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Power Bible CD - "Worth Rubies"

Reader Reviews: Bible Software

User Rating 4 Star Rating

By Meredith

Bible Software

Software Name & Version (e.g., Logos Bible Software 4): 

Power Bible CD 5.9

Website URL of Software: 


What is the best feature of the software? 

Power Bible CD is simple and uncluttered to use. It is easy to navigate from verse to verse, to search for words, to go in-depth with original languages, and to copy and paste Scriptures into other documents.

How could the software be improved? 

Most of the reference resources are classics, but heavily weighted toward the Reformed side. It could be better balanced and updated. Also I wish more modern Bible versions were available, and that the interlinear feature was available in a translation other than the KJV.

Was the software a good value for the price you paid? 

Power Bible CD is worth far more than the asking price!

What software features do you use most? 

The search function is what I use the most, followed by the interlinear and pop-up Strong's definitions. I love that Bible verse pop up when mouse-hovered.

What is your primary use for the software? 

I mostly use it for writing Bible lessons.

How long have you used the software? 

More than 3 years.

My Review 

As a Bible student, missionary, and Bible teacher in a Christian School, I have used Power Bible CD for about ten years. It has everything I need and is very simple to use, especially for Bible searches. It is supplied at no cost to missionaries, and only $7 postpaid for everyone else. Worth rubies!

For the average person who wants to study the Bible, it is very adequate. It is not overloaded with bells and whistles and has an uncluttered appearance. It is fast and does not hog computer resources, which is great when you are running lots of programs!

On the downside, the resources are limited. The basic software includes numerous Bible translations (NKJV being the most modern) and lots of Bible dictionaries, Sermon outlines, commentaries and lexicons. The NIV can be added for $16, but I wish the ESV, NLT, and Message were also available. Also, the references are badly in need of updating, unless you are content to study in the great company of Wesley, Spurgeon, and Henry-- no slouches, to be sure.

That being said, it is still my go-to Bible Software, and I'm spoiled by how easy it is to access what I need quickly.

Would you recommend this to a friend? 


Mary Fairchild, About.com Christianity, says:

It's interesting to get this review perspective from a Bible teacher who has used the software for a long time. Thanks, Meredith, for letting us know about Power Bible CD!

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