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Child-friendly Advent Wreath

Submit an Entry: Show Off Your Homemade Advent Wreaths

By HidiGardner

Child-friendly Advent Wreath

Child-friendly Advent Wreath

Child-friendly Advent Wreath

Time required to complete the project:

By myself, it took several interrupted hours. With help, it would take much less time.

Materials and tools I used:

Cardboard circle, aluminum foil, tissue paper (white and various shades of pink and purple), white glue, paintbrush, green foam sheets, pen/pencil, scissors, 6 applesauce containers (smooth, no design on the cups), 5 flame-less tea lights.

How I put the wreath together:

I cut a 9 inch cardboard circle from a box. (My child has small hands, so this was a good size for us.) I then wrapped the circle in aluminum foil.

I traced his hand and then cut out several hand prints from the green foam. I glued the hand prints around the top edge of the circle, alternating the fingers facing in and facing out. (It slid less if I glued a few and allowed to partially dry before adding more.)

For the votive holders, I cut small squares of tissue paper and used a paintbrush to apply glue to the applesauce containers, being sure to reapply glue to the dry side of the tissue paper on the container before adding the next layer.

For the center candle, I glued the bottoms of two applesauce containers together to give the votive height.

What I'd Do Differently

  • I might use white and cream or white and silver tissue paper in the future to give the center candle more dimension like the purple and pink ones. (I have mixed feelings on that, though, since the white represents the purity of Christ.)

Mary Fairchild, About.com Christianity, says:

Hidi, I love the simplicity of your design and especially how it incorporates your child's "hand print."

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