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Top 5 Sources for Christian Wedding Vows


Are you searching for the perfect wedding vows for your Christian wedding ceremony? Check out this top list of sources for sample Christian wedding vows.

1. Christian Wedding Vows from About Christianity

Use these sample Christian wedding vows just as they are, or modify them and create your own together with the minister performing your ceremony.

2. Christian Wedding Vows from Bible.org

Choose from 13 sample Christian wedding vows.

3. Christian Wedding Vows from ForeverWed.com

Includes wedding vows for several Christian denominations, and over 400 poems, verses and readings to choose from.

4. Catholic Wedding Vows

Catholic wedding vows and choices for your traditional Catholic wedding ceremony from WeddingClipArt.com.

5. Wedding Vows for Second Marriages

Sample vows and ceremonies for second marriages.

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