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The Bible and Suicide

Readers Respond: Tell Us How You Obtained a Free Bible

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The Free Bible

http://www.thefreebible.com has a free bible download.
—Guest Guest

Dogwood Outreach

We send free Bibles in English and Spanish: http://www.dogwoodoutreach.org/ .
—Guest Eric Duncan


Although it is difficult to find free Bibles on the internet, I came across a Bible called NetBible which is free, and also a good translation. It has the convenient .doc format. I suggest that you try it if seeking a good free Bible.

Free Bible for Your Cell Phone

Go to http://www.get122.com/cellphone-bible.php and download a bible that can be displayed on any computer or standard camera-cell phone.
—Guest Dennis Borgeson

I Got Mine at Dollar Tree Too

Matt said he got his Bible at Dollar Tree. I got mine there for $1 while the back cover says its worth $10. Totally worth it! Small words, 4 columns on each page, but totally compact.
—Guest c

My Free Bible that I Carried in the Army

When I was in Basic Training at Ft. Gordon, Ga. in 1968, we were allowed to go on a weekend pass because my Basic Training Company got 100% on a training test. On Saturday afternoon, some people were asking us who could spend the night off base, and I told them that I could, so they put myself and about a dozen of my fellow Basic Trainees up for the night, fed us a great dinner, and Breakfast the next day. Sunday they took us to one of the Baptist Churches in the area for Church, where we were treated with respect, not hatred for being Soldiers. Each of us was given a King James Bible. Mine went with me for the first year that I was in the Army, then I left it with my Mother, but she replaced it with a new Study Bible. I wonder how many people who died in Vietnam were SAVED and are now in heaven because of these wonderful people. I hope they are still doing this at every town outside a Training Base.
—Guest taylorcraftbc65


At free-holybible.com, we offer ESV, NIV, and even NVI (Spanish) Translation Bibles. You may also request any non-denominational Bible you set your heart upon.
—Guest Joseph

New World Translation

This truly excellent, modern translation (offered by the Jehovah's Witnesses) is in modern English (and dozens of other languages). It is free for the asking and belongs in any serious Bible student's library. It's available online at http://www.watchtower.org/e/bible/index.htm, or a printed copy can be obtained free of charge by filling out a request for contact, or by dropping by one of their churches (called "Kingdom Halls" if you look in the phone book or use a search engine). This Bible comes from the same roots as the Geneva, King James, Latin Vulgate, and many other sources.
—Guest dean

Blessings From Above

Free Bible request website: https://sites.google.com/site/blessingsfromabovemin/.
—Guest Dee Hawkins

Best Free Bible

As some have mentioned already www.BiblesforAmerica.org offers a New Testament with great footnotes. Really helpful. They offer free Christian literature too.

Mormon Church

Even if you are not Mormon, your local Mormon church or temple will give you a free copy of the King James Bible. Or alternatively, your local Wal-mart probably has people who pass out free bibles and information out front several times monthly.
—Guest Erika

Great New Testament Study Bible

The best study Bible I've seen is from biblesforamerica.org. The New Testament with footnotes and cross-references can be obtained free, but the one with footnotes for the Old Testament is not free, but it's worth it!
—Guest Maria


Go to http://netbible.org for a free Bible study tool or to download the NETBible for free.
—Guest david austin

Online Bible

Another free-to-download Bible is at http://www.onlinebible.net/.
—Guest Anonymous

NET Bible

There is a great new translation available at http://Bible.org.
—Guest Dan Flory

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