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Readers Respond: Share Answered Prayers and Praise Reports

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From the article: Basics to Prayer
When God answers our prayers, first we want to shout, "Hallelujah!" Then, we want to share the good news with other believers. After all, what's more encouraging than hearing about God's faithfulness through answered prayers? Use this form to share your answered prayers and praise reports with members of our Christian community.

Or, if you need prayer, use this form to share your prayer request.

Newborn Grandchild

In thanksgiving for answered prayer for newborn grandchild's health problem. I am grateful.
—Guest Mary Ellen

God is Merciful

For months, I have been feeling ill. No one knew what was wrong. The only answer given was that my body is responding to stress, but no help in aiding my discomfort. I prayed regularly everyday, throughout the day. As well as a novena to Infant Jesus of Prague to heal my body and make it healthy & pure again. I am so much better. No more pain & fatigue.
—Guest Jai

Thank You for Answered Prayers

I want to deeply thank you our father in heaven, our lord and savior Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit For the guidance and the answer of many prayers I am deeply grateful to st. Expedite, st. Rita of cassia, our holy mother of Fatima, mother aparecida, mother of impossiveis, st. Edwiges, st. Gabriel the archangel, all saints and angels in heaven, and Jude Thaddeus, for interceding on my behalf to the sacred heart of Jesus and our father in heaven For my sister in law to find work For the reconciliation with my aunt For the protection of my husband in Africa May god bless us all
—Guest Paula

Testifying to the Goodness of God

Jehovah God through Jesus Christ has blessed my family and I!!! He has caused Restoration to happen in my family, He has provided me with a vehicle and a home of my own, He has healed my daughter's heart condition, He has caused the storms to be still in my life and I am very grateful. There is so much He has blessed me and my family with in so many ways! I count all my blessing even the little miracles that happens everyday! He says as long as you keep searching for Me, try you best to do what's right in my eyes and remember I AM the Source of all GOOD things you never want for anything! Thank You Father in Jesus mighty name for You have never failed us!!! Amen!!
—Guest Deneen

Faithful God

I am grateful to God for giving me and my family a sound living and working according to his will.
—Guest sylvanus

Prayer for Intervention

I need God intervention in my matrimonial home.God to arrest my husband to let him work for him as a faithful belivers.I prayed for God to touch my sister -fatimo husband to be a good and faithful husband to me with her children.I prayed for promotion in my place of work ,I prayed for wisdom,knowledge,wealth,riches n understand for my family.

He Saved Me

I was cheating to my husband and the holy spirit to my husband to tell him the truth about my life I thought this was the end of my marriage but It never ended I told him everything and he forgave me now I'm free and faithful and honor God and I'm grateful for saving my marriage because I was in darkness but now I'm in lightness thanks to God I was praying to God so I can be faithful and stop what I was doing I never thought My answers will be so soon and I never thought it means I must tell my husband the whole truth I slept with more than ten men in my marriage and because God forgave me even my husband forgave me also I didn't believe it myself but it happened I'm now happy and worshiping and praising God for what He did in my life I love God and won't stop praising Him as long as I live to have a normal and free life it's true that we must confess our sin because the truth shall set you free. Amen
—Guest Lorraine

God is Great

Thank you for this article and pointing to many relevant passages. God has been exceedingly generous to me in prayer. But we must not lose heart when prayer does not seem to be answered immediately. God knows when to answer prayer, because he sees our life, and his knowledge of us far exceeds ours. He will bless or discipline us to guide our ways. Looking back over my life and prayer I often see how He has intervened at the right times and in the right way. Glory to God!
—Guest Dave Bedford

Our House Sold & Husband Got a Great Job

I am so thankful for my answered prayer. Our house had sat on the market for months and it finally sold! My husband got a great job offer. God is good, He listens and answers prayer when you ask and turn it over to Him.
—Guest Sara

He Saved My Son's Life

—Guest cr

Thank You, God

Ive been praying for a shift at work that would allow me to attend church on a regular basis.. I am very grateful to God.. I was not only able to attend but able to join as well. Thank you God.. now I am waiting to speak with the counslers on 1/26/2013 to beome active on a committee.
—Guest Shenika Tucker

God Answers Prayers

I had been asking God to give me Spiritual Gifts. Here I am, proudly thanking HIM for answering my prayers. He is a marvelous God who answers prayers.
—Guest Chifundo

Amen - He Has My Back

i have been worrying about my security clearance at work and asked for prayers about worry and came to this site. I thank the Lord that he conitues to show me that he loves me. i dont know if i will lose my job but i will not worry anymore because i know he has my back. Thank you heavenly Father
—Guest Steven

God is So Good

God has helped me throughout my tests, and to remember info and other material. God has also helped me throughout my college interview at Columbia. To God be the Glory.
—Guest Danielle

He Listens

I have lifted many prayers seeking medical decisions for treatment of cancer. I got a very clear visual that i am on the right path! Be aware so you too may hear his direction and voice. This came to me in a semi-conscious state, perhaps when we are most vulnerable to hear!
—Guest Rachael

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