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Christian Celebrities - Christian Actors and Christian Personalities

Welcome to your resource page for news and information about Christian celebrities, including interviews with Christian actors, athletes and well-known Christian personalities.

Louie Giglio Biography
Pastor Louie Giglio has taken the gospel to young adults through Passion Conferences. In this biography, learn what drives this energetic evangelist.

Allyson Felix - 2012 Olympic Athlete
Allyson Felix has accomplished a lot at a young age, such as winning two silver medals and one gold at the Olympics. Looking toward the 2012 Olympics, she continues to set very high goals. Yet, there's another finish line Allyson has her eyes set on in this life, and therefore, becoming more Christ-like is a daily goal.

Sanya Richards-Ross - 2012 Olympic Athlete
Sanya Richards-Ross, a Christian athlete who may be the fastest female runner in the world, hasn't let success go to her head. Married to Super Bowl Champion, Aaron Ross, Sanya says she is living her dreams. Her list of achievements is long and impressive, yet she stays grounded through her strong Christian faith.

Tim Tebow Biography - NFL Quarterback and Christian Role Model
Learn what makes Tim Tebow tick, and why football fans either love him or hate him.

Tony Jones Biography
Tony Jones, one of the leaders in the emerging church movement, lays down some specifics about this movement in his new book, The Church is Flat. Find out what Tony Jones discovered about practices and theology within the emerging church.

Brian McLaren Biography
Brian McLaren is one of the leaders of the emerging church movement, a term he is not completely comfortable with. In trying to connect with the under-30 generation, McLaren questions Christian positions those young people find offensive, such as eternity in hell and prohibitions against homosexual relationships. Many see Brian McLaren on the...

Joyce Meyer Biography
Joyce Meyer, with little more than a high school education, overcame sexual abuse to build a multi-million dollar international Christian ministry. She preaches a Word of Faith message, that believers can become rich and successful by obeying God. Learn about the controversies surrounding Joyce Meyer and why she was investigated by a U.S. Senator.

Rob Bell Biography
Author and pastor Rob Bell is one of the most controversial figures in contemporary Christianity, thanks to his recent book, Love Wins. Evangelicals have accused him of promoting universalism, but Bell flatly denies that. Learn why young people love Rob Bell and why conservative Christians have piled on him.

Bryan Clay - 2008 Olympic Athlete
Bryan Clay earned a silver medal in the 2004 Olympics and now has his eyes set on winning the gold in Beijing. He has traveled a long way from his troubled teen years to become a successful Christian athlete and a true role model for underprivileged students.

Oral Roberts, Charismatic Evangelist, Dies at 91
Charismatic evangelist Oral Roberts of Oral Roberts University died Tuesday at age 91. Earliest reports state that Roberts was admitted to the hospital over the weekend after slipping and falling in his home in Newport Beach, California. His spokesman, A. Larry Ross, told the Associated Press that Roberts died of complications from pneumonia.

10 of the Most Talked About Christians of the Decade
As we approach the end of 2009, we'll take a look back at some of the most famous and talked about Christians of the last 10 years.

Charles Stanley - Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Atlanta
Charles Stanley is the senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Atlanta (FBCA) and founder of In Touch Ministries. His popular radio and television broadcast, In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley, can literally be heard around the globe in every nation and in more than 50 languages.

Rick Warren - Pastor of Saddleback Church
Get to know the life and ministry of Pastor Rick Warren, author of the bestselling book, The Purpose Driven Life, and founder of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, one of the largest, most prominent churches in America.

Trevor Marsicano - 2010 Olympic Athlete
In March 2009, Trevor Marsicano broke through as the newest rising star in U.S. Long Track Speed Skating. As he looks forward with confidence to accomplishing new goals at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, he also sets his sights on becoming a youth pastor.

Tammy Faye (Bakker) Messner
Tammy Faye Bakker Messner is best known for her former years as a Christian televangelist and talk show host. She was married to Jim Bakker and co-hosted The 700 Club and the PTL Club for more than two decades. She is also well known for her extreme overuse of eye makeup.

Jerry Falwell Remembered
Reverend Jerry Falwell, founder of Liberty University and conservative Christian preacher, died on May 15, 2007 at age 73. Outspoken in politics, Falwell established the conservative lobbying group the Moral Majority in 1979, and went on to be one of the most controversial evangelical ministers in America.

Luis Palau - Founder of the Luis Palau Association
Luis Palau is a Christian evangelist and founder of the Luis Palau Association. He is best known for his worldwide contemporary evangelistic...

Amy Grant - Christian Music and Pop Music Recording Artist
Amy Grant is an American singer, songwriter, and recording artist who got her start in the Contemporary Christian Music genre. She is one of the first Christian artists to have successfully crossed over into the pop music market.

Tony Dungy - NFL Coach and Professional Football Player
Learn more about Tony Dungy, one of the most respected and popular NFL coaches in the league. Dungy is a former professional football player and current coach for the Indianapolis Colts.

Pat Robertson - Founder or the Christian Broadcasting Network
Pat Robertson is founder and chairman of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN).

Billy Graham - Founder of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Billy Graham, the American Christian evangelist, is best known for his worldwide evangelistic crusades preaching the message of Christianity to live audiences of more than 200 million people.

What Can We Learn from Fallen Christian Leaders?
What can we learn from fallen Christian leaders? Whenever a high-profile Christian leader falls or fails, the effects are far-reaching. As I contemplated the recent scandal in Ted Haggard's life, I was inspired to write this practical reflection of what we as believers can learn from fallen Christian leaders.

When Celebrities Melt Down
Have you ever wondered why so many rich and famous people seem to mess up their lives so badly? We read about celebrity scandals every day. Even though they have the admiration of millions of fans and every luxury money can buy, celebrities still can't get it right. So what's the problem?

Christian Athletes of the 2008 Olympics
It's true that throughout history, the lives of Olympic competitors have served to inspire and challenge us on a personal level. I recently had the privilege through email interviews, to get to know a little about some the Christian athletes bound for Beijing this summer. As I read their answers, my own faith was stirred by these young role models.

Is Bono of U2 a Christian?
Is rock star Bono a true follower of Jesus Christ? Read what he and others say about this faith.

Adrian Rogers Died November 15, 2005
Read about the death of Adrian Rogers, President of the Southern Baptist Convention.

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