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Family Bible Study Guide for Christian Parents

Training Up Godly Kids Through Family Bible Study


Family Bible Study
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Ask any Christian parent and they will tell you - raising godly children in today's society is not easy! In fact, it seems like there are more temptations than ever before to protect your children from.

But God promised that if you "Train up a child in the way he should go ... when he is old he will not depart from it." (Proverbs 22:6 KJV) So, how do you, as a parent, fulfill your half of this promise? How do you train up godly children?

One of the most effective ways to train up your kids is to sit down and talk to them about God--tell them about God’s love for them, and the plan for their lives that he laid out in the Bible.

Designing a family Bible study routine can sound a bit intimidating at first. But, here are some real world reasons for taking time out to sit down as a family and talk about the Bible.

The "Whys" of Family Bible Study

It opens the door for you to share your faith with your kids.
Most Christian kids hear more about Christ from their pastors and youth group leaders than they do from their parents – but they trust you the most. That is why, when you sit down and share your heart with your kids, it really brings God’s Word home (pun intended).

It sets a good example.
When you designate a special time for family Bible study, it shows your children that you put a priority on God’s Word, and on their spiritual growth. As they watch you share your love for the Lord, it also gives you a chance to model what a healthy relationship with God looks like.

It will help your family grow close, and stay close.
When you create a relaxed family Bible study atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to share, it’s family quality time at its best! Starting this simple tradition is a great way to ensure that family will always come first in your home. It allows you all to slow down, come together, and talk about things that matter.

It will open up channels of communication.
Family Bible time provides an opportunity for your kids to open up and ask questions that they would not have felt comfortable asking in a larger group. But, in the safety of the family circle, they can find out what God’s Word really says about important issues they are facing. They can get the answers from you, instead of a schoolmate or the TV.

Don’t feel qualified to teach your kids the Bible? Most Christian parents don’t. So, here are five tips to help you get your kids excited about God’s Word!

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