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Thanksgiving Day

Find practical information about the Thanksgiving Day holiday for Christians, including tips, celebration ideas, Bible verses, Christian customs, and many more resources associated with Thanksgiving Day.

The Pilgrims' Religion
When the Pilgrims held the first Thanksgiving feast at Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621, their initial year in America had resulted in the deaths of half their members from illness, cold, Indian attacks, and starvation. The Pilgrims' religion and unshakable faith in God carried them through. Learn the beliefs of these brave Christians and why...

10 Creative Ways to Give Thanks on Thanksgiving Day
These 10 simple yet creative ideas will help you and your family express thanks to God on Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Fun for Christian Families
Fun websites with ideas for laughter, music, movies and other fun activities to enjoy with your family this Thanksgiving holiday.

How to Give Thanks in Suffering
Expressing thanks to God when you're hurting seems like an unreasonable idea until you discover what you're actually giving thanks for. Find out why you can be grateful even in unbearable circumstances.

Bible Verses for Thanksgiving
Here are a few Bible verses to assist you in giving thanks and praise at Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Quotes by Christians
Take a moment to reflect on these thoughts of gratitude and thankfulness inspired by well-known Christian writers, ministers, and theologians.

Thank You Bible Verses
Are you looking for just the right words to say thank you to a Christian friend or family member? Here are a few simple Bible verses specifically chosen to help you express your appreciation.

What is Your Favorite Thanksgiving Memory?
Share your fun and meaningful memories of Thanksgiving celebrations.

Share Your Favorite Thanksgiving Verses
Naturally, one of the most common traditions on Thanksgiving Day is to give thanks and praise to God. The Scriptures are filled with passages expressing words of thankfulness to the Lord for his abundant goodness in our lives. To complement my collection of Thanksgiving Day Bible Verses, I'm asking you to share your favorite Thanksgiving verses.

Thanksgiving Day Prayers
Enjoy this collection of Thanksgiving prayers for giving thanks on Thanksgiving Day.

Traditional Christian Mealtime Blessings
These meal blessings are traditional Christian dinner prayers for saying grace and blessing the food at mealtimes. The prayers are short and simple, great for holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, or any dinner gathering.

Thanksgiving Traditions and Trivia
Share some well-known Thanksgiving Day traditions and little-known Thanksgiving trivia with your family and friends this year.

Favorite Books for Thanksgiving
Are you looking for a book to prepare your mood for the Thanksgiving holiday? Here are five favorite books for Thanksgiving, perfect for curling up by the fire on a cool November night, or reading together with your family. They are written for children, but can be appreciated at any age.

Share Your Thanksgiving Day Traditions
Does your family have a unique Thanksgiving Day tradition? Why not share some of your favorite holiday traditions with others.

Thanksgiving Poem - Pause and Give Thanks
"Pause and Give Thanks" is an original Thanksgiving poem submitted by an About.com member. It is a reminder to stop and take a moment to give thanks for the gift of Christ at Christmas.

A Thanksgiving Prayer
"A Thanksgiving Prayer," an original Christian prayer for sharing on Thanksgiving Day, was submitted by an About.com member.

A Thanksgiving Day Prayer
"A Thanksgiving Prayer," an original Christian Thanksgiving Day prayer, was submitted by an About.com member.

Thanksgiving Prayer - I Thank Thee
"I Thank Thee" is a beautiful Thanksgiving prayer. This Christian poem was written by Jane Crewdson (1860) as a prayer of thankfulness to God for...

Thanksgiving Prayer - We Give Thanks to You
"We Give Thanks to You," an original Christian Thanksgiving Day prayer, was submitted by an About.com member.

A Thanksgiving Testimony - Dara's Legacy
Dara shares a testimony of thanksgiving for the godly women in her life. Each one has passed down a legacy of holy living and genuine faith in God. Dara's prayer is to follow in their footsteps and leave a legacy of godliness that will eternally influence the lives of her own children and grandchildren.

Prayer of Thanksgiving
Take time to remember the hungry and less fortunate with this prayer on Thanksgiving Day.

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