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Presidential Candidate Duncan Hunter


Presidential Candidate Duncan Hunter

Duncan Hunter

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Faith Snapshot:

Last Updated: 01/19/2008

Issues of faith and religion come to the forefront quite often during elections and presidential campaigns. In preparation for the primary elections, I thought it would be helpful to provide a "faith snapshot" of each of the 2008 presidential candidates. I have sent each candidate a brief questionnaire about their faith. This project will be continually updated as I receive responses and find additional faith-related statements from the candidates. Please check back often!

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Duncan Hunter's Political Profile:

Hunter withdraws his candidacy - 01/19/08.

Party: Republican
Age: 59
Western State University, B.S.L. & J.D.
Current Position: U.S. Rep., California
Experience: U.S. Army, Attorney, House Armed Services Committee Chairman
Declared Candidacy: Jan. 2007

Duncan Hunter's Faith Snapshot:

Religion/Church: Southern Baptist

Duncan Hunter was raised in the Southern Baptist faith. At the age of 16, Duncan made a decision to receive Christ as savior. He has pursued a daily relationship with God ever since. Feeling called to honor God by serving his country, at age 21 he joined the U.S. Army and fought in the Vietnam War. Currently Hunter attends First Baptist Church of Alpine in California and is on the advisory board of a Christian disaster relief mission called Rescue Task Force.

Duncan Hunter's Expressions of Faith:

In response to 30 questions about his faith and his stand on political issues, Duncan Hunter told GodVoter.org that being a Christian has given him a "foundation to living with divine purpose." He went on to say, "The Lord has led me to be a part of the 2008 Presidential Race."

When asked which Christian leader's beliefs most resemble his own beliefs, Hunter said Dr. Billy Graham.

Speaking about his friend's (Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham) bribery scandal and prison sentence, Hunter told the Los Angeles Times, "I think that as Christians, if we can forgive our enemies, we can certainly forgive our friends."

Duncan Hunter & the Bible:

Hunter told GodVoter.org that he honors the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation: "The Bible is God’s Word," he said. "I read my Bible consistently. There are Scriptures that I quote daily."

More About Duncan Hunter's Faith:

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