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Readers Respond: Why Don't You Go to Church?

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I am a Child of God

I do go to church occasionally...at times when I go I feel I get a specific message from God and it's great, my children both attend church, one with her father, one with her great grandmother. I want them to go learn about God and Jesus. I learned and I still am, my relationship with God is very special and personal to me. I talk to him in my prayers. He has always been there to guide me. I feel His presence and I want to do His will. The problem I have with going to church are different denominations perceive the Bible differently. It means one thing to them, another to someone else. If you perceive it in a different way than they, you are just wrong. If you have your own opinion, forget it. And judgmental, some people assume if you are not a regular you are a heathen. They don't know me or my standing with God! How dare they assume? God guides my heart, the helping other Christians I do, without giving myself glory. I praise God for leading me to help! I hope to find a church or group.
—Guest renee


Honestly, most of the reasons I have for skipping are selfish ones. I sometimes feel used at the church, some I amp up those feelings to ditch it. The reality lies in the middle. I should learn to say no, but keep going and put in an effort. Sometimes I just get lazy and tired. It eats you half a day of time and I can easily blame things that do not get done on church. However, I can make time if I want to. I did this search really to find a way out of going.
—Guest vmos

Made for Man

Because it is for man and not for him. Because they disappoint me. Because they judge. Because it was religion that killed Christ. Because they talk and they don't listen. Because Jesus wants it that way. Beloved. You are not alone. Build your relationship on your own. He truly is awesome.
—Guest Olometal

Religion is Absurd

I think religion is just plain absurd. I do believe that there was a rabbi named Jesus who taught some very radical things, but as to God, the Bible, and especially churches, I think it is horrible. First, I think that it is extremely wrong for one to shove religion down their child's throat, because even though I'm 14, I thoroughly understand how pliable the young brain is. And if God really was there, wouldn't the child come across religion by themselves? Second, being female, I think the bible is EXTREMELY sexist. I mean why was Eve created from Adam? Why was Eve punished for trying to gain knowledge? It's even stated in the Bible that women shouldn't speak in church. "Women should remain silent in churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission..."1 Corinthians 14:34. Sexism anyone? Ah whatever...
—Guest The Devil (jk :P)

Churches These Days Leave Me Cold

Well, I've been to a lot of churches. Nowadays there are either families running them (always a blonde girl on an ego trip up at the front) + others, so called music that is a darn racket from noisy teens and 20s and repetitive singing which isn't singing. It has no tune and darn annoying. Also one church I went to told everyone to take an envelope and make a donation (said they needed thousands) to extend the church but they wanted everyone to Put their name on the envelope. How disgusting, we left. Now I'm torn between two churches, and both leave me cold. One is totally dead spiritually and interested in gatherings, movies, cups of tea, slide showing, singing, just a get together...the other has boring people giving testimonies who you can't understand, and a racket up at the front when all we need is a pastor to deliver the sermon. They just so irritate me these days. They too have untold church programs. I'm very sick of churches and feel I don't belong anywhere.
—Guest Marianne

I So Doubt Going Back to Church

Recently I joined a church I like, but my faith is getting challenged most. Do I continue?
—Guest susan

We Are the Church

How do you go to church? I would like to tell you a truth ... we are the church, you can't go to church. Read your Bible, you will see. Keep the faith brothers and sisters.
—Guest John mark slack

We Are the Church

The concept of going to church is strange. Everything I read in Scripture says we are the church. Of course, you will argue that "going to church" means when we gather. I disagree. In order to be able to consciously say "go to church", you must believe that you are not the church. You could never go to a place that you are. Our life in Christ is not about what we do, it is about who we are.
—Guest Ron


I just started back to church. I have done a great bit of sinning not meaning to, but I am a good-hearted person. I know there is a God, but I do not feel like he's in my heart. So, I just started and would love some help. I used the excuse when I started to church a few years back and quit was because my grand daughter thought she was in Sunday school with too young of other children her age. I want to continue to go and have God in my heart. I am ignorant for not really knowing the Bible. I do believe in God because without him things would not exist. Please I am embarrassed to admit all this. I want to know and be able to let other people know and what I feel and should feel. I want to continue to go to church. I was baptized Catholic and really never had the religious up bringing and therefore never taught my own children. I never made my holy communion or confirmation. I do attend now for the past month to a neighborhood Presbyterian church where my husband's family attends.
—Guest sharonemzel

Bad Choices from "Submission"

Church confuses me because it seems the Scripture can be interpreted both ways to justify a pastor/leader's decision. When I base my decision on the Scripture, some leader always comes up to me and quotes an opposing Scripture. It's very confusing to me and because of my double-mindedness, my life has some pretty sticky problems. The temptation to be angry and bitter is always knocking on my door, but I mentally separated my relationship with God and the church to prevent myself from becoming self-destructive, as I have witnessed some of the people I once knew - they are now atheists. The submission thing is a big problem for me. Christians says it's a "choice", but in saying that, they have already condemned me that I am making the wrong choice. But there were instances where life and death situations were on the line and I avoided a disaster when I didn't submit. I can't stay in church because they demand me to make the "right choice" to submit. I can't take that risk.
—Guest A New Creation from Singapore

Churches Have Gone Astray

Currently, I do not have a church home because the operations of churches have gone astray. First of all, let me say that Jesus is the great head of the church and He is my covering. So I am saved by the blood of the lamb. I agree with the Word when it says to encourage each other and edify, but does that mean that I "have" to have my name on a role and sit under a man/woman? To me, that is putting a man between you and God. Only Jesus is here for that reason. I attend church regularly and love to be lifted as well as lift others with what the Lord has given me. If I am wrong, please tell me by the Bible. Can anyone show me where I must regularly attend or have a church home if I am the church?
—Guest Tony

It's Not for Real Christians

I'm sure idolatry is not just bowing down to images. The Bible says that covetousness is idolatry. God says "My glory I will not give to another." When we take any part of the honor, glory, obedience and devotion due to God and give it instead to something of man's creation, that is idolatry. So loyalty to a organization or a human tradition is idolatry. Spending excessive effort on a church building or a church program is idolatry. Tolerating evil in the church, where God demands purity, is idolatry. The Bible basically means that all churches are meant to go by one name. There shouldn't be any competition between churches, and pastors are not meant to be seen above anyone because the only one who is above is Jesus.
—Guest onildo


After many risks taken and lots of effort, my heart has gone out of it. I don't feel like I belong in church. Seems like there are a lot of us. Probably just as many people feeling like that sitting in a pew somewhere. The religious people of Jesus' day tried to kill him. Somehow that is comforting. I just think we have to keep turning our hearts to him in worship and seeking him wherever we are. Like he told the woman at the well--a day would come when people would worship in spirit and truth. She had just asked him where she should go to worship God. Maybe it really is that simple--and that difficult. I know I need others to help me in that journey. And I want to help others in theirs. Today it happened in an unexpected way. I ran into an old friend who is out of work while I was on my way to go hiking. I invited him and we both encouraged one another. Maybe that is church.

My Church Broke Up With Me

I wrote something a little longer than what they will allow me here. I'm not here to sell you anything, promise. But read my story about how a few churches have missed the mark and hurt me and my family. May it bring you hope. I haven't attended a 'church' in a few months but I'm not isolating myself. I am praying for all of you. I know this wound too well. This is a problem. And it's something i've decided to make as my stand and fight for. http://kristensolis.blogspot.com/2011/07/my-church-broke-up-with-me-again.html love, me.
—Guest concerned&heartbroken

I'm Working

I need every hour I get to pay rent. I have to work all day on Sunday and on Saturday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.
—Guest Linda Hartay

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