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Tribute to My Parent's Love

A Valentine's Day Poem for Christian Parents


J Prida

Tribute to My Parent's Love

I learned so much about life
From you, dear Mom and Dad.
But I learned even more about love
And for that I'm very glad.

You came to know the Savior
When I was still a teen.
Your lives took on new meaning
No more that same 'ole routine.

Now, at seventeen I was hard to surprise,
But you started changing before my eyes.

So I sat, I watched, I wondered,
There must be something to this.
Mom and Dad act like newlyweds
Basking in wedded bliss.

And now they go to prayer meeting,
Then they go to church,
Later they read their Bibles,
Like some treasure hunting search.

Hmmm. This is all quite interesting, indeed.
Maybe it's just the thing I need?

So I followed to prayer meeting,
And then I followed them to church.
And before long, you know what happened?
I was on my own Bible search.

They didn't have to force me,
Not even twist my arm,
For their genuine transformation
Already had me charmed.

They taught me about love by loving each other--
An example to me and my sisters and brother.

So I found life's fulfillment in Jesus,
The Lover of my soul, and Friend.
And I have Mom and Dad to thank for this,
But that is not the end.

Through life's joys and the trials,
Over the course of their long life,
We have all seen their godly example
Of a loving husband and adoring wife.

Now I'm married to the most wonderful man.
Together we're delighting in God's special plan.

And each of my siblings enjoy this too--
A union of spirit, body, and soul,
A love eternal, a life complete,
Together made one, through Jesus made whole.

We've learned from loving parents
The things that matter from above.
Dear Mom and Dad, you've shown us
The greatest gift--our Savior's love.

-- Mary Fairchild

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