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Readers Respond: Why is Good Friday Good?

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From the article: What is Good Friday?

On Good Friday Christians commemorate the passion, or suffering, and death by crucifixion of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Many believers spend this day in fasting, prayer, repentance, and meditation on the sacrifice and agony of Christ on the cross.

So, you might wonder then, why is Good Friday "good?"

Each year at Easter, I like to ask this question and consider the interesting and evoking answers I receive from readers.

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No Limit to God's Love

Good Friday is great for many reasons. Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice of his life as gods only son to set us free from sin,shame,guilt,work,and our sinful selves.as long as we accept his free gift of salvation thru his death and resurrection we can liveand do so turk christ. What love,compassion,and mercy.we don't have to work for the love gift ,but trust and believe for it. God will accept our faults ,flaws, sins,because we are able to ask forgiveness thru jesus.amen its not about worship songs or rituals or attending weekly to church its about knowing that jesus died for all at calvary. He wants to invite you to know him as your friend and makehim your life for free
—Guest kim

Because of Him

Because he had to Being us back because we were lost,so the only way was to brought us back was to die in the cross and buy us back from the devil, os we must be happy again and worship him.
—Guest Proud

Joys of Good Friday

This is day my dearest Lord free me from all the tightness, and let me live free from sin, free from work and then go to his house and praise him ALLELUIA, ALLELUIA my father in heaven. we get to feel the joy he brought in us and the love he showed to us. I LOVE YOU U JESUS U R MY SAVIOR and my ANGEL.
—Guest Panda MATIT

He Paid for Our Sins

Jesus stood in the place where we had to be eventhough he doesn't deserve it. He completed everything on the cross by dying for our sins. Through his death he gave eternal life to us. Not only on Good Friday, everyday we need to remember what he done for us on the cross.
—Guest Paul

Because of Jesus ...

Good Friday is good because Jesus completed his assignment. Secondly, GF is good because Jesus' believers' debt is paid. Thirdly, the death of Jesus is the proof of God's compassion for the creation.
—Guest M Mayonsing

The Gates of Heaven Were Flung Open

Jesus suffered our vile humanity to save our souls. It's always been sad Friday to my heart as HE died. I am hopeful for HIS merciful sacrifice so I may pass thru the Gate by HIS MERCY....not my life's deeds.
—Guest James Lookretis

It is Finished

On the cross Jesus completed all his father asked him to do .his shout of victory it is finished was for all who receive and believe Jesus as lord and Savior and that is very good amen.
—Guest lorna

Good Friday is Great

Because Jesus died for all who believe in him. We are so undeserving yet he made that sacrifice for you and for me. God is Good and His steadfast love endures forever. Although Good Friday is solemn for those of us who know the end of the story we know that Good Friday is Great.
—Guest Sue

Why Good Friday is Good

Good Friday is good for all concerned for the following reasons: 1. Good for Jesus because it was on that day that He finished the assignment that brought Him physically to planet earth. 2. good for the whole world because from the death and resurrection of Jesus up till the time of rapture (which is the next programme of event on God's calenda), whoever put his/her faith in Him will be saved from the penalty of sin. Such saved people have become candidates of heaven because of that Mournful but "Good" Friday.
—Guest John Ochidi

The Joy of Resurrection


About Good Friday

The reason why good friday is good to me is that is the day that Jesus gave us his life for our salvation and for our purification.
—Guest ajayi taiwo stephen

Why is Good Friday Good?

I think Good Friday is Good because we as christians have a good time in church and sing praising hyminals. That's why Good Friday is Good.
—Guest Presious

Beautiful Love Story

If our heavenly father didn't send us away for us to be able to have hope the sting of death could not be dealt with. But he gave us hope through his son Jesus who did his father's will and I will reflect on it and repent for my errors through Jesus Christ our Lord.
—Guest Christy

Good Friday - Salvation

Without it, I would not have Salvation or a mansion in heaven.
—Guest Sandy

What is Good Friday?

Good Friday is not good because that is the day Jesus sacrificed his life before Easter Sunday.
—Guest Sandhya

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Why is Good Friday Good?

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