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Real Life Testimonies - Transformed Lives

The testimony dimension of the Christianity site is designed to give you an opportunity to tell your story. We are looking for testimonies of transformed lives from persons of all faith groups, giving real life examples of how your relationship with God has made a difference in your life. Tell us how your faith has helped you, because we believe your story could help others.
  1. Drugs, Alcohol & Addictions (43)
  2. Depression and Suicide (43)
  3. Physical and Sexual Abuse (23)
  4. Crime and Prison Time (?)
  5. Physical Healing (?)
  6. Loss and Dying (23)
  7. Loss of Faith (28)
  8. Miraculous Intervention (?)
  9. Your Miraculous Experiences

How to Write Your Christian Testimony
These steps are designed to help you write your Christian testimony. Whether you are planning to write down your full, detailed testimony or...

Weekly eTestimonies
Sign up to receive hope and encouragement from real-life stories of changed lives mailed to your inbox each week.

Before & After Stories of Christian Salvation
Now, you can not only tell your Christian salvation story, but also show how your faith in Jesus Christ has changed you. Do you have photographs that document your transformation? Do you have a remarkable before and after story? Please show and tell us about it!

Submit Your Testimony
If your life has been changed significantly because of your Christian faith, we would like to hear about it! We are looking for testimonies from persons of all faith groups, giving real life examples of how your relationship with God has made a difference in your life.

Share Your Popcorn Testimonies
If you've experienced a unique and life-altering encounter with God, we'd like to hear about it. Tell us your testimony.

How Has God Helped You Through Hard Times?
When we read testimonies of God's faithfulness to other Christians who have struggled through hard times, we gain courage to keep on believing, trusting, and not lose faith. I'd like to give you the opportunity to offer hope, encouragement, and comfort to fellow believers who are facing difficult times today.

Popcorn Testimonies - Brief Testimonies of Transformed Lives
Popcorn testimonies are quick, spontaneous accounts of God's intervention in a person's life. Each of these brief testimonies were submitted by members and visitors of this site. Their true stories are a part of our collection of featured testimonies. Each one reveals a life transformed by Christian faith.

Breast Cancer Survivor Stories - Life Lessons
Here are ten breast cancer survivors telling their stories in their own words. You will meet everybody from a tough grandmother who considers herself lucky, to a young mother of three preschool boys who learned how to explain her diagnosis to her children.

TruthSaves.org Christian Testimonies
TruthSaves.org is a website with tons of real-life Christian testimonies. Check them out!

TheHopeWithin.org features a collection of stories, testimonies submitted by real people, sharing the reason for the hope that lives within us (1 Peter 3:15).

The Most Important Thing
MostImprtantThing.org is a place for adult Christians to share their personal experience of knowing Jesus. The Most Important Thing is a production of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma (BGCO).

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