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Lighting of the Unity Candle

Unity Candle Tips for Your Christian Wedding Ceremony


Lighting of the Unity Candle
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The lighting of the unity candle can be a very meaningful expression in a Christian wedding ceremony, symbolizing the union of two hearts and lives. Some couples choose to light the unity candle while a song is being sung with no verbal explanation given. Another option is for the minister to give a narrative of the candle lighting.

During the lighting of the unity candles, the couple will move toward the unity candles and stand on either side of the candle holders. Typically, two taper candles are placed on either side of the larger pillar candle or unity candle. The taper candles represent the lives of the Bride and Groom as individuals prior to their union in marriage. Together the couple will pick up their individual candles and in unison, they will light the center unity candle. Then they will blow out their own candles, symbolizing the end of their separate lives.

• If you choose to have the lighting of the candles explained, here is a sample lighting of the unity candle narrative.

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