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Readers Respond: Share Answered Prayers and Praise Reports

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From the article: Basics to Prayer
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When God answers our prayers, first we want to shout, "Hallelujah!" Then, we want to share the good news with other believers. After all, what's more encouraging than hearing about God's faithfulness through answered prayers? Use this form to share your answered prayers and praise reports with members of our Christian community.

Or, if you need prayer, use this form to share your prayer request.

Request for Answers

Sometime I prayed it seems my prayer has not been answered, is taking so long in this case. What should I do? I pray for God to provide me a good work, also I prayed for my life partner. I am still expecting.
—Guest Glory

God Gave Me Faith

I just want to thank God for his love. Last year my marriage was crumbling down but because of his mercy my marriage is stronger than ever before. He healed my body and helped my financially. My husband started a business of selling clothes and we are happy with the results. Praise the Lord.
—Guest Elinah

Healed Cancer

I thank the Lord because he is God who answers prayer. I refused to die and God healed me of Leukemia blood cancer.
—Guest janenmaina

Job Interview

A prayer request for an oral job interview break through with the United Nation World Food Programe - Kenya on the 17/02/2012.
—Guest John .N. ELIUD

Job Loss, Job Gain

My son lost a job about a month ago and we prayed for another job. He was hired today by a company much bigger, much stronger, and with more pay and better benefits! God turned a sad situation into a major blessing in his life! Praise God!
—Guest Pam

Prayer a Form of Communication

Thanks so much God for giving men this revelation. Am glad and happy from within my heart after reading through this blog. It's a must read for all, especially those who are still bound by the bondage of man made law and doctrine. More grace. Shalom.
—Guest James

Office Victory

Oh, great God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, there is none greater than you, and praise your name in the name of your son Jesus Christ who sits gloriously at your right hand in Heaven. God has been so good to me; especially lately. At the office where I work, the Lord recently delivered me from the hands of an oppressive and unjust manager and had me settled comfortably on another manager's team. The previous manager, even though I had poured my heart and soul into every task I was given, and even though the entire division was pleased with my performance, he was determined to find fault in my work - many times dishonestly. The time eventually came for my appraisal report to be done for the past quarter and my heart sank as I prepared myself for an unfair report. But my heavenly Father by his mighty hand moved things around in my favor. The secretary, who sympathized with my situation, waited for him (the unfair manager) to have business out of the office for a few days, intervened.
—Guest Dee

Praise Jesus for a Change of Attitude

I have a dear friend who suffers from a mental illness and I had a prayer on my heart that God would change his attitude regarding treatment. He did!
—Guest charlene tucker

God Healed My Back

For years I lived with debilitating low back pain. Slowly over time the Lord healed me, fusing my bones together, relieving the pressure on the nerves, and allowing me to live (and walk for miles) free of the pain! Thank you, Lord!
—Guest Agape

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