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Common Christian Prayers

Read, memorize or simply meditate on some of these commonly known Christian prayers.

The Act of Contrition
The Act of Contrition is a prayer of repentance by Reverend James Gibbons (1884).

The Lord's Prayer
In the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 11, Jesus was praying with his disciples. On that day one of them asked, "Lord, teach us to pray." And so he...

Serenity Prayer
The Serenity Prayer is a well-known and dearly loved Christian prayer that has helped countless people in their battle to overcome life-controlling addictions.

A Priestly Blessing - The Benediction
In Numbers 6, the Lord instructed Moses to have Aaron and his sons bless the children of Israel with this special prayer. This Priestly Blessing is also known as The Benediction.

Prayer of St. Richard of Chichester
This Christian Prayer of Devotion is written by St. Richard Chichester (1197-1253).

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