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Practical Tools for Living the Christian Faith

Here you will find practical tools and resources for every day living as a Christian in today's world. This area is geared toward helping you with basic decisions about every aspect of life, work, family, school, voting, dating, marriage and parenting.
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My Favorite Christian Things
Like Oprah, I've put together a list of my ultimate favorite Christian things. Over the years as a believer, I've discovered some practical, useful, and just plain enjoyable things to help me grow in faith and mature in my relationship with the Lord. Learn a little about me and my walk with Christ by considering a few of my favorite Christian...

Free Christianity eCourses
Do you need help in your Christian walk? These Christianity eCourses are designed to give Christians practical advice and support for daily living in today's world. Challenge yourself to grow in the faith, stay encouraged, be inspired, or develop a few skills to deepen your relationship with Christ!

Spiritual Growth Workshop
This spiritual growth workshop combines several tools to help you in your Christian walk of faith. Each resource is practical, offering simple steps for you to follow. Choose the ones that fit your current need, or spend some time on each. The tools are designed to address key areas that strongly influence your spiritual development as a Christ follower.

4 Essential Steps For Spiritual Growth
Are you a brand new follower of Christ, wondering where to get started on your journey? Here are 4 essential steps to move you forward toward spiritual growth. Though simple, they are vital to building your relationship with the Lord.

4 Reasons Not to Worry
We spend an awful lot of time worrying. And the time we've wasted on worry can never be reclaimed. If you've decided to spend your time more wisely, here are four biblical reasons not to worry.

Positive Attitude Tips
It is refreshingly fun to be around positive thinking people. Negativity never even enters their minds, let alone crosses their lips to form negative, faithless words! But let's be honest, encountering a positive person is a rare occurrence these days! Karen Wolff shows us how to turn our negative thoughts into positive thinking permanently ...

Faith Building Bible Verses
These faith building Bible verses make up a collection of inspiring Scriptures selected specifically to encourage your walk of faith.

Overcoming Jealousy - Causes and Cures for Jealousy
Is there a cure for overcoming jealousy? When you look closely at the word jealousy there's something vital that stands out. The feeling of jealousy makes you feel lousy! Karen Wolff of Christian-Books-for-Women.com considers the causes of jealousy and then describes simple, practical steps for overcoming jealousy.

The Lesson From Virginia Tech
The Virginia Tech tragedy makes no sense, but yet there is a lesson we can learn from it. History has proven that the human spirit shines brightest when tested by adversity. Join Jack Zavada of Inspiration-for-Singles.com as he dares us to be honest with God and consider "The Lesson From Virginia Tech."

Biblical Decision Making Steps
Biblical decision making begins with a willingness to submit your intentions to God's perfect will and humbly follow his direction. The problem is that most of us don't know how to figure out what God's will is in every decision we faceespecially the big, life-altering decisions. This step-by-step plan lays out a spiritual road map for biblical decision making.

4 Keys to Making Right Decisions
Do you have trouble making decisions? For some people decision making is easy. But for most of us, it's difficult to know if we're using good judgment as we make daily decision about life. In her humorous and candid style, Karen Wolff of Christian-Books-for-Women.com offers four keys to making right decisions.

How Fit is Your Faith?
How fit is your faith? Do you need a spiritual check-up? If you sense something might be wrong in your Christian walk, here are 12 signs of a healthy faith-life. If your faith-life is not characterized by all, or at least some of these areas, it might be time to examine your Christian walk, or maybe even look for a new church.

How to Share Your Faith
"How to Share Your Faith" is an easy guide to being a witness for Jesus Christ. Karen Wolff of Christian-Books-For-Women.com shows us practical ways to share our faith simply by being an example for Christ.

How to Write Your Christian Testimony
These steps are designed to help you write your Christian testimony. Whether you are planning to write down your full, detailed testimony or...

Worship Through Relationship
What does it mean to worship God? Karen Wolff of Christian-Books-For-Women.com show us that we can learn a lot about worship simply through relationship with God. In "Are You Seeking God's Face or God's Hand?" you'll discover a few keys to opening God's heart through praise and worship.

How do Christians Deal with Stress?
We will answer the question, "How do Christians deal with stress?" First we'll look at how Christians define stress and the basic cause of stress among Christians. Then we will discover that stress relief for a Christian begins and ends with two basic disciplines: prayer and meditation on the Word of God.

How to Spring Clean Your Spirit
Do you need to learn how to spring clean your spirit? Spring cleaning, though worth the effort, will only last for a season, but spiritual cleansing could have an eternal influence. If you are in need of a spiritual spring cleaning, these seven steps will show you how.

Clean Up Your Thinking
Do you need to clean up your thinking? Do you have negative thoughts about yourself and others? As Christians we may not even realize how our wrong thinking is affecting our concept of God. Don't let trashy thinking litter your mind and ruin your life. Jack Zavada shows us how to clean up our "stinking thinking" and take out the garbage.

5 Steps to Building Your Christian Marriage
Building your Christian marriage and keeping it strong, does require work. However, the blessings and rewards of that effort are priceless and immeasurable. Here are 5 steps for strengthening your Christian marriage.

What Does the Bible Say About Marriage?
Marriage is an important issue in the Christian life. Vast numbers of books, magazines and marriage counseling resources are dedicated to the subject of marriage preparation and improving communication in marriage. In this article we'll explore the important question, "What does the Bible say about marriage?"

How to Create a Devotional Plan
Follow these easy steps for developing a daily devotional time, one of the most important ways to grow your Christian faith. Getting started simply takes a little planning. Since there's no set standard of what a devotional time should look like, you will want to create a plan that is right for you. These steps help you incorporate the basics...

Spending Time With God
Check out Part I of this series of excerpts from a booklet called "Spending Time With God," written by Pastor Danny Hodges of Calvary Chapel St....

How to Choose a Church
Are you looking for a church? It often requires a great deal of patient persistence. Here are some practical steps to remember, along with questions to ask yourself, as you work your way through the process.

How to Avoid Temptation
Temptation is something we all face as Christians, no matter how long we have been following Christ. There are a few practical things, however, that we can do to grow stronger and smarter in our struggle against sin. You can learn how to avoid temptation by practicing these five steps.

How to Avoid Backsliding
The Christian life is not always an easy road. Sometimes we get off track. The Bible says to encourage your brothers and sisters in Christ daily so that no one turns away from the living God. If you have found yourself drifting away from the Lord, try these practical steps to get you back on course today.

What Can We Learn from Fallen Christian Leaders?
What can we learn from fallen Christian leaders? Whenever a high-profile Christian leader falls or fails, the effects are far-reaching. As I contemplated the recent scandal in Ted Haggard's life, I was inspired to write this practical reflection of what we as believers can learn from fallen Christian leaders.

Popular Bible Translations
Check out this comparison and explanation of 5 popular Bible translations. Understand what makes each one unique and how they were created? Each translation is used on the Christianity site for quoting text from the Bible.

What is the Proper Way to Dispose of an Old Bible?
There are no scriptural instructions on how to dispose of an old Bible. While God's Word is holy and to be honored, there's nothing sacred in the physical materials. Consequently, discarding an old Bible is a matter of personal conviction. However, before you throw away an old Bible, prayerfully consider donating it.

Christian Parenting
This page offers practical support for Christian parents through quality Christian articles and Web sites. Find practical advice for Christian parenting and advice for every aspect of daily living as a Christian parent in today's world.

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