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Christian Testimonies About Loss of Faith

These Christian testimonies are true stories about people who have struggled with loss of faith. Each story reveals a life transformed by Christian faith. The testimonies are submitted by the members and visitors of this site. If you know someone with an interesting, life-transforming testimony, please refer them to this page.
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Katie's Revolution Song
Katie's Revolution Song is a refreshing story of one woman's struggle to find meaning and purpose in her life and a God who met her on her knees.

Joyce’s Journey Home
Follow Joyce’s Journey Home, as she rediscovers God’s direction for her life and plants her feet back on the path to blessings.

Kyle's Return to God
Kyle knew God had placed a call on his life, but he chose to ignore it for many years. His choice led him to addictions and sexual immorality. He wouldn't acknowledge he'd fallen into sin, and the enemy fed this deception. Kyle was tricked into the belief that God would not forgive him for the path he'd chosen. One day, Kyle made a decision to overcome the deception and turn back to God. He found the Lord's waiting arms, forgiveness, and freedom.

Camile's Marathon to Christ
Camile became a Christian as a child, but with no guidance through her teen years, she struggled with temptation and ended up pregnant at 18. After many attempts to return to her faith, it was her involvement in a local church's Christmas program that brought her back to Christ. Through her experiences, Camile learned that Christianity is more...

Jena's Fire for God
Jena had lost her passion for God. Raised in a small Baptist church, she had become a believer at an early age, but her efforts to be the perfect Christian eventually led to a cold spiritual place. When Jena moved to a new community and a much larger church, at first she hated the change. But then the Holy Spirit sparked a flame in Jena's...

Leanne's Crisis of Faith
After 9/11, Leanne began to have doubts about her faith. Although she had believed in Jesus from a young age, she was suddenly surprised to find herself telling a nurse that she was an atheist. Then a record setting snow storm placed Leanne in serious need of help, and God got her attention with a series of divine "coincidences."

Melinda's One Final Chance
Melinda found herself trapped in a horrible situation. Feeling angry at God because of the turmoil in her life, she made an outrageous, but very specific demand. Melinda gave God one final chance to prove that he existed, that he heard her prayers, and that he would answer. She was stunned and changed forever by God's remarkable response.

Tammy's Rock Bottom
Tammy grew up in a Christian home. Both her parents and grandparents knew the Lord. In her early 20s, after her dear grandmother had passed away, Tammy's faith was shaken. Later, when her marriage eroded and turmoil gave way to divorce, Tammy's world seemed to collapse. Finally she hit rock bottom, but then there was nowhere else to look but up...

Robert's Journey to God
At a young age, Robert seemed drawn to God. But the tragic loss of his mother at 17, set him on an angry journey of immoral living, bitterly blaming God for his mother's death. It would be many years before a desperate prayer and the loving witness of a Christian friend would turn Robert's path around and point him straight to forgiveness and...

Embee's Pentecost Experience
Embee lost interest in faith at an early age. By the time she reached grad school, her life was fulfilling, fun, and she felt no need for God. Yet,...

Marie's True Witness
In this Christian testimony about an ex-Jehovah's Witness, you'll read how Marie was raised in a family of Jehovah's Witnesses. After years of following legalistic rules, she came to feel a sense of hopelessness as she tried to earn salvation. At age 32 Marie left this religion and abandoned God, until one day when a small group of Christians introduced her to the real Christ. Marie suddenly felt God running to her.

Tonia's Rough Road
Tonia thought she knew the Lord. After hiding behind a facade, trying to please people and searching for love, Tonia ran away with the carnival. Her rocky road got rougher and love was always just beyond her reach, until one day Tonia realized she couldn't fool God. Now that she has received the love of Jesus, her life is finally moving in the...

Denise's Healing Redemption
Denise rebelled from her church upbringing early in her teen years. Eventually guilt, depression and anxiety took over her life. In her late 30s, when Denise felt she could no longer go on, God began a process of healing redemption. Now she spends her time sharing this good news with others.

Finding Something Real
Brendan was already falling for Jamie when she found out she was pregnant. He knew he needed to change and stop cheating on Jamie. But he needed a power greater than himself to resist the temptation — he needed something real. Eventually both Jamie and Brendan found that something real when they gave their lives to Jesus Christ.

The Night God Pinned Me to the Floor
Joe was raised in a Christian home, but walked away from God at age 13. Against his parent's will, he enlisted in the Air Force, and began a career that would lead him even further from God. One night in a moment of raw honesty, Joe challenged God to prove his existence. God answered Joe by pinning him to the floor and proving to him once and...

Sunshine's New Day
Sunshine's life had taken a sudden downward turn. In her mental anguish she tried to end it all. Taking a gun, a cooler full of beer and swallowing a whole bottle of pills, she set out on a drive with no intention of returning. Then God made himself known to her in a strange and miraculous intervention. Unexpectedly, a new day dawned for...

Laurie's Path to Heaven
Laurie was turned off by religion, but one day she had a very real encounter with God. Her search led her down a rocky course, through New Age doctrine and into the deepest darkness of drug addiction. When she felt the evil power of the drug's complete control over her life, she turned to God to save her soul. He set her free from drugs and...

Jennifer's Faith
Jennifer thought she had met the perfect guy until her "bad boy" boyfriend and his bad habits landed her in jail. There she decide to let God back into her life. From that day forward her life began to change. She's now married to the love of her life and firm in her faith in God.

Regina's Precious Gift
Regina's precious baby, Elizabeth, was dying from respiratory failure at only three weeks old. Though their faith was tested, Regina and her husband clung to God through prayer and praise. God answered their prayers in the form of a miracle, restoring little Elizabeth to health.

Jesse's Turn Around
Jesse had always believed in Jesus, but as he matured he grew apart from God. A failed marriage and a broken heart turned him around, back to the Lord. Then after an almost fatal car wreck, Jesse decided to live each day for Christ. Now he shares how Jesus Christ has changed his life.

Mathematical Proof of God?
Do we really need mathematical proof of God's existence? Jack Zavada of Inspiration-for-Singles.com talks about the faith shattering experience of...

Kathy's Rays of Sunshine
After losing her brother to a terrible disease, Kathy began to question why God had not answered her prayers and healed him. She knew that God could have healed him. Depression overcame Kathy in her grief and she even attempted to take her own life. But God mercifully intervened with happiness like rays of sunshine, reminding her that her...

Paul's Answer from God - The Rain
At age 21, Paul was a confirmed atheist. God had become just a myth in Paul's estimation. Yet when a paralyzing depression and phobia eclipsed his world, Paul began to seek God. With the help of a Christian friend and a divine answer from God, Paul became a believer.

Margaret's Image of God
Margaret's earliest images of God were obscured by her own feelings of cynicism and mistrust. As she grew older she became a loner who rejected human contact. When Margaret was eight years old, she moved to Australia and began a relationship with her grandmother, the one person who revealed to her a new image God - a loving God who could be...

Belinda's Question of Height
Belinda grew up with the stigma of being unusually tall. Negative attention, embarrassment, and scorn led to feelings of being unwanted and unaccepted by everyone, but especially by God. She was convinced she was "not supposed to be here." Then one day, while making a contract with Satan, Belinda received a wake up call from God.

Vance's Rescue from Deep Waters
Vance had fallen so deep into trouble, pain and emptiness, he no longer knew the way out. He felt as though he was wasting his life. But God reached down from on high and took hold of Vance, rescuing him out of the deep waters.

Kellyn's Path to God - From Agnosticism to Faith
Kellyn was a young woman headed down a stubborn path, doubting the existence of God. Yet some of the Christians she met along the way offered friendship and acceptance, and eventually they led her down the road to faith in God.

Tom's Courage Testimony of a Life Transformed from Fear to Faith
In this testimony of a life transformed by God, you'll meet Tom. Tom is a man toughened by life at an early age. Abandoned by father and mother, he becomes a fighter. Yet one day this fighter surrenders to God. He trades his firearms for spiritual weapons, and loses his dependence upon drugs and alcohol. Tom finds new courage that comes from walking with God.

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