for About.com Christianity
As host of About.com's Christianity site, I am frequently asked to review Christian books, products, websites and services. If you are interested in requesting a review, this document provides a detailed overview of my review guidelines, along with an interesting alternative for you to consider.

Top Christian Internet Service Providers
For Christians, keeping Internet experiences clean, safe and family-friendly is important. If you're shopping for an Internet service provider, narrow down your search and save yourself some time with this comparison of prices and services from some of the top Christian Internet service providers.

Bible Trivia Quizzes
Test your Bible knowledge with these "Not So Trivial" Bible quizzes.

What do Superman and Jesus Have in Common?
According to Stephen Skelton, author of "The Gospel According to the World's Greatest Superhero," the parallels between Superman and Jesus Christ are no accident, but rather, designed on purpose by the Superman TV show and movie storytellers.

Da Vinci Code Resources for Christians
These top online Da Vinci Code resources for Christians represent some of the best Christian sites to help you prepare for The Da Vinci Code book and movie. Become better equipped to share your faith through conversations about the film and the novel. Answer your own doubts and questions about the truth of the Bible and the claims within The...

Poll: Have the Bones of Jesus Been Found?
On Sunday, March 4, 2007 the Discovery Channel presented "The Lost Tomb of Christ," a documentary claiming that the bones of Jesus Christ were found 27 years ago in a Jerusalem tomb. Most of the archaeological world labels the documentary's assertions as nonsense, but Discovery Channel knows such ideas make for great television. What do you think? Could this really be the tomb of Jesus?

Lightsource.com - Christian Videos
Lightsource.com is one of the leading providers of Christian video content. You can watch your favorite Christian broadcasters any time, at your convenience. To find out more, browse this list of ministry programs they offer.

TitleTrakk.com - Christian Books, Music, Movies
TitleTrakk.com is an interactive website spotlighting Christian books, music, and movies through reviews and interviews.

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