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Roman Catholic Denomination

Here you will find a detailed profile of the Roman Catholic denomination, along with a brief history, beliefs and practices of the faith, related literature and other important resources to help you explore the Roman Catholic denomination.

Roman Catholic Denomination Profile
A brief sketch of the Roman Catholic denomination including the number of worldwide members, founders, geography, governing body, sacred text, notable Catholics, and the beliefs and practices of the faith.

Roman Catholic Church - Brief History
A brief history of the Roman Catholic denomination.

Roman Catholic Church - Beliefs and Practices
An overview of the distinguishing beliefs and practices of the Roman Catholic Church as a Christian denomination, including a comparison with Protestant denominations.

Top 10 Books About Catholicism
Some of the most popular books about Catholicism, Catholic literature, and resources on the Roman Catholic faith have been arranged in this top 10 list of books about Catholicism.

Are Catholics Christians?
Apparently not everyone believes that Catholics are members of a Christian denomination. Recently I received a note from a reader upset by the Catholic resources provided on my Christian denominations pages. Read his opinion of the Catholic faith and my response.

Reader Feedback - "Roman Catholicism is not a Denomination"
One reader gives his opinion about the Roman Catholic Church, stating that "Roman Catholicism is not a Denomination," but rather, "His one true Church ... instituted by Christ Himself."

Reader Feedback - "The Evangelical Catholic Movement"
One reader gives an insightful perspective on the Roman Catholic Church as he shares his heart regarding the Evangelical Renewal Movement among Catholics.

Catholicism 101
Explore the beliefs and practices of Catholicism. They form a good starting point for learning more about the Catholic Church.

About.com - Christianity / Catholicism
Insight and information all about Catholicism.

Popes of the Roman Catholic Church
A comprehensive list of the Popes of the Roman Catholic Church throughout history.

The Coming Home Network
The purpose of The Coming Home Network International is to provide fellowship, encouragement and support for pastors and laymen of other traditions who are somewhere along the journey or have already converted to the Catholic Church.

Catholic Online
Catholic news and on-line resources.

Catechism of the Catholic Church
English Translation of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Official Site of the Vatican
Resources about the Vatican City, the pope, liturgical celebrations, and other Roman Catholic issues. Available in several languages.

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