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Tools for Living the Christian Faith


These tools for living the Christian faith are designed to offer practical help as you navigate your way through the Christian life. Not only will you find resources for managing the major events in your life, such as your Christian wedding ceremony, you will also encounter tips for celebrating Christian holidays, advice for developing a daily devotional, and even biblical decision making steps.
  1. Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals & More
  2. Developing a Daily Devotional
  3. Bible Study Tools
  4. Christian Marriage Advice
  5. Parenting & Family Advice
  6. Christian Singles Advice
  7. Advice for Christian Women
  1. Advice for Christian Men
  2. Christian Testimonies
  3. Christian Careers
  4. Books, Movies, Music & More
  5. Christian Holidays
  6. Reach Out - Faith in Action

Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals & More

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Find practical and spiritual information about some of the major events and observances in the life of a Christian, including baptisms, baby dedications, weddings, funerals and more. These resources will answer many of your questions as you navigate your way through the Christian life.

Developing a Daily Devotional

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Discover the adventure of spending time with God each day. Here you will find resources for developing a daily devotional life including topical devotions and loads of daily inspirational meditations in God's Word.

Bible Study Tools

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One of the most basic essentials in the daily life of a Christian is spending time reading God's Word. Here you will encounter a wealth of Bible study resources including advice on choosing a Bible, Bible study software, Bible reading plans, study guides, and online search tools.

Christian Marriage Advice

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Marriage is a joyous and sacred union in the Christian life. It can also be a complex and challenging venture. Here you will encounter practical and spiritual Christian marriage advice through quality articles and helpful resources. Find support for Christian marriages, couples devotionals, marriage testimonies, and tools for every aspect of daily living as a Christian couple in today's world.

Parenting & Family Advice

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Discover support for Christian parents and family advice through quality Christian articles and websites. Find practical help for your family in every aspect of daily living as a Christian parent in today's world.

Christian Singles Advice

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Christian singles face a unique set of challenges in the Christian life. These practical and spiritual resources for Christian singles include helpful articles, advice for living your faith, and many online aids to help you find happiness and fulfillment as a Christian single in today's world.

Advice for Christian Women

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Find practical and spiritual advice for Christian women through these quality articles and inspirational ideas. Here you will encounter messages for women only, devotionals, online support and prayer groups, women's ministry tools, health and beauty tips, and advice for every aspect of daily living as a Christian woman in today's world.

Advice for Christian Men

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Find practical and spiritual advice for Christian men through these quality articles and motivational ideas. Here you will encounter messages for men only, devotionals, online support and recovery groups, men's ministry tools, health and sports information, and advice for every aspect of daily living as a Christian man in today's world.

Christian Testimonies

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The testimony dimension of the Christianity site is designed to give you, visitors and members of the site and forum, an opportunity to tell your story. If your life has been changed significantly because of your Christian faith, we would like to hear about it!

Christian Careers

Here you will encounter helpful advice and practical tools for Christians managing a career in today's world. Find resources for searching job positions in a Christian career or ministry. Discover God's purpose for your vocation and learn how to bring your vision to life.

Books, Movies, Music & More

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The quality and quantity of Christian entertainment sources today is constantly improving and increasing. This Christian entertainment guide provides Christian book reviews, Christian movie reviews, as well as information about today's Christian music, magazines, publications, games and more.

Christian Holidays

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Though holiday moments are often wonderful, meaningful times in the Christian life, they can also present unique challenges. Here you will find holiday tips for Christians, such as decorating ideas, money saving hints, creative ways to celebrate the holidays, tips for dealing with family issues and advice for relieving holiday stress.

Reach Out - Faith in Action

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Are you looking for practical ways to express Christian compassion by helping members of your community? Here are a few resources designed to help you put your Christian faith in action.

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