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Mother's Day

Find practical information about Mother's Day for Christians, including tips, celebration ideas, Bible verses, Christian customs, and many more resources associated with Mother's Day.

Top Mother's Day Gifts
Top Mother's Day gift ideas to bless Mom on Mother's Day.

10 Words of Wisdom for Women
These 10 words of wisdom for women form a beautiful collection of quotes, Bible verses and words of wisdom specially chosen for Christian women. They are inspired by Karen Wolff's new ebook, A Change of Heart, with tips to help women learn how to channel their God-given gifts toward positive and lasting life changes.

Daily Devotionals for Women
These daily devotionals are for women who want to renew their spirit and connect with God on a daily basis by bringing him into every aspect of their life. The devotionals are chosen to bring encouragement, daily wisdom and insight for women in today's world.

Bible Verses for Mother's Day
Bible verses for Mother's Day includes a collection of Bible Scriptures for women chosen to bless a loving mother or godly wife.

Mother's Day Prayer
As Christians, many of us feel a similar love and thankfulness for our mothers, and on Mother's Day we're looking for just the right way to express what's in our hearts. If these words touch you and convey your sentiments, you're welcome to share this Mother's Day Prayer with your special mom.

Mother's Day Poems
Bless your mom on Mother's Day with one of these Christian poems, chosen especially with godly mothers in mind.

Tapestry - Poem
Reflecting on a mother's life, this rhyme offers thanks for a godly mother's love.

A Part of Me - Poem
"A Part of Me" is an original Christian Mother's Day poem submitted by an About.com member. As the writer sorts through memories of her mother and other godly women in her life, she offers a prayer of thanks.

New Books for Mother's Day
Try one of these great new Christian books for women as the perfect Mother's Day gift, a birthday gift for Mom, or just a book to read for yourself.

A Blessing in Disguise - Poem
"A Blessing in Disguise" is an original Christian poem submitted by an About.com member. It was written in remembrance of a dear mother who has gone on to live in heaven.

Blessed Mothers in the Bible
Mothers in the Bible are treated with honor, for making the way ready for Jesus Christ. From Eve to Mary the mother of Jesus, these women endured hardship and disgrace, but their lives still speak to mothers of today.

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