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Christian Testimonies About Crime and Prison Time

These Christian testimonies are true stories about people who have committed crimes and faced prison time. Each story reveals a life transformed by Christian faith. The testimonies are submitted by the members and visitors of this site. If you know someone with an interesting, life-transforming testimony, please refer them to this page.
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Samantha's Freedom in Christ
Feelings of worthlessness led Samantha to a prison sentence, but turning to God brought her freedom in Christ.

Gregg's Spy Story
Gregg's Spy Story tells of one man’s fateful decision to sell U.S. secrets and God’s ability to redeem.

Austin's Living Free Testimony
Austin's parents raised him while drinking and doing drugs, and so at a young age he fell into the same lifestyle. Getting in trouble at school quickly turned into doing time at the juvenile detention center. While his parents were in jail, he went into foster care. By the time he was 20 he had given up hope. Until one night God spoke to Austin...

Running Wild
Growing up without a stable father-figure, Bruce ran wildly through his troubled childhood. Eventually he landed in a foster home. By 17 he joined the Army and headed for the Korean War. For many years and through countless jobs he chased after something real. Finally, as his world came unglued, he ran to God. In his heavenly Father’s embrace,...

Tom's Lonely Journey to Jesus
Tom knew he'd been unwanted all of his life, even before birth. Rejection and abuse eventually propelled him into a violent life of crime on the streets. After being miraculously protected in prison and later directed by an angel, Tom discovered the prayers from a group of teenagers leading him to surrender his life to Jesus Christ.

Victor's Life Transformation
Victor went from troubled, to bad, to worse. By age 17 he had dropped out of school to become a full-time gangster. He was addicted to alcohol, smoking and pornography while pursuing a life of crime. One day Victor met a girl who invited him to church. There he met Jesus Christ and surrendered his life. Victor has never been the same again.

Lisa's 180-Degree Turn
Lisa faced hard times as a single parent. When she could no longer find work she turned to drinking and drugs to avoid the depression that had set in. When Lisa's addiction caused her to lose her three kids, she still wouldn't quit. The same day she was arrested, Lisa picked up a Gideon's Bible and God spoke a strange message of hope to her heart.

Eddie's Steps to Freedom
Eddie struggled with life-controlling addictions. Although he knew about Jesus, Eddie had not yet come to understand God's grace. Condemnation,...

Jennifer's Faith
Jennifer thought she had met the perfect guy until her "bad boy" boyfriend and his bad habits landed her in jail. There she decide to let God back into her life. From that day forward her life began to change. She's now married to the love of her life and firm in her faith in God.

William's Peace - I Found My Cross
At a young age William was living a life influenced by drugs and crime. In and out of treatment and jail, William rode a merry-go-round that seemed to be leading to an early death. One day he got down on his knees and asked God to help him change. God filled him with a peace he'd never experienced before.

Peter's Deliverance
Peter was recovering from drug addiction and living in a half-way house. There he decided to turn his life over to God. When he bought his first computer, he unknowingly purchased a stolen one. This was God's opportunity to test Peter's faith and obedience. Peter passed the test and later went on to become a successful business owner.

Jody's Path
Jody was abandoned by his mother as a baby. With a father who was in and out of jail, Jody quickly slipped into a life of drugs, theft and homelessness. Eventually he found God, but his drug addiction still continued to wreak havoc in Jody's life. Jody ended up losing his family and his home before he fully surrendered to the Lord.

Sandra's Breath of Fresh Air
Sandra started smoking marijuana and drinking as a teenager. This eventually led to a cocaine addiction. As time went by she lost everything she cherished. When she could run no longer, she found herself running to the arms of God. Like a breath of fresh air, God entered her mess of a life and began to put the pieces back together.

Duane's Way to God
Duane was living a life that seemed to him the right way to go. But rather than directing him to God, the path was quickly leading him to death. Years of indulging in an immoral lifestyle landed Duane in jail for prostitution and testing positive for HIV. He decided it was time to let go of living his own life and start giving God control.

Jill's Milestones - From Jail to Jesus
Jill tried to free herself from the childhood sadness caused by divorce and parental neglect. She recklessly dove into a lifestyle of drugs and promiscuity. Jill spiraled downward into hopelessness until one day God's mercy intervened and Jill surrendered her life.

Vance's Rescue from Deep Waters
Vance had fallen so deep into trouble, pain and emptiness, he no longer knew the way out. He felt as though he was wasting his life. But God reached down from on high and took hold of Vance, rescuing him out of the deep waters.

Don's Deliverance - From Lost to Found
Don was a self-proclaimed "user" most of his life. He used people to get what he wanted. He used drugs to find happiness. And finally he used up all of his chances. Don found himself in big trouble, winding up in jail. Lost and at his lowest point, that's when Don encountered God.

Scott's Prayer - From Defeat to Victory
Scott is a man with crushed hopes. God had given him the bride he'd prayed for, but now he faced 8 years in prison. The unbearable weight of his sentence led to an irrational escape attempt, landing him another 15 years. But God answered Scott's prayers again, giving him strength to endure.

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